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I’m Looking For A Small Group Of Motivated People To Take Under My Wing And Show Them A Brilliant System On How I’d Go From Pure-Scratch

Eric Louviere – High Ticket Shortcuts

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I’m Looking For A Small Group Of Motivated People To Take Under My Wing And Show Them A Brilliant System On How I’d Go From Pure-Scratch To Earning Up To $500 Online… In 7 Days Or Less!

If I Can Earn Millions Online Myself, Then I’m Quite Certain I Can Show You A System For Earning A Measly $500 Or So Real Quick.

First week is purely on how to make your first dollars online

From there, I’ll teach you how to scale up to job quitting income

Then, after that, I’ll show you how to go to explosive, life-changing, windfalls of income online!

I’ll teach the six systems I’ve used to earn millions

I’ll coach you and teach you in live group coaching calls all six systems, step by step!

This is a huge course, one you’ll cherish for years!

Dear Friend —

Listen, if you have not earned your first $500 to $1,000 online then this is the very best coaching program you’ll find online for going step by step to get there!

And, if you want to scale-up from there to job quitting income or explosive six figure (or millions), I’ll show you that too.

Regardless, I’m going to stick myself in an online conference room each week and school you on what to do! (STEP BY STEP!)

How powerful is that?

Here’s the “nutshell” on this program:

Until you’ve earned your first $500 to $1,000 Per Week Income, This Entire “Idea” of earning six or seven figures is not believable!

After you’ve earned this money, you start to believe you can Generate enough to quit your full time day job and do this full time…

Once you’ve quit that job and fired your boss, you start to realize You can do much-much more… and even shoot for the stars for Earning millions like I’ve done.

This program will take you from pure scratch, clueless newbie, and progress to earning millions (and everything in-between).

Your journey is revealed here, taught, coached, schooled And grilled into you, and this program will quickly become Your “Go To” reference for each step of your journey from Zero To Hero!

Here’s what you’ll get:

Eric Louviere’s
“Skyscraper Blueprint System!”
A Step-By-Step System For Going From Pure Scratch
To Earning Your First $500 Per Week Income Online!

First, you start out with nothing.

You start out with no name, no list of subscribers, no customers, no skills, no advertising budget, no nothing.

From there, you discover a system you feel you can actually do. So, you try it out and follow it… dabbling in it. Giving it some effort here and there, but not too serious.

All of a sudden, you earn a few bucks.

Pretty cool, but still nothing spectacular and you don’t rush out to buy a new Ferrari yet…

But then, you find yourself needing some extra cash because life shows up like it always does. So, you decide to “ramp up” your little side business and you get even better results. Cash crunch solved, you just made a few thousand dollars quickly!

“Hmm… you know, I might be able to actually do this full time if I really try”, you think to yourself. The seed has been planted and pretty soon you find yourself almost obsessed with how much money you can make THIS WEEK!

The light at the end of the tunnel is quitting that day job you don’t really like that much, and living a real free life while working at home in your shorts and t-shirt.

Soon, it’s a reality.

You quit that job and are now a full time online earner, the envy of many-many millions of other people. Your life changes and you start really getting the big head.

From there, you start thinking about doing a hefty six figures or even reaching as high as seven figures (millions!)

Could you be ready to take that next huge step up, or is six figures good enough and you sort of take it easy doing what’s been working?

It’s up to you, but naturally, at this point, life sets in. Uh Oh, it’s time to make more now. So, you push harder than normal and realize, you just did 100k this month!!

Wow, if I can keep this up, I’d be doing a million per year!

The rest is history.

Does this seem unrealistic to you?

If so, think again and start raising your own self-worth, because this process I just told you about above happens all the time, daily, all across the world, to normal, average people, just like YOU!

It happened to me. It has happened to my clients, friends, and even people from all around the world. It CAN happen to you to if you get after it!

Your First $500 to $1,000

I will start this program out by teaching you in a series of videos, how to go from scratch (nothing) to following a system that could produce ongoing, residual, automated, $500+ weeks for you!

Pretty slick huh?

Imagine this week, another extra $500 comes in like clockwork!

Well, I’ll show you how to do this step by step!

I cannot guarantee you’ll make this though. That’s not right of me. I can lead a horse to water, I cannot make it drink. I cannot make you do a thing. You could quit easily and give up. Who knows, so don’t buy this like it’s some lottery ticket.
This is a real system that requires effort and action.

Although simple, it still requires getting off the couch and putting the bag of Dorito’s up, and doing stuff.

Skyscraper Blueprint System:

How to “quick start” in 24-48 hours!

How to identify a PWF Problem people have in a certain niche market

How to take that PWF Problem and find a solution to it!

How to take that PWF Problem and set up a system for promoting the solution to thousands of people (maybe millions)

How to make your first $500+ simply providing the simple solution to people

How to identify 15 top places to find those who have the PWF Problem and are actively looking for a solution to buy

How to build your own product/service around this PWF problem

How to automate the entire thing for yourself

How to get people who have the PWF Problems to chase you down to buy instead of you chasing them down trying to sell them.

