Gabriel Seojungle – Cold Email Marketing Course + Templates


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Gabriel Seojungle – Cold Email Marketing Course + Templates

Gabriel Seojungle – Cold Email Marketing Course + Templates

Price: $249
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I have been building my business as an SEO and Web design agency thanks to cold email. In reality Cold Email is the reason why I made so much money so far in my 90 day challenge to build an agency.

In this product for the SEO Jungle I showcase, explain, and share my top cold email templates

The Cold Emailing Master Course is such a great system. The courses are setup so they are easy to understand, easy to navigate, and easy to keep track of what you have watched and where to pick up again. For our agency, this is just the type of training we needed. If you are serious about lead gen then you need this course. Cold Emailing has worked for years and it works even better today, this course will teach you how to master the process. great job Chief Junglers! Terry Samuels (Director of Salterra)

This is not just a product, is a full course where you can understand the philosophy to take your own Cold Emailing path and start growing your lead generation strategy.

The templates are not a magic solution to your lack of motivation… but these templates can really help you to get a start, and to define what style you want to take depending on what you are selling .

Templates, Videos, Strategies… where I showcase why each template works, how you can adapt it, what you can change and in what type of situation it can be used

Class Curriculum

The Way I cold Email

Intro to Cold email (4:20)

Before Cold Emailing – Prospecting (2:45)

Overcoming the challenges of Cold Emailing

Tech Considerations

The Setup (8:19)

The 25 Cold Emails

Cold Email #1 – the intro

Cold Email 2 to 4 (4:48)

Cold Email to 5 to 8 (6:17)

Cold Email 9 to 12 (5:42)

Cold Email 13 to 15 (4:38)

Cold Email 16 to 20 (5:04)

Cold Email 21 to 25 (6:44)

The Templates (PDF FILE)

10 new Templates


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