Igor Ledochowski – Hypnotic Symbolic Language Live Training 2021

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Hypnotic Symbolic Language Live Training 2021Igor Ledochowski – Hypnotic Symbolic Language Live Training 2021

“ A Rare & Unique Training On How To Speak Directly to The Unconscious Mind Using Hypnotic Language Symbols ”

Dear Friend,

Imagine if you had a direct line of communication to the unconscious mind…

So you could quickly and easily reprogram old thought patterns, outdated beliefs and unwanted habits.

It would profoundly change your success as a hypnotist, and positively impact every other area of your life, too.

In fact, that’s exactly what my brand new training is all about.

I’ll show you how to use hypnotic symbols to fluently speak the native language of the unconscious so you can:

  • Resolve difficult issues FASTER and EASIER without getting bogged down in messy details
  • Profoundly improve how you communicate and what you can achieve through hypnosis and even your day-to-day conversations
  • Speak to clients, friends, family (and even strangers) about difficult subjects… without awkwardness, disagreements or misunderstandings
  • Unlock the secret “back door” access into the unconscious mind
  • Generate effortlessly creative solutions for ANY problem

On the FLIP side… if you don’t know how hypnotic symbols work and the impact they have on the mind, you can end up missing HUGE opportunities for change, or even worse… use them to your subject’s disadvantage.

To put it simply, understanding how, when and why to use hypnotic symbols is one of the single most important tools for you as a hypnotist.

Let me explain:

You’re surrounded by symbols.

Whether it’s a sign outside your window, a piece of artwork hanging in your room, or a plant in your garden…

They’re all around you.

And your mind uses symbols to store information about the billions of emotions, memories and experiences you have throughout your life.

In fact, these “mental shortcuts” help you move through the world more efficiently.

And over time, they shape how you perceive and understand the world… which means they influence how you act, think, behave –even the choices you make!

There’s just one problem:

All of this happens in the UNCONSCIOUS mind outside of your awareness.

The result?

MOST people go through life stuck in old habits, thought patterns and outdated beliefs (even if they no longer serve them) because they never discover how to harness their inner symbols to gain access to deeper areas of their minds.

Now get this:

When you know how to work with symbols you can speak DIRECTLY to the unconscious mind to transform emotions, dissolve old habits, activate transformation and much more.

And that’s exactly what I’ll cover from start to finish in my BRAND-NEW live training.

Here’s What You Can Expect From This Three-Day Hypnotic Symbolic Language Live Training Event:

  • Discover 60 powerful symbolic language examples covering the 11 KEY elements of Hypnotic Symbolic Language – I’ll show you how to apply EACH one of these examples in this training!
  • Use hypnotic symbols to activate the resources you and others have lying dormant within you!
  • Gain the ability to work with anyone (even in casual settings) on a deep unconscious level to resolve issues at their very core
  • Discover how to effectively use the power of symbols to represent a thought, emotion, or a particular state
  • Find out how to guide the unconscious mind to transform the symbol of the undesired state into the symbol of the desired state!
  • Resolve and process issues that prevent the subject from achieving the desired state through symbols
  • Make unwanted and unproductive behaviors or beliefs simply fall away
  • Resolve complex problems MUCH faster… because you’ll no longer get “bogged down” in the messy details!
  • Use symbols to generate rapid change… even with complex issues… using THIS technique!
  • Discover how to leverage the tremendous processing power of the unconscious mind!
  • Use hypnotic symbols to create DRAMATIC change in others… even when the subject doesn’t know, or can’t communicate, the true nature of the issue
  • The 5 “heavy hitters” of Hypnotic Framing (you’ll become a master at applying the RIGHT frame at the RIGHT time to get the outcomes you want!)
  • Discover the EXACT language and specific questions to use when you want to send your subject DEEPER and DEEPER into trance…
  • My failproof formula for extracting metaphors and symbols – you’ll get to the core of a problem or desire each and every time!
  • 5 questions to generate ACTION and move your subject towards incredible outcomes
  • How to turn complex (and even confusing!) emotions into a symbol (you can then work with them MUCH more easily!
  • Find out how to resolve tricky, intimate and difficult issues… without even having to bring up the specific problem!
  • Explore symbols and lead others to discover new and previously “un-opened” areas of their mind (this is where the magic happens!)
  • How to use Hypnotic Symbolic Language to SUPERCHARGE any other style of hypnosis
  • Feel MUCH more confident as a hypnotist knowing you can use symbols to create incredible change
  • Discover how to easily get the unconscious mind to “FILL UP” a symbol with meaning (your client will do all the work!)
  • Get “unstuck” using hypnosis techniques that have felt difficult or unnatural for you in the past
  • Start to explore your own symbols – you’ll see your dreams and thoughts in a whole new light!
  • Make your hypnotic stories, communication, and interactions exponentially more engaging by levering symbols that fascinate and absorb the unconscious mind… all while delivering powerful messages
  • Use hypnotic symbolic language to help others become so engaged and fascinated by their life… their old problems and negative patterns become irrelevant… and simply dissolve
  • Put every technique and principle into practice, making hypnotic symbolic language easy and fun to master
  • Watch helpful in-depth demonstrations on how to apply hypnotic symbolic language in real-life settings and situations
  • And lots, LOTS more…

All I ask, is that you meet this ONE condition if you plan to attend this special training:

Symbols are an incredibly powerful tool, and you have an ethical obligation to use hypnotic symbolic language to generate positive change in others. So unless you’re committed to using the techniques you discover as a force for GOOD, then this training is not for you.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to bring deeper meaning, satisfaction and joy into your life and the lives of others, then I invite you to join me for this rare opportunity.

Now, normally a 6 day live program retail training fee is $3995.

So I figure a 3 day live program is fair value at $1995 (and even with a 50% Early Bird Discount it would be $997… and truly excellent value).

However because this is super short notice you can go ahead and reserve your spot for the BRAND NEW Hypnotic Symbolic Training with me, Igor Ledochowski, today for just $1995 $95 x 5 (That’s a 77% OFF Discount!)

Plus I want as many deserving people to get their hands on this training as possible since I truly believe this skill is a game-changer that every hypnotist should have in their toolkit…

Besides, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Because I’m putting all the risk on my shoulders and giving you a….

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Igor Ledochowski - Hypnotic Symbolic Language Live Training 2021

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