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Greg Stanley - 100% Case Acceptance1Greg Stanley – 100% Case Acceptance

How would you like to get 100% Case Acceptance All the time, every time, Guaranteed?

Well Now You Can!

From Greg Stanley

I know you think I’m joking or just trying to get your attention. I’m not. In fact, I’m so confident that our Zone 5 Case Development System works, that I named the audio program “100% Case Acceptance, All The Time, Every time, Guaranteed”.

Notice, I’m talking about case acceptance, not case presentation. Oh yes, my Zone 5 System includes an amazingly effective case presentation, but getting a patient to say yes to comprehensive care is only the beginning.

That’s why I don’t emphasize case presentation. In fact, of the seven crucial steps in my powerful Zone 5 Case Development System, case presentation is by no means the most important step.

The last thing you want is patients to say yes to comprehensive recommendations with their lips… while saying no with their feet!

My brand new Zone 5 Case Development System will prevent that from happening to you. By following my simple anyone-can-do-it Case Development System you’ll have patients who:

  • Follow through with care
  • Make and keep their appointments
  • Happily pay their bills
  • Refer their friends, family & co-workers to the practice with intensity and in great numbers.
  • Now that’s what I call case acceptance!

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, you’ll never get that kind of case acceptance without a powerful system of case development.

WARNING!! If you try to improve your case acceptance rate simply by trying to adapt off-the-shelf sales training material you will only make your situation worse!

The minute patients see you as selling chiropractic, you’ve already lost the game. To see a doctor selling treatment like a used car salesman is offensive and disgusting to patients.

Did you know that you can mess it up about a thousand different ways when you respond to a patient who says they want to “think it over” before starting treatment? Have you heard people talk about how to “overcome patient objections” to starting care?

When you are in these situations you’ve needlessly entered a case presentation minefield.

One false step and you can be sure that this patient will be accepting your recommendations in another chiropractor’s office.

My Zone 5 Case Development Systems shows you how to preemptively defuse objections before they come up. And do it without the patient feeling like they’ve been pushed, high pressured or “sold” anything.

One of the main causes of poor profitability is poor case acceptance. When you suffer from this problem, you’re always on the hunt for expensive advertising patients to increase practice production. And of course the advertising costs just make the bottom line look even worse.

When I say that you can achieve 100% Case Acceptance in your practice I’m not kidding.

In fact I’m dead serious. For years doctors have asked me how to get patients to accept comprehensive care. So I took the challenge. I began to study the presentations of doctors who got the highest case acceptance in the country.

I started to notice that there were a few subtle things that they all had in common. I began feeding this powerful information to my consulting clients, who in turn improved on it and gave it back to me as a proven fool-proof system for maximizing case acceptance.

The Zone 5 100% Case Development System is built around two powerful case development principles.

The first principle is BALANCE:

That is a presentation that allows the doctor to recommend comprehensive care without offending the patient. Getting a patient to face the fact that they have a problem serious enough to re-arrange their financial priorities is no easy task. Getting this job done without running off half your new patients can only be accomplished through a balanced case development system.

And the second principle is POWER:

I’ll show you how to put real power in your presentation that will compel patients to seriously consider your recommendations – without the patient feeling like they’ve been pressured in the least. I know you think this is impossible. But after you hear how to use the hidden components of “PHANTOM PRESSURE” you’ll know that you have the ultimate secret weapon in case development.

While this system is powerful, it is not complicated. In fact there are only seven simple steps between you and 100% case acceptance. Here’s just a little of what you’ll learn:

  • How to double your case acceptance and double your direct patient referrals at the same time with the seven principles of “phantom pressure.”
  • Make advertising and walk-in patients as productive as your best referrals.
  • How to avoid the seven most common deadly case development mistakes
  • Why “We’ve got to educate patients,” is the most dangerous statement you or your staff can make.
  • What patients are really trying to tell you when they say they “can’t afford” your recommendations.

My new Zone 5 Case Development Audio set will show you exactly how to move all of your patients down the case development path with a confrontationally centered, powerful process that won’t leave them confused or offended.

If you were to hire a personal practice “coach” to come in and try to custom develop a system like this in your practice you better plan on spending about thirty-grand. I have easily spent way more than that in my time developing this new audio set.

This set is so comprehensive that we couldn’t get it all in our usual 6 tape set. Instead you get 8 tapes with every pre-emption, every contingency and every nuance of case presentation and development laid out for you. When fully implemented,this case development process could easily double your practice, double your referrals and even increase your standing in the community.

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Greg Stanley

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