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Escape Your Email Elite by Asianefficiency

Escape Your Email Elite by Asianefficiency

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Finally a System to…
Spend 30 Minutes or Less a Day on Email, Never Miss Important Emails Again, and Give Your Focus to Your Real Work
Even if you’ve already tried to get to Inbox Zero, your only fallback is the delete-all nuclear option, and you’re expected to be on email all day.

Yesterday I spent 30 minutes on email (I used to spend up to 4 hours a day).

And I’m CEO of a company with team members, clients, and thousands of customers distributed around the globe. My business is thriving, and colleagues rely on me to get things done.
But only a few years ago, I was so bad at email that I lost business deals (costing me tens of thousands of dollars), screwed up client relationships, and damaged my reputation. I’d drop the ball with people I respected, and later when I’d meet them in person, it was so awkward.
It got so bad, I almost stopped attending conferences. That’s a huge problem in an industry where networking and relationships are everything.

I was embarrassed to meet people I’d let down.

Here’s what a normal day looked like for me:
  • … Wake up and check email (still in bed).
  • … Check email on the toilet.
  • … Check email all day, every day (but never get it under control).
  • … Use downtime to check email and make sure I’m not missing anything important (which I do, a lot).
  • … After 20 mins down the email rabbit hole, find it almost impossible to focus and get back to work.
  • … Get maybe 2–3 hours of real work done all day.
  • … Crash and lose all my energy mid-afternoon, even though I’m working out and trying to eat healthy.
  • … Try to power through my slump, all the while asking myself why I’m so tired all the time (hint: email was sucking away my energy and concentration, one distracting little notification ping at a time).
  • … Rinse and repeat the next day. Day after day.
  • Does any of that sound familiar?

How Much Time and Money Are YOU Losing to Email? Skip to the Bottom to Find Out.

Ask yourself this:

  • Do you check email within 15 minutes of waking up?
  • Do you nervously scan through your old, unread emails multiple times a day—because you might have missed something?
  • Are you expected to reply to emails instantly?
  • Have you ever been out and then your phone dies? (It’s probably because you’re checking email too much.)
  • Do things “just get lost” in your inbox?
  • Do you feel leashed to the sound of your email notifications pinging nearly every minute?
  • Do you read an email more than once, because you’ll “deal with it later,” but then it sits in your inbox for months?
  • Have you noticed that whenever you eat or whenever you’re in the elevator, you just can’t relax, because you have to check your email?
  • Are there days that are non-stop go from start to end—days when you can’t get even half an hour at your computer to process email?
  • “A Toxic Source of Stress”

    You don’t need me to tell you that email is stressful, but it may surprise you to learn that email and other interruptions cause:
    • Lost Money. The annual productivity cost of email interruptions is $5,200–$7,200 per employee (according to a report by Atlassian)
    • Chronic Exhaustion. Email has been shown to cause a 9% increased rate of exhaustion (as reported in The Wall Street Journal)
    • Decreased Productivity. Studies show that for every 5 days you work, you only get a little over 1 day of real, productive work done (The Washington Post)
    • Impaired Job Performance. This is so serious that it’s the equivalent of missing a full night’s sleep, every week. And that can make it harder to earn a good living for you and your loved ones (Atlassian)
    • Lowered Intelligence. Yup, the constant distraction of email actually lowers your IQ by 10 points (Atlassian)
    So when you get to the end of the day run down and burnt out—even though you feel like all you did was email—is it any wonder?
    Our bodies and brains didn’t evolve for a life of constant notifications, immediate replies, and endless email chains.
    And if you already think it’s bad, check this out:
    Americans receive an average of 88 emails a day. And we send an average of 34 emails a day. This means that for every 1 email you send out…you get 2 potential interruptions and emergencies. (The Radicati Group, Inc., Email Statistics Reports)
    The average worker spends 6.5 hours each day (about 30 hours a week) just checking new emails. How are you supposed to get any real work done? (Adobe Systems study)
    Every time you check email, you spend 25 minutes regaining focus and 15 minutes re-entering a “flow” state—40 minutes total are wasted (according to Tom DeMarco, a productivity expert)
    Within 3 years, email users will receive an average of 115 emails every day. So if business keeps going like it is, your daily email workload will go up by nearly 150%… for no reason at all. (The Radicati Group, Inc., Email Statistics Reports)
    And as the situation gets worse and worse, 99% of people will shrug their shoulders, say “That’s the way it is,” and gradually inch their way up to spending 50% of their waking hours on email (it’s already at 33%).

    So What’s This  All About?

    Well, hidden inside that brutal statistic is the key to your success:
    If you’re willing to do something that 99% of people won’t do, then you’re going to stand out from the crowd… you’ll be seen as a winner… someone who gets things done.
    First we need to get honest about what’s holding people back from conquering their email.
    It’s this:
    Most people feel guilty about how their email is making them look unreliable and inefficient in front of important customers and teammates. However, the truth is: the conventional way of managing email is the cause of all this stress and dysfunction.
    It’s the system that’s broken. It’s actually not you, at all.

    Announcing the World’s Only  Inbox Mastery Course

    At Asian Efficiency—the world’s leading productivity training company—we’ve taken my email management system and spent years improving it. We’ve researched, experimented, and refined it. We’ve crash-tested the system in our own lives, and we’ve implemented it with hundreds of clients.
    And now, for the first time ever, we’re making it available outside of this elite group of team members, clients, and friends.
    Our course is designed to put YOU in the driver’s seat of managing your time, energy, brain power, and productivity.
    All while running your business and your life, without letting anything slip through the cracks—in less than 30 minutes a day.
    In only 30 minutes, you’ll quickly and easily get more done than most people do all day.
    You’ll effectively be adding 4 full days of productive time to your week… every single week.
    Think about it:
    • How much more money could you make in that time?
    • How much earlier could you finish work every day?
    • Imagine the projects you’ve got waiting in your pipeline right now. How much faster could you launch those with an extra 4 days a week?
    • Which long-standing goal could you start to work toward with an 3 extra workweeks every month?
    • How much would your reputation increase—now that people know they can rely on you to get back to them reliably?
    IMPORTANT: Do you struggle with getting your email inbox to zero…and KEEPING it at zero?
    Does it feel weirdly like a yo-yo diet…up and down, day after day with no consistency?
    You can get to an empty inbox with our free material (we’ve proven this again and again with thousands of people).
    But what most people can’t do is maintain an empty inbox. So if you’re reading this and thinking, “Yeah, thanks, but I’ve already tried that…and I always end up back at 50+ unread emails,” then I want you to pay careful attention to what I’m going to say next, because…
    Getting to an empty inbox is one thing, keeping it empty is another.
    You need a rock-solid system for that, and that’s exactly what I’m offering you.


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