Gary Craig – EFT – The Art of Delivery

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Gary Craig – EFT – The Art of Delivery

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The Art of Delivery videos

I have included every EFT concept and tool in this Tutorial and I have gone into great detail to make sure that you are properly exposed to all of them. This is to assure that (1) you have consistent training and (2) the cost is affordable (free) to everyone.

What this Tutorial cannot do, however, is bestow upon you the “Art of Delivery.” This is what separates the top level EFT’ers from the rest. In practice, EFT clients don’tSave months or years of time always fall into neat slots where you can apply one or two of the EFT tools and be done with it. Rather, clients tend to be moving targets as their issues rapidly fade (with EFT) and then shift to new topics within each session.

Thus how you deliver EFT in practice (the Art of Delivery) requires a solid understanding of the tools AND an experience with what clients actually do in practice. To plug this hole I prepared an elaborate, flexibly priced set of videos aimed at the Art of Delivery that you can view on this website right along with the Tutorial.
They will accelerate your education, save you months or years of time and provide you with a treasure chest of creative approaches, refr ames and countless examples of using the EFT tools in practice. They lift the Tutorial off the page and bring the EFT Concepts to life.

Let me emphasize that these are online videos so I can upgrade, change or adjust them in the future free of charge. You don’t need to store them like you would DVDs and they are available to you anywhere there is an online computer. They won’t scratch or get lost and you can stop and start them with ease. Further, the price is flexible so that even the financially disadvantaged can afford them. In all, there are 35 hours of info-packed videos in this package and you are allowed 150 hours of viewing time. This is vastly more than you will need and so you can share your login/access info with others (and thus share the modest price).

alerts: I have included the best 12 teaching sessions from my previous DVDs and, for additional clarity, I have created numerous blue and white alerts within the videos that signal when I introduce the important tools you will learn in this Tutorial, e.g. Reframing, Testing, Specific Events, Taking the Edge Off, the Tearless Trauma Technique and so on. To see how these will accelerate your EFT education, just play the brief video below.

Detailed comments: I have also interjected many segments within the videos wherein I give detailed comments on the sessions as they unfold. I point out my behind-the-scenes thinking during the sessions and bring out the subtleties so that you don’t miss a thing. It will be like attending the session while looking through my eyes. The video below gives you 4 examples.

Borrowing Benefits Videos

Also, included are 11 full sessions (30-60 minutes each) specially designed for Do-It-Yourself Borrowing Benefits sessions. These highly popular videos allow you to identify issues of your own then tap along with the on stage client. Results are often surprisingly good. Interestingly, it doesn’t matter whether the on-stage client has the same issue as you. In fact, it is often preferable that the issues are different. Join me in the video below for more details.

Surrogate EFT Videos

Now we come to the next level of EFT where, astonishingly, we can successfully tap on ourselves for other people’s issues. We have 2 complete session videos to show you and one is with Betsy who comes on stage and allows us to ask questions about her issues. Then she leaves for 15 minutes while we tap for her as a group. When she returns, the issues have vanished. Every piece of this process is detailed for you.

The other session is with Bobbi who came on stage with substantial back pain. The video below is a quality glimpse into her experience.


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