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Greg Davis – Mobile Advertising Blueprint

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Archive : Greg Davis – Mobile Advertising Blueprint

Module 1 – Infrastructure

Module 2 – Lead gen on Facebook (Mortgage Refinance)
Module 3 – Lead gen on Facebook (Auto Insurance)
Module 4 – VSL’s on Mobile
Module 5 – Google Display Network
Module 6 – The System in a Nutshell
Module 1 – Infrastructure
  • Successfully Getting And Running New Accounts If You’ve Been Banned
  • System For Making Sure You Never Run Out Of Accounts – 2 Systems For Obtaining Accounts
  • How To Run Whitehat
  • Tracking Like A Pro
  • Lightning Fast Landing Pages
  • Secrets To Finding The Best, Highest Converting Offers
Module 2 – Lead Gen on Facebook (Mortgage Refinance)
  • Look over my shoulder as I set up the campaign step by step
  • How to set up lpg
  • Creating & optimizing landing pages
  • See real traffic/real money and see me make data driven decisions to get the campaign profitable
Module 3 – Lead Gen on Facebook (Auto Insurance)
  • Entire campaign from start to finish
  • Cheat and start with pages I know work
  • Finding images for super-high ctr
  • Thought processes
  • Look over my shoulder as I set up the facebook campaign
  • Auto insurance campaign on voluum
Module 4 – VSL’s on Mobile
  • 2 Health offer examples
  • Survival offer
  • Already running, analyzing data and optimizing
  • One concept so powerful – it’s literally worth 10X what you pay
  • The secrets to optimizing using mobile data
Module 5 – Google Display Network
  • Biggest display traffic source in the world
  • How to set up, track and test
  • Creating text ads and banners
  • Targeting and retargeting
  • Refi campaign on GDN
  • Optimizing GDN
Module 6 – The System in a Nutshell
  • The entire system outlined step by step
  • Using redirects to multiply your profits
  • Pro secrets to finding the offers that convert like crazy
  • Targeting tips for Facebook and Google
Bonus #1 Greg’s Genius Game Presell Lander
  • Games are some of the hottest offers 
  • Tons of traffic available
  • Works for any genre
  • So simple a caveman can do it
Bonus # 2 Affiliate Millionaires Million Dollar Image Training
Bonus # 3 – 5 Mobile Campaign Blueprints
  • Sample ads, landers, targeting, entire affiliate funnel
  • A place to start
  • SDI and Build your own 6-figure campaign
Bonus #4 Greg’s Guide to New Facebook and Google Accounts


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