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Jeff Smith – Medical Marketing Mastery 100k Local Marketing Business

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Price: $372

Thanks for joining me on my webinar. Now you know my story.

You also know that I’m not a guru and don’t follow all the “guru” rules. And I’m certainly no expert copywriter.

Whatever. So I’m just going to give you the facts as best I can while keeping all the guru “salesy persuasion language” to a minimum.
But first – let me remind you what’s at stake. A Six Figure Business?

More than that…your dreams are at stake.

OK. Let’s talk about how I did it.

I’m a guy, with a long history of success as a top level executive in a lot of industries: BellSouth, Time Warner, PrimeStar, etc.…

Who happened upon the “local marketing business” (courtesy of Ryan Deiss and Laura Betterly) by chance and then decided to build a successful six figure local marketing business.

I know you may think that’s bold. But that’s what I do.

But I didn’t do it at first. Not by a long shot. I had many painful twists and turns (Just like the ones you’re going through right now) – which are to be expected when you’re pioneering something.

But after building a successful six figure business system just 90 days after I changed my model (to what you saw on the webinar), I decided to give back to the local marketing community that had so generously helped me because…

What I saw was lacking was a complete system for successfully building a six figure business marketing to high value transaction businesses (case study: Doctors and Dentists) that covered everything A-Z such as:

Telling you which medical niches to go after that will pay more for your services. You can apply these same principles to other niches.

The exact plan to follow – step by step – from start to finish – in any niche.

A real marketing plan to get prospects to call you even if you have no customers – that is adaptable to your st yle, market and budget.

Including “ready-made,” “done for you,” “cut and paste” marketing templates so you don’t have to figure it out yourself.

Training for a simple “3 step” closing system that helps you overcome:

looking and sounding like everyone else
getting past the gate keeper
establishing credibility when you think you have none
having no references when you’re asked for them
figuring out what the prospect wants to buy
being nervous when talking with them in person or by phone
the prospect’s lack of understanding of your services’ value
how to give something of real value to prospects
the prospects objections and then get them to say “Yes!”
how to compete on “value” vs compete on “price.”

Reliable outsourcing companies (not elance, odesk individuals) that I can talk with during work hours, will manage the details, and even help me with strategy when asked.

On-going expert training on the marketing topics you need help keeping up with so you can explain it to prospects and clients.

Software tools and services that will help you save time, money, and open up new opportunities for you.

A way to share my frustrations and triumphs with my peers, get answers to questions and keep on learning without spending a fortune.

So I decided to pull together the step by step details and templates from my proven system and create an easy-to-follow training system that would teach others how to do build a success six figure business in a short time by…

Eliminating as many of the wrong turns, frustrations, missteps, errors and missed opportunities for you as possible.

A “fool-proof” business system “in a box.”

And as you now know, it’s here now – but only for a short time. Just Hours to be exact.

I’ve packed my “fool-proof” system with as much detail about every aspect of “how to” succeed in this business while targeting (certain) medical marketing niches…

So much detail, in fact that reading and watching it all may make your head spin, or your eyes bleed.

I’ve left no stone unturned and I keep turning over more every day – through my emails, interaction with you in our private Facebook Mastermind group, on frequent Bonus webinars and more.

But wait. I’m very busy helping my members so I have to limit the number of new members I can take on at any one time. That’s why…

This special offer is open to only 100 new members.
And it’s only available for the next few hours only.

So if you’re ready to change your business and your life…

Like I said, No B.S. – just facts. And here are some more facts.

People just like you are already succeeding.

People just like you have bought my system and after applying what I’ve taught them, they’ve achieved their own success as well.

