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Reclaiming Peace with Energy Healing!

It’s gentle energy processes to create a whole brain state so that we can feel peace and be able to focus. Also in the mp3 are healing frequencies for the nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system and whole body so that there’s a sense of calm internally.



Are you a tired, stressed out visionary who is ready to transform your past and create the vision you know is possible?

In your heart, you have many ideas for creating a better world. You see the beauty in your dreams but you hide that from yourself or your push your own dreams away out of fear, out of shame. Then you judge yourself for not living up to your full potential.

  • Are you hiding behind your glasses?
  • Are you a sensitive being who takes in the pain of the world but pushes your own pain aside or even internalizes everyone’s pain?
  • Do you sometimes suffer from headaches, migraines and neck pain?
  • Have you been told that you’re too sensitive?
  • Have you been shamed about being too airy-fairy?
  • Are you pushing yourself through the day just to get things done?

Are you dealing with…?

  • Eye prescriptions that don’t feel right to you?
  • Your vision is getting progressively worse each year?
  • Your neck pain and headaches bother you sometimes?
  • You have been given glasses since elementary school and brought into the idea that you’ll have to deal with glasses or contact lenses forever?
  • You keep your dreams and wishes to yourself?
  • You don’t trust your own insights.
  • You keep on disowning your own vision for a better life.
  • You see all the pain in the world and in others and that makes you feel really sad.
  • You feel all the anger misdirected at you and you repressed your own responses to this anger.
  • There was so much anger and trauma growing up, you find yourself wanting to shout back sometimes but can’t.

“I was attracted to Jade just for working on my eyes and experienced soooo much more! Jade worked on my C2, left eye pain and even a tooth that were all connected to the eyes. I have been putting in multiple hours in front of the computer and my eyes were getting fatigued. I took a nap after our session and was then up most of last night… no blurry eyes or fatigue like I would normally experience!

Jade mentioned my ancestral and womb experiences. She pinpointed an upset at approximately 6-8 weeks in utero… the result being that I felt like I was not seen, not heard and when I was born that I did not feel well received and loved. What Jade picked up on was when my father was suddenly drafted and was to be sent immediately to the Front in a war zone.

Jade released the childhood grief for the loss of the childhood that I could have had. My mother did not believe in holding babies… she felt like this would spoil us some how… Talk about not feeling seen, loved, received or respected! Wow…

Then Jade traced the feelings of not being well received and love to a core issue from my maternal genetic line… going back 8-9 generations. Not feeling loved and a pattern of the heart not being in the body… After she shifted the generational patterns, which she transformed by the Light… Jade said there were too many to name… I told her the story of my maternal grandmother being a burden on her parents… just one more mouth to feed… so at 6 years of age her father attempted to drown her in the pond with her mother standing on the shore… NOT attempting to stop him! My heart ached and felt completely closed down & restricted. Then suddenly the ache disappeared and I had an intense rush of energy through out my entire body… waves upon waves of energy… In fact I am reliving that experience as I write this review 24 hours later!!! Healing is once again being transmitted! Thank you, Jade!”

~ Peg Rose, creator of “HomeWhispering” and “Universal Core Healings”

You Are So Much More Than Your Pain.

It’s not your fault that you have internalized anger, pain and trauma growing up. It’s not your fault that you became nearsighted or farsighted or have other issues with your eyesight. You are more than all your issues. You are not your history or biography.

  • You’re an awesome creator and you can create a whole new reality with your eyesight, learn to trust your insights and really live the greatest vision you have for your life.
  • Your own insights will reveal what needs healing that will not only restore your eyesight but also allow you to take steps to creating the greatest vision for your life.
  • The exquisite sensitivity and empathy you have for others you can now use to support you.

No Longer Feel Limiting Feelings and Beliefs, … have clarity about self.

