Henneke Duistermaat – The Enchanting Blog Writing Course

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Henneke Duistermaat - The Enchanting Blog Writing Course1Henneke Duistermaat – The Enchanting Blog Writing Course

Enchanting Blog Writing
Learn how to captivate, educate, and inspire your readers

~~ A self-paced, online course ~~

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How confident are you about your writing skills?

Most of us are unhappy with our writing.

We’ve learned how to write at school. If we’re lucky we learned how to spell and avoid grammar mistakes.

But we weren’t taught how to engage our readers, how to keep their attention, how to persuade and inspire.

You can learn how to write well.

You can learn how to write a blog to engage prospects, boost your authority, and ultimately win more business. And you know what?

Learning to write better is surprisingly straightforward …

First, you need to understand and practice the foundation of good writing: empathy for your reader.

Next, learn how to think as a writer—learn how to shape, simplify, and flesh out your ideas, so you can communicate with more clarity and power.

Finally, become more persuasive—learn how to keep readers spellbound, write more vividly, and inspire action with your words. This requires a basic understanding of reader psychology and an ability to create a hypnotic flow.

When you understand who your readers are and how to engage them, your writing voice becomes stronger and more personal. Readers will start to trust and respect you, and they’ll act on your advice. That’s how you’ll become more influential.

This is no ordinary writing course
This is a practical course that helps you implement the lessons so you’ll become a better, more confident writer. You’ll learn how to write enchanting blog posts, step by step:

  • Learn blogging techniques
    Short video tutorials (+ transcripts) show you the techniques that engage, educate, and inspire readers.
  • Practice your skills
    Annotated examples and guided activities teach you how to spot weaknesses in your writing.
  • Improve your blog
    Flexi-templates help shape your ideas and structure your blog posts.

Who the Enchanting Blog Writing course is for …
This course is for anyone who’d like to engage, educate, and inspire their blog readers.

Whether you run a niche e-commerce site or small agency, whether you’re a consultant, coach, online teacher, personal trainer, interior designer, freelance writer, content strategist, or other service provider, this course helps you write more compelling blog posts, so you can engage your audience and grow your business.

This course is designed for busy people
The course is self-paced and you’ll get life-time access, so you can learn at a pace that works for you.

Online learning outline is included.

About your tutor

Henneke Duistermaat

Henneke Duistermaat is an irreverent writer on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook.

She has authored the 5-star rated book Blog to Win Business, and she’s written guest posts for popular sites such as Copyblogger, Shopify, and Kissmetrics.

In 2012, Henneke wrote her first viral hit How to Write Seductive Web Copy Like Apple which continues to generate business inquiries (10 years later!).

Henneke quit her corporate marketing job in 2012 and founded Enchanting Marketing to help small business owners and freelancers find their voice and share their ideas with gusto.

The Enchanting Marketing blog has become a thriving community and Henneke was recognized as a Top 50 Content Marketer based on research by Express Writers and BuzzSumo (2018).

What you’ll get
The Enchanting Blog Writing course includes:

  • 25 illustrated videos and transcripts that teach you how to write blog posts step by step—plus 8 cheat sheets for quick reference
  • 32 activities that test your newly acquired knowledge and help enhance your X-ray vision, so you can spot how to improve a blog post
  • Examples Book with Blog Inspiration—a PDF swipe file with blog post examples, openings, final paragraphs, and blog post sections to inspire you and help structure your writing

FREE bonus I
Recorded Workshops
In one-hour workshops, I show how to improve blog posts so you can take the leap from good to great writing. In total, you get to learn from 60 blog post mini critiques.

The Enchanting Blog Writing Course By Henneke Duistermaat – what is it included: ( Content proof: Watch here! )

1. Welcome


3. Module 1 – Build Your Blog on a Solid Foundation

4. Module 2 – Generate and Select Ideas

5. Module 3 – Flesh Out and Simplify Your Ideas

6. Q&A Recording

7. Module 4 – The Anatomy of an Enchanting Blog Post

8. Module 5 – Engage Your Readers [Openings]

9. Module 6 – Educate with Gusto [Main Body]

10. Module 7 – Inspire Your Readers [Closings]

11. Module 8 – Become a Productive Blogger

12. Bonus Blog Writing Workshops – Take the Leap from Good to Great Writing

13. Final Thoughts

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Archive: https://archive.ph/2ij7z

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