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FortuneBuilders.com – Wholesaling for Quick Cash

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Wholesaling Home Course

“Entrepreneurial Freedom comes with a price. As an entrepreneur you will have the freedom to work in any manner you choose. You will have the liberty to do what you want, when you want to do it. Nobody is going to tell you what to do on a daily basis or micromanage your every move. No boss, no timed lunch break, and no Saturdays if you choose not to work on Saturdays. It can be an exhilarating feeling for a lot of people, however it does come with a heavy price. You will most likely be trading-in a steady pay check for an unpredictable one. Likewise, you will no longer have anyone to bail you out should things not go as planned.

Complete control always comes with a price, and that price might be a lot of your time spent trying to figure things out. Well at least you will have Saturdays off right? Well, don’t count on it for the first year or two at least. In fact, you may even have to rename Sunday to Workday. If you only implement a few key elements from this course it will still make you some extra money this year, however this was not my intention for writing the course. The course was created to show you how to build a wholesaling business which will help you achieve your long term financial goals. I am a builder of businesses and this is what I enjoy to do more than anything else in the world. I want this to be your primary goal because anything else is an underachievement and there is nothing worse than an underachiever.

“I want to change the way you think about building a business and show you a model you can follow to ensure your financial success. The purpose of all this is to lead you to your own business that you will enjoy building, can be proud of, and provide you with financial freedom. This is my goal for you and I have designed the course accordingly.”


  • Wholesaling for Quick Cash” Reference Manual – Over 190 pages of Content
  • 9 Audio CD’s
  • Million Dollar Office Course
  • Building your Wholesale Team Audio CD
  • Building your In-House Team Audio CD
  • Forms & Contracts Disk
  • Application Education IRA
  • Application Roth IRA
  • Application SEP
  • Application Simple
  • Application Traditional IRA
  • HUD-1
  • HUD-56142 Financial Statement
  • Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Acquisition Specialist Interview Sheet
  • Addendum A to Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Affidavit of Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Assignment of Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Assistant Interview Sheet
  • Attorney Interview Sheet
  • Authorization to Release Information
  • Authorization to Release Employment Information
  • Bookkeeper Interview Sheet
  • Closing Preparation Checklist
  • Closing Preparation – Utility and Property Info. Checklist
  • Credibility Packet for Sellers in Foreclosure
  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • General Employee Application
  • Marketing Director Interview Sheet
  • Mortgage Broker Interview Sheet
  • Property Detail Information Sheet
  • Property Repair Estimate Sheet
  • Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Release of Mortgage
  • Retail Buyer Pre-qualification Form
  • Runner or Intern Interview Sheet
  • Sales Agent Interview Sheet
  • Sample Mortgage Brokers Email
  • Sample Realtor Email
  • Sample Wholesale Classifieds Ads
  • Sample Wholesale Email Template
  • Sample Wholesale Flyer
  • Seller Call In Lead Interview Sheet
  • Termination of Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Thank you & Testimonial request
  • Wholesale Assignment Checklist
  • Wholesale Buyer Pre-qualification Form
  • BONUS#1: Wholesaling Case Studies – Step by Step Guide to Deal Structuring
  • BONUS#2: Lifelong Educational Tele-Seminars with Than Merrill and the FortuneBuilders TEAM
  • BONUS#3: Set of Coaching CD’s on various areas of Real Estate Investing (from Land Trusts to Subject To to Landlording and much more…)


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