Here are two (of many)

Julien Descamps

“Thanks to Jeff’s amazing system I closed my first plastic surgeon yesterday following his 3 Step Close Marketing System for $8700 up front, $6000 per month, and a 6 month contract. I have also applied the training to another client who is a $4000 a month client. Within 2 months I transformed my whole business model into a six figure business empire. Thanks again for all the help and support Jeff.” – Julien Descamps

Denene Jensen

”I am such a fan of Jeff Smith and his 3 Step Close Marketing system. I truly value the practical, yet forward-thinking tools and processes he brings to his associates. When Jeff suggests something, I listen very carefully even if at first I think, oh no not something more to learn. And the reason is that I trust Jeff. There’s no hype, hyperbole, or overstated promises with Jeff. He’s straightforward, respectful of our time and budget and is dedicated to providing solid, differentiated value.”

“Before using Jeff’s multi-step, strategic process to get new clients, I wasted too much time and energy reworking different approaches with limited success. Now, using this process, I am not selling clients, I am teaching and advising them on how to win in their markets.”

How easy is it to become a Six Figure Business owner?

It’s Easy as 1…2…3

Remember the “3 step” system to building a Six Figure Business that I presented in the Webinar?

1.Get 3 niche medical clients (I show you which to focus on)
2.Get them to pay you $3000/month each (I show you how)
3.Get it Done Within 3 months (people like you are doing it)

Now that system – the Strategic Marketing Mastery System, can be your system– but only if you act fast– before time or your luck, runs out.

Remember…just 100 new members have the chance to join the ranks of all the new six figure business owners using the Strategic Marketing Mastery System before the time limit expires.

Don’t miss out on this Game-Changer! Look what it did for me and others like you – Julien, Denene, Randall, Jeffery, Anna…the list grows daily.

It can do the same for YOU – but only if you take action now.

It’s considered by many as the Most Complete Marketing and Sales Training System Available and you won’t be disappointed!

And you have my 100% Personal Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Strategic Marketing
Mastery System

I start with my detailed, step-by-step strategy

My Strategy Blueprint

My 51 Page “How To” Strategy Manual reveals all the detailed “insider secrets” to successfully implementing my six figure business system – things I had no time to present or discuss in the webinar.

These 8 “How To Videos” will help you put your new Six Figure strategy into action even faster:

My Top Six Figure Business Strategy Secrets – The top secrets I discovered to building a six figure business selling to the high value transaction businesses such as the medical market will help you avoid my frustrations, wasted time and more.

Why the Medical Market is HOT! – Knowing why Doctors and Dentists so DESPERATELY need your services NOW will help you close even more new clients – and for more money!

Which Medical Niches to Target – What every serious marketer wants to know – which Doctors and Dentists are willing to PAY the MOST for standard marketing services – and why!

How to Stand Out from the Crowd! – Doctors and Dentists get emailed and called every day. I’ll show you how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack and win their business using my little known techniques.

My Marketing Plan to Get Doctors to Call You – Follow my simple step-by-step plan and get Doctors to call you.

How to Close More Sales in 3 Steps – By following my simple “3 step” process you’ll gain instant credibility, separate yourself from the “SEO Crowd, and close up to 90% of your prospects!

Make Even More Money After the Sale – How to service clients after the sale to keep them happy, keep yourself sane, and make even more money with upsells and referrals after the sale.

My Step by Step Action Checklist – Know exactly how to implement my plan successfully with this handy “step by step” checklist.

Then help you to get Doctors to call you

Marketing Training:

“Done for You” Tools, scripts & Templates

My 34 page Marketing Plan Training Manual will guide you each step of the way as you implement my plan to get high value business prospects such as Doctors to call you.

These 8 “Done for You” Marketing Templates take all the mystery, frustration and “guess work” out of implementing my marketing plan to get Doctors to call you:

My Marketing Audit Questionnaire Template will guide you as you interview each prospect to determine their ideal patients, their fears, their desires and their hot buttons so you know everything you need to know to on what to sell them, charge them…and close them.

Use my Market Competition ebook Template as a guide to add your own “cut and paste” graphics and text so you too can create an “irrestible offer” to help get Doctors to call you by giving them valuable information.

My 3 Client Acquisition Email Templates will save you time, aggravation, and money and are proven to have high open rates as you prepare the market for your “lumpy mail” closing sequence.“Cut and paste” easy.