“You are Amazing Jade! As the day went along after our session I can really feel as if I have a clean slate on relationships!!!! For years I perceived relationships in a certain way. I would get stuck in a certain mold of beliefs that I created over the years. And now after our session I don’t feel the old limiting feelings and beliefs that would get in my way of perceiving relationships in a new, fresh way!

I also feel different about my relationship with myself. I have more clarity about who I am, my authentic self. That I can be myself, and that is enough. And that was in a 20 minute session with you Jade! WOW …it feels wonderful, like a new start! I cant wait till our next session! Thank you thank you!! Blessings to you Jade.”

~ Dan M., St. Louis Missouri

Release of Old Patterns that were Contrary to Implementing my Vision

“I was blessed to recently receive a 20 minute session with Jade to work on sight.

Jade is gentle, compassionate, has a beautiful laugh and sense of humour, is able to tap into multi-dimensions and knows when to articulate what she is working on and perceiving and also when defining multi-dimensions through words is ineffectual.

When Jade worked on my eyes, I felt a definite tightening of the muscles around the eye area. Jade also worked through all the meridians, as she did so I could feel the energy moving in the organ/meridian she was working with, and often at the same time, the next organ to be worked on. When Jade worked on the spine, the energy was gentle, yet profound.

Jade identified and set in motion the release of old patterns that were contrary to implementing my vision. She was also able to identify the importance of love and beauty in my life.

Since our session, I find myself making more choices that are self-nurturing and, after many years, again exploring how my vision can best be created and expressed.

If you have the opportunity to work with Jade, please take it, as Jade is a definite gift.”

~ Karen B. Sydney

Three Week old injury to knee – pain gone 14 hours later.

“My major mal-adjustment at this time was a 3 week old injury to my knee. For the entire 3 weeks, my knee would pop and crack with almost every step. Often during the day, and during the night, I was awakened frequently when it felt like a hot poker was being shoved under my knee cap. It was excruciating pain.

Further investigation into my knee brought up the possibility of reoccurring injuries from past lives?

Jade also isolated several past injuries: my lower back and arm without my mentioning them to her! Miraculous!!!

What I found amazing was I found that my knees began to feel nicely warm.. like I was putting a warm salve on it when Jade was doing energy healing on it. I rested for 30 mins and upon standing upright, I discovered that I no longer feel like I was going to fall down immediately. It felt better than it had in a week.

14 hours later – I am stacking firewood with little to no pain! Thank you, Jade”

~ Keith O., Colorado

Received an Unexpected Check for $250, and another $1,000

“Jade quickly finds what issues I have been dealing with and it’s almost spooky how accurate she is. I am truly grateful for her wonderful abilities and her sincere intention to help heal. I am especially grateful to keep playing and going over all the MP3’s. I have been noticing small miracles in the last month.I received an unexpected check for $250 which was a big help also a friend who owes me money contacted me gave me $1000 which I was so very thankful for.

Thank you Jade for your wonderful work!”

~ Trevor Thomson, San Francisco

Revive Hope, Released Limiting Thoughts, Spoke to My Soul

“I was thinking about giving up on everything, feeling super anxious, frustrated and pissed but I saw a post to win a Backstage Pass with Jade and I have seen her face online before and was always drawn to her, so I entered and I won. I took it as a sign from the Universe to keep trying and that maybe things are finally turning around for me.

I asked Jade to work on my finances as I had only one dollar at the time of the phone call with rent and bills all due or overdue. Lack has been a lifelong issue, even after studying and practicing the laws of prosperity. Jade was amazing and exactly what I needed to help me revive some hope inside. She was so smart and kind and funny. 20 minutes goes by so quickly and she immediately helped me to release negativity, old patterns, limiting thoughts, entities and I could feel through the phone. My hands and cheeks were buzzing with energy and a weight of anxiety lightened in my chest.

Jade had insight into me having to play small to survive life in my family and she did a healing to clear any blocks growing up like that can cause. She has such a calm soothing, reassuring way of reprogramming limiting beliefs. She has a great sense of humor and had some funny ways of reprogramming the limitations I imposed on myself. I didn’t realize that’s what she was doing with me until later. I just instantly trusted everything positive she stated about me as being true.

