Google Plus 1 Jacker (Unlimited License)


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Google Plus 1 Jacker (Unlimited License)

Google Plus 1 Jacker (Unlimited License)

Price:  $92
Sale Page: plusjacker.com/
Archive:  archive.is/2E8MN

Breakthrough WP Plugin Gets Your Site Unlimited +1’s from Real Google Account Users and Pushes Your Website To The Top of Google.
Exploit The Power of Google’s Very Own Social Network.Google Plus 1 Jacker Pro
Google +1 Jacker Features:
Advanced Stealth Jacking Technology
Easily Installed Like Any WP Plugin
Only Jacks Visitors Who Are Logged Into Their Google Accounts
Jack Only the Number Of Visitors You Choose
Ignore Traffic Based on it’s IP or Referring Domain
What Does the +1 Jacker WP Plugin Do?
This is the most advanced +1 Jacker on the market that gets unlimited genuine +1’s for your website from real users. There is no other WP plugin available that can do what this does.
The plugin jacks visitors on your site and gets a G+1 for your website.
The jacking process uses a stealth popup box with customizable text
When the visitor clicks to close the pop up their G+ account registers a +1 vote for your site.
Your site benefits from SEO Google love from all the new G+1’s
With The G+1 Jacker You’ll Never Have To Buy Fake +1’s That Get Your Site Penalized.
Getting +1’s from fake accounts is a sure way to get your website penalized by Google which is why you should never waste your time and money with them.


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