My $1 Bill “Lumpy Mail” Letter Template is a “cut and paste” template that is professionally written to help you get your offer past the gatekeeper and into the Doctor’s hands to set up your “Profitability Audit” interview.

Use my “Warm” Call Back script to get past the gatekeeper and set up your free Profitability Audit interview when the Doctor’s office calls YOU!

Use my Marketing Plan Checklist to guide you as you implement my proven marketing plan step by step.

Use my “How To” Videos coveringall of my “Done for You” Marketing Tools as well as my Medical Marketing Plan–to learn more “Insider Secrets” on how to implement this proven, completely “done for you” system.

With lots of BONUSES too!

Bonus #1 “How to Close Up to 90% of All Your Prospects with Competitive Analysis”

First I give you my “Cut & Paste” Competitive Analysis Report Template so you know exactly what the end result looks like and you can just insert your own images and text.

Next, I provide a “Video Overview of the Strategy and How to Sell It” so you can be a pro and close up to 90% of your prospects too.

Then I give you my “Over the Shoulder How to Video” so you know which online services to use, in what order, and my “step by step” process to follow to put together your own reports for a mind-blowing (up to) 90% close rate success.

Bonus #2: FREE Facebook Mastermind Group

Join hundreds of serious marketers on my Private Facebook Mastermind Groupand share with others your knowledge, answer questions, team up, provide tips, share successes and overcome challenges together.

Your learning process will go on (FREE) because this is where I will continue to update you on changes and additions to my training system and provide additional insights on new strategies of my own (or students). A must add benefit of being a member of my system!

Bonus #3: Bonus Q&A Webinars

Enjoy unlimited access to my monthly (or more) BONUS Q&A webinars to help answer your burning questions and talk with other successful students who are overcoming their challenges and realizing their dreams!

Bonus #4: Outsourcing Provider Interviews

Enjoy unlimited access to multiple webinars featuring interviews with the heads of the various Outsourcing Organizations or Tools Providers that I recommend inside my system so you know who you’re dealing with so you can feel comfortable outsourcing to them.

Bonus #5: Lifetime Value Calculator

Use this handy spreadsheet or online version of the Lifetime Value Calculator to help you determine the ultimate value of a new patient, customer or client for your prospects and clients so you can calculate the ROI (return on investment) of their marketing expenditures with you.

Bonus #6: Trusted Outsourcing Providers

You have complete access to my world-class outsourcing providers for all types of services as well as though that may be added in the future. In addition, you have access to webinars I host so you can get to know them and what they offer.

Bonus #7: Skills and Tools Training

I’ll continue to offer you the best Internet Marketing skills training I can create or find for you on all the services you may offer to clients so you are up on the latest changes and opportunities when talking with clients.

Bonus #8: New Services Access

As members, you’ll have pre-launch access to all the great tools and services I create to help you accelerate your business growth and make more money. Check out the “Getting Started Checklist on the Home page of the website for more information.

Just Like These Successful Members

Jeff Cepuran – “Sold a $6000/mo package to my first Doctor (and client)”

Larry Donaldson – “Cold Called 50 Plastic Surgeon practices and got 6 “Yes” responses to our Competitive Analysis + Practice Audit offer”

Randall Pruitt – “Sold $3000/mo SEO to Plastic Surgeon following your plan – but going back for $12,000/mo”

Barak Granot – “Sold SEO package at 33% higher price to Doctor within 1 week of joining”

Anna Ashmore – “You are awesome…I have a new client for $4,300 per month and your stuff has helped…I wish the lawyer lead gen marketing package in Lead Outcome was setup because I would be using it now. Thank you for the great work!”

Edward Preston. – “BTW- I have videos ranking on the first page of Google for suburbs in 4 major U.S. cities. I sent email and letters to the first and am beginning telephone follow-up today. I also was able to speak with Nick Pappas in August, signed the NDA and am prepared to get some proposals going. Thanks again for an awesome training course.”


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