Alot of my problems stem from all the fear and lack and struggles of my mother when I was a little girl. She told me every day that “life was so hard”,
etc…She cried all the time and she went through a lot of heartache and betrayal and disappointments and worked so hard every day. What I didn’t tell Jade is that my mom is Asian too, I don’t think the same country but no time to ask! She and Jade pronounce a lot of words the same way. They are also both hilarious. Jade has a softer kinder tone than my mom, so it was extra powerful for me to hear such wonderful things about my possibilities. She was uplifting, unlimited in her thinking, so inspiring. To have someone tell me all sorts of amazing, hope filled things in an
accent similar to the one that scarred me so deeply ( not intentionally, but she did) as a little girl was extra healing for me. Although, you don’t need an Asian mama to enjoy Jade!

She made me believe that I have the power to make something great of my life in whatever way I choose and to think infinitely about my possibilities. She was a light in the darkness for me and I had such a great time. I so look forward to seeing the difference she could make if she had more than 20 minutes to share. She’s so gifted and fun.She spoke to my soul and I’m so grateful. I would recommend her packages to all of you.”

~ Kai Breen, Marblehead, MA

“I just wanted to let you know that after the session with you, where you did a lot more than only work on my eyes. I have felt a lot shifting. I’m still transforming a lot and releasing heavy energies and trauma.

Also my physical body is going through some vital changes. The movements and changes of energies in my eye-balls are huge. I’m very grateful for the session.”

~ Bert W.

How to receive the energetic upgrades that will support your eyesight, help you believe in your insights so you can live your vision.

If you are tired all the time and are struggling with subconscious blocks to living your greatest vision I can help you with breakthroughs.

I can help you release your issues from your tissues energetically and re-imprint high vibrational states of love, joy, compassion, success and abundance on your time line beginning with your first 40 weeks in-utero.

I can give your cells, your nervous system and your hormonal system energetic upgrades so that you will have the energy to go after your dreams.

I can upgrade your energy body by re-activating your Assemblage Point so you can hold more light and be able to receive greater insights from your own soul.

Are you ready to….

  • Really believe in yourself again?
  • Enjoy being in your body?
  • Release years of trauma that are still in your tissues holding you back?
  • Move beyond your past?
  • Move beyond inter-generational issues?
  • Feel alive in your own body?
  • See the beauty in yourself and your life?

“I am lucky to have had A-M-A-Z-I-N-G session with Jade. I feel stuckness in major areas of life that I shared with her to work on. I have my eyesight/vision issues, relationship issues and stuckness in career/finances.

When Jade worked on me I felt HUGE and DEEP energy shifts. The energy she brought in was so profound and powerful and it REACHED all those areas of my body where I feel blockages. Especially when she worked on my eyesight, the energy gushed into and out of my toes. I never felt such energy movement in my toes before. Jade’s 21 days money, magic & miracle audios have deeply changed my perspectives toward money and the related concepts. Thank you so much Jade..Love you ”

~ Leenah Rahul of India

“Jade is so wise, funny, real and humble . I get picked out on a tele summit call and received Jade’s healing. (Also: even before the tele summit-call started I was already feeling subtle energies moving in and around me.) I told Jade about my problems like major depression, chronic fatigue and mental confusion. During the live healing session, I felt a warm ray of energy moving from my heart area to my throat, while she worked and talked about the Assemblage Point.

After that, I felt subtle, but very strong electrical waves of energy in and around my body, in my hands, my chest, my legs and feet. Now, a week later that blanket of energy has become stronger and has not left me! I do feel lighter and closer to myself. The energy feels pleasant and empowering for my physical body.

I always wondered what people were talking about when they say: ‘ Yes , I can feel the energy… ‘ Now I understand , because I felt it while Jade was working on me and even a week later I can still feel energy moving around my body.

