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Hey, Jason Fladlien here, and I’m going to make this VERY short. When you invest in YesTriggers today, you’re getting

Jason Fladlien – Yes Triggers

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Hey, Jason Fladlien here, and I’m going to make this VERY short. When you invest in YesTriggers today, you’re getting an irreplaceable tool that’s going to make a HUGE difference to your business.

In fact, I’m beyond confident you’re going to use YesTriggers over and over and over again – if your goal is to make money.

What makes me so sure? Well… While building this little 8 figure business called Rapid Crush, Inc., I’ve noticed one thing. NOTHING happens unless a sale is made.

And, with YesTriggers…

You’re Going To CRUSH
Every Objection To The Sale!

… Not only that, you’re also going to discover how to turn customer objections into… “YES” triggers.

You’re going to be able to take an objection like price, value, timing (and much more)… and turn them into nifty little buttons that you can push in order to elicit a “YES” response from the customer.

Here’s another thing I want you to know before you hit that “Add To Cart” button below.

… Eliminate Your Biggest Obstacle
To Insane Profits

For most marketers – no matter if they’re selling on Amazon, on Clickbank, or whatever – the biggest obstacle to more profit is that they’re NOT handling the right customer objections the right way.

… Which makes a lot of sense if you think about it. You could have the best product in the world, but if you don’t “handle” (or better – CRUSH) the objections like “Am I going to get support?”, “Can I trust this person?”, “Why is he charging so much?” and so on… you won’t make the sale.

However, if you DO hit all the right objections, in the right way… making the sale will be almost effortless.

Which leads me to why you’re on this page here right now!

You’ve just watched a webinar by John S. Rhodes, my CMO. You’re convinced that there’s VALUE for you in having the ability to CRUSH customer objections.

You’re ready to invest in the future of your business, and you’re ready to progress.

I’m very excited to introduce…


Live Training Webinar + Recording

First and foremost, you’re getting a completely live training webinar by our CMO, John S. Rhodes. He is going to cover step by step, completely from the ground up for everyone to understand the most common objections that you’re going to encounter no matter what you’re selling.

For example…

  • What is the SINGLE biggest, baddest, meanest objection you’re going to have to CRUSH every single time… and how to do it in SECONDS
  • Handling the money objection – you’ll encounter this particular objection in at least 3 different ways. While you can easily handle the “too expensive” variation by upping the value… what do you do if someone just says “I don’t have the money and that’s it”? Discover the exact approach on how to handle that as well as the other variations of money objection…
  • What to immediately do in BUSY, overcrowded niches… to avoid having to handle a NASTY objection AT ALL (this particular tip will save you TONS of frustration and hassle while making you more money!)
  • What everyone THINKS about themselves that is NEVER true… and why most marketers lose money trying to handle this objection the wrong way (What you’ll do INSTEAD is you’ll acknowledge it, reverse it, and then… CRUSH it in true Rapid Crush, Inc. style!)
  • “But competitor X is better/cheaper/whatever!” – it’s almost never really TRUE… and there’s a very specific formula you can use to reframe this particular objection in a way that makes it a non-issue…

These are just a few examples. You’re going to discover dozens upon dozens of objections that you need to handle – along with formulas and shortcuts that will let you handle each and every single one of them in a swift, effortless, graceful manner.

You’re also getting a high-detail mindmap that will let you quickly go through each possible objection and see how it can be handled without watching the webinar again.

… And you’re getting VERY useful cheatsheets that will make applying this system to any sales situation a breeze – and, of course, a professionally formatted transcript for quick reference.

That’s not it…

“Angry Jason” Hangout…

The best case study and real world application of this method I could ever give you. It’s not a simple “sales” hangout/webinar – giving you one of those would be the easy way out for me.

This hangout is very special because instead of selling directly… I was “just” handling the customer objections. No trickery, no smoke and mirrors, nothing. If a customer said “Well, Jason, I think this sucks…” you bet I handled it there and then.

Of course there was A LOT of selling going on… even in the first 10 seconds of that hangout. But I did that covertly while directly talking about what matters most to marketers. You’re guaranteed to immediately extract a TON of lessons from that.

… And you’re getting not only the full recording of the hangout – but also a professionally formatted transcript.

However… I’ll do you one better. Along with this unique hangout, I’m going to give you something really special. Check this out…

The $3,700,000 Dollar BONUS
Jason’s Breakdown Of The
“Angry Jason” Hangout

My “Angry Jason” hangout is what I consider one of the best examples of how to handle very hostile objections and completely turn the crowd around. And it did help us make a lot of money – about $3,700,000 in gross sales – which makes me sure you’re going to love this bonus.

What you’re essentially getting is a peek behind the curtains… the real inner workings of an objection-crushing strategy we use in every single promotion we do. This bonus is the final piece of the puzzle where you’ll see how to put everything you’ve learned together and apply that in a real world situations…

… Plus, of course, you’ll discover a whole lot of advanced techniques, too.

This was recorded at our live event at San Diego, California – you’re getting the audio PLUS a professionally formatted transcript for easy reading and reference.


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