James Altucher – The Million Dollar Project


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James Altucher - The Million Dollar Project

James Altucher – The Million Dollar Project

Price: $3000
Sale Page: orders.chooseyourselffinancial.com/MPJ_milliondollar_0218/WMPJU300/index.htm?pageNumber=2
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Welcome to The Million Dollar Project

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means we still have some spots left.

On March 9, James Altucher will start investing $1 million… and you’ll have the chance to get in and out of every single trade 48 hours before he does…

You’ll have the chance to pocket $13,370… $32,960… and even as much as $104,770 in annualized gains.

And you can get started as soon as you receive the secure link called In the M.O.N.E.Y.: One Tiny Tech Stock for a Five-Figure Payday…

I can verify that this stock fits my M.O.N.E.Y. criteria perfectly.

Inside that email, you’ll find all the details on this tech play that could put as much as $104,770 in your pocket in the next few weeks.

And that’s just the beginning…

As a member of The Million Dollar Project, you’ll get one new recommendation at least once a month…

Giving you the chance to pocket a BIG payday at least 12 times a year.

Like I said earlier, James will be investing $1 million of his own money in this strategy.

If this were a hedge fund, the real cost of this service could easily add up to $250,000 a year.

But with The Million Dollar Project, you will NOT have to pay anything close to that…

Because I’ve designed this for everyday folks like you… with the list price for a one-year subscription of just $5,000.

Here’s the best part…

Since this is a charter membership, today you can get one year of The Million Dollar Project for only $3,000.

That’s $2,000 off the already deeply discounted retail price!

For what could add up to the chance to make $13,370… $32,960… and even as much as $104,770.

And do it over and over again.

Just to recap… here’s what you get when you join us:

  • A New Trade Recommendation at Least Once a Month: At least once a month, I will recommend a new special situation. I’ll walk you through my research and everything you need for a chance at $13,370… $32,960… and even as much as $104,770.
  • In the M.O.N.E.Y.: One Tiny Tech Stock for a Five-Figure Payday… Get all the details on this tiny tech company about to claim a huge stake in the multibillion-dollar autonomous driving revolution. (This fits my system to a T… and could hand you a huge windfall in the coming weeks!)
  • Quarterly Million Dollar Project Update Calls ($497 value): You’ll have a chance to listen in and ask questions as I discuss my current portfolio positions and my future picks.
  • One VIP Ticket to Our Annual Live Special Situations Meeting in New York ($997 value)
  • Exclusive video series: The Million Dollar Methodology: How to Use Special Situations to Double Your Money Over and Over Again… Like Clockwork! ($497 value)
  • Bob Byrne’s Elite Special Situations Calendar ($997 value): You’ll have unlimited access to my most powerful trading tool: my personal special situations calendar. Every month I’ll send you an updated version with every new opportunity that’s on my radar.
  • Urgent “Up to the Minute” Buy and Sell Alerts: When I identify a new opportunity — or decide it’s time to sell a current position — I’ll send you an urgent email telling you exactly what to buy or sell and for what potential gain. (It couldn’t be easier!)
  • Regular Model Portfolio Updates: Whenever something important happens, I will send you a recap of our open trades and what to do with them.

Remember, because of the deal I worked out with my Publisher…

I want to get this in the hands of a very small group of people.

That’s why I’m extending an invitation to only 1% of my readers today.

After we reach that limit, I’ll have to shut it down.

This is a serious offer…

With the potential to generate tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks…

For serious readers only.

If that’s you, then fill out the form to the right and we’ll send you everything we’ve promised here today…

And also remember…


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