I felt lighter after Jade infused me and my Assemblage Point with light. Lighter in spirit mind and body. What a miraculous thing this is! Jade’s energy was very tangible even during a distant healing session. I can even feel my eyes changing in the inside.

I really recommend Jades’ energy healing if you suffer from depression, pain or fatigu”

~ Bert W. of The Netherlands

Jade Yin Hom is an intuitive healer who has facilitated over 8,000 people to overcome health challenges, breakthrough limiting paradigms and regain a sense of self-worth. She helps her clients to be free from pain and depression. Her subconscious reprogramming work has helped many clients to end self-sabotaging behaviors and gain a sense of personal mastery.

Here is your chance to leave the past behind, upgrade your body energetically and live your greatest vision.

Is it time to be done with self-sabotaging behaviour? Will you give yourself the chance now to live your greatest vision for your life?

Work with Jade’s package and receive the energetic upgrades that will not only help you to feel energized but will also align you with your soul’s vision. What will your life be like when you have cleared your issues from your tissues?


Discount : 90%

Total Package Value $960

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer


10 Energetic Upgrade MP3s


Bonus: Entity Clearing

Buy Now!



Total Package Value $3,510

From Heartache to Joy Special offer


10 Energetic Upgrade MP3s


Bonus: Entity Clearing

21 Energy Healing MP3s for Eyesight, Insight & Vision

Private Facebook Group Support

4 Group Calls

Sold Out!


Discount: 94%

Total Package Value $3,710

From Heartache to Joy Special offer


10 Energetic Upgrade MP3s


Bonus: Entity Clearing

21 Energy Healing MP3s for Eyesight, Insight & Vision

Private Facebook Group Support

4 Group Calls

30 min Private Session

Sold OUT!

Need Help? Write to: [email protected], Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package A

Energetic Upgrade


Cellular Upgrade

Format: MP3

Energetically upgrade the organelles inside every cell including cell wall and interstitial fluid so that you feel renewed from the cellular level. Special focus on the mitochondria – the powerhouse of the cell to ensure that your body is generating energy optimally. Benefits include overall health and more energy.


Nervous System Upgrade for Inner Harmony

Format: MP3

Your central nervous system: brain and spinal cord will receive an energetic upgrade so it can realign itself to its Divine Blueprint. Special focus on harmonizing the parasympathic and sympathetic nervous systems so your body can access its own healing abilities.

Benefits: Feel stronger in your body and more peaceful. You will be able to focus and sleep better.


Nervous System Upgrade to Support Eyesight

Format: MP3

The cervical spine, optic nerves and light sensing receptors will receive an energetic upgrade so that your eyesight can receive optimal support from the nervous system. Release trauma in the cervical spine and also all emotional issues related to problems with seeing what is. Benefits include less head and neck tension and sharper vision.


Energetic Support to Lift Your Spirit

Format: MP3

Created especially for those suffering from depression, this MP3 will support your body’s ability to create more “happy hormones”, neurotransmitters, and chemicals that affect mood (endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, nitric oxide). Benefits include emotional harmony and well being.


Assemblage Point Reset and Activation

Format: MP3

This powerful point can shift years of depression and emotional turmoil. When your assemblage point is reset and activated, your energy body will be able to hold more light and your sense of self will return to you. You may also experience heighten states of consciousness with repeated listening.


Whole Body Reset for Inner Peace

Format: MP3

Aligns hormonal, nervous, respiratory, digestive, lymphatic, and other body systems to a space of energetic harmony so you can embody peace on the physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual level. Benefits include a sense of well-being, more energy, more stamina, and better sleep.


Reset and realign all biological rhythms to their Divine Blueprint.

Format: MP3

Energetically upgrades your body’s clock, the suprachiasmic nucleus (SCN) so your circadian rhythms will be in harmony. This mp3 also includes energetic work on your craniosacral rhythm for added overall support. Benefits include better sleep, more energy, better mood and overall well-being. May also help with weight lost.


