Jeff Glenellis – How to Day Trade Crude Oil Futures

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Jeff Glenellis - How to Day Trade Crude Oil FuturesJeff Glenellis – How to Day Trade Crude Oil Futures

If you’re not pulling at least $500 per day out of the futures market, then you need to take a few minutes and read every word in this report.

Because the money is out there, just sitting on a table, waiting for you to reach out and grab it.

The question is, are you brave enough to pick it up?

Or are you more comfortable hiding behind all the same tired old chart setups and “conventional wisdom” everyone else is following…

Content to lose money day after day…

Wondering if you just need to add a couple of new Indicators to your already overcrowded chart…

Or maybe move up one time frame from what you are already using…

Or was it move down one time frame????


My name is Jeff Glenellis and I’ve been a trader for 15 years. I love trading. In fact, I hate weekends because it keeps me from doing the thing I love the most, which is trading. But I also hate wasting time and money on strategies that take forever to develop and then only give me a shot at making 1-2 points a trade. So as an experiment I put my favorite 2 Indicator trading set-up on a Renko chart, and suddenly found myself in trades that ran 5, 10, 20 points or more. And these were on normal trading days. And now I want to share this consistently winning setup with traders who love to trade but hate all these rules and methods that are holding them back.


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