Facebook Ads for JEDI Masters Self Study + Study with Joe and Jay


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Facebook Ads for JEDI Masters Self Study + Study with Joe and Jay

Facebook Ads for JEDI Masters Self Study + Study with Joe and Jay

Price:  $1497
Sale Page: jedientrepreneurs.com/live-webinar
Archive:  archive.is/PVRHr

This is a brand new product that comes from the “Facebook Advertising for JEDI Entrepreneurs” group. This product was newly launched on January 14th, 2017, so it’s brand new.

Sales Webinar

Here is the sales webinar:

Order Page:

UltimateCrush.net Funnel

He reveals his exact clickfunnels campaign that he’s using to make $59k per month.

Here is a dissection of his funnel for each step in the funnel (This is his live campaign):

Step 1: Optin Form for Free + Shipping e-commerce product

Step 2: Order Form

Step 3: NCLA Membership OTO ($1 trial Continuity Upsell)
$1 membership for this site: nationalcannabinoidlegalization.org/ncla-home

Step 4: Containers OTO (AOV increase)

Step 5: Majestic Hammer OTO (AOV increase)

Step 6: Order Confirmation

Here is a link to the Clickfunnels funnel

$997 for the self-study program
$1497 for the self-study + all mastermind live webinars + replays

His Facebook Ad Rep does all the training for advertising these funnels on Facebook.

I know we basically have courses on sales funnels and advertising, but the advantage of this program is that he puts together in a concise step-by-step program on how to launch this type of funnel.

There is a student that is now doing $2k/day that started in their beta program in December, 2016.  Visit the Facebook Group for more details.


These are the main points:
Uses Clickfunnels to drive sales funnels
Utilizes Free + Shipping e-commerce model to drive leads
OTO Upsells are used to breakeven on lead generation of cold leads
Continuity upsell is used for recurring revenue and main backend revenue
Step-by-Step on how to create the continuity program upsell
Active Facebook Ad Rep endorses the product and provides training in the course
$1497 for base product + replays


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