Clearing Your Issues from Your Tissues

Format: MP3

Most of us have cellular memories from the time we were conceived (past lives are also included). This mp3 clears traumas (emotional, physical, financial, spiritual) from the time you were conceived. High vibrational states of being such as love, joy, success, abundance and compassion will be re-imprinted on your timeline from the moment of conception so that you can access these states of being with ease and transform or transcend lower states of being that are fear based. Benefits include release subconscious self-sabotaging behaviour.


Upgrading all Your Meridians

Format: MP3

Works on all your energy meridians to release energetic blockages, eliminate excess energies and replenish all energetic deficiencies. Harmonizes the five elements within you: fire (heart, small intestine, pericardium , triple burner), metal (lungs, large intestine) water (kidneys, bladder), wood (liver, gall bladder) and earth (stomach, spleen). Also replenishes the energy in your microcosmic orbit (conception vessel and governing vessel). Benefits include: overall well-being, feeling energized, better sleep, and activates the body’s own healing abilities.

ITEM 10:

Activate Your Greatest Vision Group Call

Value: $50

Format: MP3

This recorded group call activates your greatest vision. There are powerful energetic processes to help you release blocks to owning your greatest vision. You will be guided to create your greatest vision and activate it. There’s also a q and a session with clients.

ITEM 11:

Activate Your Greatest Vision Workbook

Format: PDF

This workbook provides a space for you to record your own dreams for different areas of your life. Writing your dreams down helps you to commit to yourself and also brings clarity and focus.


Entity Clearing

Format: MP3

This MP3 transforms lower vibrations, negativity and even pain. Will help you to realign to a peaceful field of energy. Can be played in the background to clear space or use at the end of the day to release stressful thoughts. You will feel lighter, more grounded and even joyful after listening to this MP3.

Package A

Total Package Value $960

From Heartache to Joy Special Offer $97

*** 90% Saving ***

Need Help? Write to: [email protected], Or call: (855) 367-7644

Package B

Support for Eyesight, Insight and Vision


ITEM 12:

21 Days Energy Healing for Eyesight, Insight and Vision

You get 21 MP3s Plus a Bonus MP3

If you struggle with nearsightedness, farsightedness or other eyesight issues, you can now listen to your own insights about what is asking to be healed and restore your eyesight or even get rid of your glasses or contact lenses.

Unlike other eyesight improvement programs that address only the physical or nutritional aspect of eyesight Jade’s energy healing work addresses eyesight issues from a multidimensional healing space. She clears emotional issues that are still in your tissues which may affect your eyesight, releases subconscious beliefs from your system and releases energetic blockages in your meridians and chakras. Jade’s work addresses the physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects of healing your eyesight.

Studies have shown that our childhood environment has an impact on our behavior because of the subconscious programming that takes place while we were young and our systems were porous to outside influences. Jade’s work addresses these issues by helping you to reprogram your subconscious mind and release all inter-generational patterns that are still in your DNA.

There is a correlation between eyesight, insight and vision that Jade expertly addresses from multiple perspectives. In working with over 8,000 clients she came to see a pattern with people who are sensitive and empathic. They tend to internalize anger, pain and suffering which affects their eyesights. These sensitive beings also often have the most amazing vision for humanity which they keep to themselves because they don’t trust their own insights about life. Jade created this amazing one of a kind program just for these wonderfully sensitive and empathic visionaries who are ready to take healing into their own hands and not only heal their own eyesight but also work to create their amazing vision for a better world.

What if you can activate the Divine Blueprint for Your Eyesight? There is a Divine Blueprint for everything and Jade working with her Spirit Guides will activate the Divine Blueprint for your eyesight. What else is possible for you when you know you can change your eyesight? What other changes will you be inspired to create in your life?

