Jay Fairbrother – The Local Coach


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Jay Fairbrother - The Local Coach

Jay Fairbrother – The Local Coach

[24 Videos (MP4)+3 Audios (MP3)+ 34 (Doc)+ 16 (PDF) + 3 (PPT) + 5 (XLS)]


Price: $197

With my program, we will give you ALL THE TRAINING you need, as weekly content that builds the solid foundation of your SMS/Mobile and/or Reputation Marketing business, so youll be able to go get your first 3-6 clients, get over the hump, and even join the top 10% of those who are making money in mobile, all in the next 60-90 days.

ALL THE TRAINING you need to succeed, plus Access to best-in-class platforms for SMS and Mobile Sites and now Reputation Marketing too!.

New content every week. And when we say ALL THE TRAINING, we mean it.
The entire coaching and training portion of our program (the price is insanely low for this) includes everything and … your program fee INCLUDES all of our killer strategies AND the platfroms you need to set up and KEEP all of these new clients!

Jay Fairbrother has helped hundreds of Mobile resellers get clients he has coached people just like you and taught them exactly how to go get their first clients … and how to take their business from withering to thriving.

Jay has developed a PRACTICAL, PROVEN, and APPLICABLE solution that will end your Mobile and SMS pain once and for all. It’s worked for others, it will for you, too.

A BLUEPRINT (the proven formula) about how to go out and get your first clients, how to get those clients to pay you more money, and how to keep those clients for the long-term. We want to share it with you!

Heres what makes my program different
While this program has TONS of content, coaching and training , we are LASER FOCUSED, with only ONE GOAL IN MIND

You WILL Get 3-6 High-Paying Clients

We provide ALL THE TRAINING you need to succeed. You wont need to spend another dime on sales books or other platforms . In fact, we want you to focus all of that energy on the selling aspect of your business … or 3 months, all you need to do is follow our advice, use our templates and go get the business! In just 30-60 days, YOU WILL HAVE 3-6 paying clients of your own, or more, and enough revenue to proudly show profit and possibly even flip the entire business!

Heres What Youll Get INSTANT Access To:

Local Mobile Mastermind



Inside Local Mobile Mastermind, youll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work (we know because weve tried and tested them):

 Module 1: Branding, Setting Goals, Understanding Sales Funnels, Creating Your Model

 Module 2: Niches, Qualifying, Prospecting and Networking to Get First Clients

 Module 3: Pricing Strategies and Building Out Your Sales Funnel

 Module 4: Psychology of Persuasion, Selling with ROI, Appointment Strategies

 Module 5: Closing the Sale, Agreements and Presentation Strategies

 Module 6: Mobile Website Strategies, Scripts and Templates

 Module 7: Selling SMS Appointment Reminders and Confirmations 
 Module 8: Daily Deal Models: Creating Your Own or Using Mobile to Enhance

 Module 9: A System for Handling Barriers and Objections

 Module 10: Killer Campaigns and Case Studies

 Module 11: Advanced Mobile Strategies for Engagement and Retention

 Module 12: Hiring Salespeople and Scaling Your Business for Growth

With this program, we will give you EVERYTHING you need to go get your first 3-6 clients over the next 60-90 days, including access to best-in-class platforms to deliver services to your clients!


Client ready SMS campaigns that will save 5-8 hours of your time  VALUE: $500-$80
Selling Tools: Scripts and Creatives that will save 15-20 hours of your time  VALUE: $1500-$2000
Sales Training: The Art and Science of Prospecting & Closing 
VALUE: Priceless

Save over 20 hours of hard work with your membership in the Local Mobile Mastermind. You won’t have to build all your own sales tools, presentation material or marketing creatives!

Your time savings alone:

Valued At Over $2,000!

Heres a quick recap and a few more details to help you see what a no-brainer this is:

Everything you need to sell SMS Marketing and/or Mobile Websites to your clients INCLUDING the platforms to deliver the service!
Access to The Local Coach Private Forum
And unheard of at this price . . . live webinars including Q&A

ALL OF THIS and much more … for only $97/mo for the 3 entire months of training!

THAT’S CORRECT: Only $97/mo for 3 months … and you’re going to get the platfroms, all the training, coaching and step-by-step instruction with new fresh content every week!

Guess What… We Really Meant Everything!

Total Value of This Package …

Well Over $2,000!

You only need to come up with one-twentieth of that price – which I’m sure you’d agree is still a steal. Jay has earned $2,000 a day consulting! Just having him on a few webinars is priceless! With just ONE NEW CLIENT , you will make your money back and more!


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