A 7-day blueprint (step by step) cheat-sheet to follow, with instructions on exactly what to do to go from ZERO to earning up to $500 per week! (pure liquid gold cheat-sheet!)

So much more! This is your ticket to exploding out of the mud and into an exciting new world of results!

From there, I’ll teach you how to scale up and really earn a hefty income through one of my six core systems!

I will show you how to produce, win, gain, and generate huge windfalls with “high ticket courses” like this one you are about to buy.

High-Ticket courses are a system. A ‘system’ you need to know!

Follow the system and just one sale can replace your investment in this program here I’m providing you.

“After You’re Making $500 To $1,000 Per Week, I’ll Walk You Step-By-Step Through SIX Systems To Follow To Scale-Up To A Hefty Six Figure Income (Each One Of These Systems Has Earned Me Millions)!!”

Those Six Systems are:

System One:
High-Ticket Courses!

I will show you how to produce, win, gain, and generate huge windfalls with “high ticket courses” like this one you are about to buy.

High-Ticket courses are a system. A ‘system’ you need to know!

Follow the system and just one sale can replace your investment in this program here I’m providing you.

Anyone can have a high-ticket course of his or her own. There are many-many benefits of having a high-ticket course far beyond cash-income!

I will peel back layer by layer my exact methods for turning-out high-ticket courses, giving you an inside examination of my successful model.

Look, let’s get real… having your own high-ticket course is a game changer, but having your own high-ticket course that sells like hotcakes is a life-changer!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve turned my business around by doing webinars that sold a high-ticket course at the end. I’m talking six figure weeks, much less six-figure months (or years!)

If you are in the right types of niches, these high-ticket courses are paramount to producing a million dollar income.

I will drive-home the insights necessary for knocking down six figure months with your own high-ticket courses and offers. I’ll show you how to create them, produce them, craft them, set-them-up, how to craft the offer or USP, how to attract your ideal customers, how to market your high-ticket offer and get buzz & attention for it, how to manage it and more!

AND, I’ll show you how to sell it and close people left and right!

System Two:
High-Ticket Join Venture Deals!
This One Is Perfect For Newbies!

If you personally do not want to do any of these high ticket systems yourself, then system TWO is your BFF!

Can you say “broker” other high ticket offers and how to strike lucrative JV deals easier than you can ever friggen imagine?

It’s absolutely perfect for newbies and newer marketers.

This is a system I have followed for years and years. It’s a business of finding and taking full advantage of “other people’s assets and leverage” to earn your own big time income.

For example, at the time I’m writing this letter for you I had a call with a colleague of mine. He is a speaker and a guru in a niche market. He speaks all over the place all the time, flying from one speaking deal to the next.

On the call I gave him advice on how he can earn sales from the attendees long after he has left the building and is back home. Speak once, but earn money for a long time to come with one simple technique.

I basically taught him how to provide the audience with a free hardcover book he wrote as a gift. He can have the books placed on the seats of everyone in attendance (even the camera man).

Well, that book is a disguised sales-letter really, that gives great content, continues to brand him to them and of course it has an up-sell to his very expensive course.

Well guess what, he had no idea how to write a book, create a book, get one published, etc and he felt he had no time to do any of it.

I quickly connected him with a service that does it all for him (A-to-Z) for a hefty fee. I’ll get a sizeable commission/referral check from that deal and that was merely by not even trying.

I mean, imagine if I really tried. How many out there would want this same type of book deal? I can show you how to do it all, every step and how to virtually automate it all.

But That’s Just One Small Appetizer
For What I Know How To Do With
These “High Ticket Equity Deals”

I just gave you that one above free. Excited yet? See the dollar signs yet?

Well, there’s so much more than even that. That’s just a microscopic portion of what I’ll teach you inside this program.

Look, many people out there don’t even realize what they do not know. They are blind to these methods and this brilliant system I’m going to reveal to you step by step.

There are huge equity deals you can land that can produce huge windfalls of revenue fast.

System Three:
High-Ticket Coaching & Consulting!

This system has been a staple in my businesses for ten years now. This is one system that is close to my heart, as I absolutely love coaching people and small businesses to higher levels of success.

But even more than that, every business out there comes with up’s and DOWN’s! Yes, it’s not all utopia and a bed or roses out there in business land.

Perhaps I’m most proud of helping people and businesses recover… err… EXPLODE out of cash-crunches and panic-mode!

Listen, there is so much opportunity in “coaching and consulting” it’s not even funny. I mean, every single day I see yet another opportunity for a client of mine to set-up a coaching offer.

Let me give you a classic example…

One of my clients is in the dating niche. He helps folks get dates. Yes, that’s a huge market…

Well, first he was selling affiliate offers only. No problem, I helped him sell more. But, slowly nudged him to try to create his own high ticket course or coaching offer.

Well, he reached a point in his life where he really needed to produce a windfall of income fast and he reached out to me for advice. He was desperate and you could feel his heart pumping through the phone. Panic mode had set in.

I asked him if he was willing to do whatever I said. He agreed to.

Next, I crafted a simple email for him to broadcast out to his list that offered “coaching”

He got flooded with requests and reached a higher level of success overnight, from one single email and one single system.