Are you ready to:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Trust yourself
  • Trust your vision
  • Release your old stories
  • Work towards your vision
  • Release inner turmoil
  • Feel good about you
  • Feel confident and be seen
  • Stop compromising yourself
  • See the good in yourself
  • Heal your eyesight
  • See yourself with love and approval
  • Enjoy seeing the world
  • Trust your insights
  • Feel in control
  • Release all the repressed anger
  • Stop playing small
  • Release the painful stories
  • Stop settling for less
  • See the beauty in your dreams

No neck pain, no back pain and clearer vision

I woke up and felt amazing today. No neck pain, no back pain and my vision seems clearer. I ate a really healthy lunch and seemed to be generally more efficient and active today. Can’t wait to see what else unfolds!

Thank you so much, Jade. Your work is powerful!”

~ Jill K. of London

Feeling 50 lbs lighter

“I was really grateful to get a 20 min session with Jade and she has to be the best healer I have ever come across. I don’t know what she did, but it was definitely magic!

I came off the call feeling 50 lbs lighter.

I am telling everyone I know about her. Her work is absolutely fantastic. Highly and strongly recommend her!!”

~ Charlene from Trinadad

Healed Prostate Condition… Sleeping Consistently Through The Night

I felt relaxed, calm, loved, seen, and cared for during the session.Jade worked on my teeth and gums, which had been troubling me for many years. She scanned my entire body, energizing and helping to improve a number of areas I needed help with, including my prostate, the Ph balance of my digestive system, my anti inflammatory response, as well as a few other areas.

I have been sleeping consistently through the night since our session 2 weeks ago instead of having to get up to urinate 2 or 3 times. Wow! Amazing work!”

~ Gary Pincus, M.A.

Here Is Your Chance to Heal Your Eyesight and Reach for Your Greatest Vision

Work with Jade’s 21 Day Eyesight and Vision program and see yourself literally loving seeing yourself. Discover the insights that will help you heal not only your eyesight but also open you to live your greatest vision for your life.

You will feel so much lighter and brighter as old issues are released from your tissues. The world will feel friendlier and even beautiful when all the suppressed and internalized anger is finally released from your system on so many levels of your being — physically (tissues, DNA), energetically (meridians, chakras) etherically, inter-generationally (from your timeline) and even from past lives (Akashic Records).

Is it time for you to see the world with your own eyes? Will you give yourself a chance to reach for your greatest vision?

*Week 1*
Cellular level and whole system level healing for eyesight.

  • 1Day 1: Cellular level healing for eyesight
  • Download healing frequencies for the rods, cones, aqueous fluid, retina, and all parts of the eyes. Sharpens your vision.

Cellular Level Healing for Eyesight – Sample



  • 2Day 2: Micronutrients for Eyesight
  • Download the energy signature of micronutrients for the eyes. Also work on digestion, absorption and elimination. This helps the eyes feel nourished.
  • 3Day 3: Energetic Cleansing of the Eyes
  • Releases the energetic interference patterns that keep your eyes from seeing.
  • 4Day 4: Energetic Spinal Adjustments to Support Eyesight
  • Release neck pain and spinal issues. Feel supported to see with clarity.
  • 5Day 5: Energetic Craniosacral Adjustment to Support Eyesight
  • Feel more spacious in the head, eyes, face, jaws and neck. Reliefs tension in the eyes, neck and head.
  • 6Day 6: Rejuvenate and Regenerate Eye Tissue
  • Really speeds up the healing of your eyesight and any problems related to the eyes. Please use this as often as you like.
  • 7Day 7: Activate/Align with the Divine Blueprint for your Eyes.
  • Speeds up the healing of your eyesight and any problems related to the eyes. Please use this as often as you like.

*Week 2*
Emotional Healing of Eyesight & Trusting Your Own Insights

  • 8Day 8: Release and Transform Anger
  • Balance liver, kidney, gall bladder, triple burner meridians as well as all your other meridians. Feel more peaceful, feel more like yourself.
  • 9Day 9: Transforming Regret
  • What do you regret about not seeing perfectly? What regrets do you have about hiding behind glasses?
  • 10Day 1

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