He went from affiliate of small ClickBank offers to a high-ticket rock star coach fast!

I’ll teach you what I taught him, and much more than that!

Look, even if YOU don’t want to be the one coaching people, you should still have a coaching offer you promote as an affiliate!

Your subscribers and customers want coaching badly and are willing to pay a ton for it, so by not having “coaching” as part of your marketing systems, you are leaving a massive amount of money on the table.

Do it!

I’ll show you how! EXACTLY HOW!

System Four:
Continuity Offers & Programs!


I’m not just talking about little membership sites that sell for $47 per month, I’m also talking about CLIENTS who pay you THOUSANDS PER MONTH!

Catch that?

I’ll show you how to produce windfalls that are recurring and automated. YES, this is music to a business owners ears!

Show-up each morning, after rolling out of bed from a peaceful night’s sleep, knowing that revenue will come in today regardless if you do a thing or not.

YES, that’s called recurring, automated, residual income and it’s pure-liquid-gold to online business owners.

It’s also another way I’ve produced millions.

And, it’s another system I’ll teach you A-To-Z.

Let’s speed this up because at this point if you’re still reading and on the fence about getting in this program, then I’m pretty sure this is not for you yet.

Heck, most are not ready and are scared of success and they are sabotaging their own success at every turn, so I get it.

So, here’s the next system:

System Five:

Recurring revenue might be music to your ears… but “Done For You” is music to your customers’ ears!

(Read that again)

If you really want to supercharge-up your business income, just try tossing in one of these “income-exploding-through-the-roof” done-for-you offers!

Anytime I see a client in a cash crunch, one of my first bullets is:

Does this person have a “done for you offer” they can hammer?

If not, I think to myself “sweet!” because I know I can help them produce windfalls lightning fast and steamroll right over that cash-crunch!

AND, this is way easier than you can imagine.

Got D4U?

If not, you need to learn this and listen, one little insight I’ll share with you about this system can 10x your business my friend.

Your customers LOVE themselves some D4U!

System Six:

Oh, want to double your business virtually overnight? Try adding a “service” to your business models and watch the revenue ‘bang-in’ like a hurricane slamming a beach wall!

Services is where most online business owners ignore because they think it’s so much work and labor.

Lucky for those of us who “get it” because that opens up incredible “opportunity gaps” for us to fill.

AGAIN, recurring revenue is music to your ears and services is music to your customers’ ears.

This is a fast way to produce millions.

I’ve helped countless clients craft their own service offers, but I’ve also helped even more clients “promote other people’s services” as affiliates or brokers.

This is a gold mine. It’s a treasure vault sitting there for the taking.

One guru client comes to mind as I’m writing this, as he was making solid money doing launches (ouch!) and I showed him how to set up his own service type offer (basically it’s a sales funnel service) and he stopped doing launches (ouch!) and has been happier than ever, earning way more, working way less, with his service offer!

I’ll never forget that case study because he was freaking miserable doing launches and stuck on that hamster wheel. Now the service has allowed him to work way less…

Imagine going from working 12 hour days (ouch!) to 12 hour weeks!

You Get 12-Weeks Of Me Teaching You,
Coaching You And Flat Schooling You
On These SIX Million-Dollar Systems!

Here’s just a tad bit, appetizer portion of what you’ll discover in this program:

How to pick the best system that matches you out of the six, and roll with it fast!

How to attract your dream customers & clients only

How to get customers and clients chasing you down

How to craft offers that pop and sell quickly and easily

How to work way less

How to raise your game and stop fishing for minnows!

How to “allow” and “let go” and “receive” more… stop holding yourself way back and let go!

How to position yourself (paramount!)

How to brand yourself properly (also paramount!)

Why high-ticket is 100X easier than low ticket for generating millions

I’ll personally critique your models, marketing materials, copy, price, offers, campaigns, etc. (worth way more than this price that’s for sure)

Why high ticket is WAY LESS WORK than low ticket

How to handle difficult clients and customers the right way

How to coach higher ticket clients.

How to get higher ticket clients.

How to close higher ticket clients.

How to do strategy sessions to receive windfalls of income

How to NOT do strategy sessions that kills income & sales

How to do workshops and events

How to create high-ticket up-sells

How I get 50k+ clients

The three types of clients and which are the best one’s

How I had a six figure month while in the Cayman Islands all month, and I only worked about 10 hours… (the entire month!)

How to not get any refunds or chargebacks from “toxic” people who squeaked into your high ticket programs and had no business being there. Save yourself a ton with this bullet point alone buddy!

Read that bullet point again.

The million-dollar inner-game, and how you need to change YOU to change your income much higher.

Why you reach plateaus and how to bust them in the mouth and bloody their noses so you can explode upwards instead of staying stuck!

Why cheapo products you sell should just be thinly disguised sales letters for your expensive stuff.

How to build an intern team of free folks, and it’s a win-win for you and them!

How to get those interns (or outsourcers) to handle those cheapo products so you handle the big stuff. I don’t want to mess with the cheapo stuff because there are so many haters and bottom feeders there I avoid like a water fountain in a daycare facility.

Hey, I got so much to share with you about doing millions it’s not even funny.


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