Elite Package by David Kingbsury


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Elite Package by David Kingbsury

Price : $1000
Sale Page : http://www.davidkingsbury.co.uk/

Personal Training | Online Coaching | Nutrition | Film Personal Training Hi, I’m David. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m obsessed with health and fitness. It’s something I’ve always been involved with throughout my adult life and, I hope, I always will be. It’s not just my own health and fitness that keeps me busy though, but yours too.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to call Pinewood Studios my home for many years now. I get to work on the biggest films with the best A-List stars Hollywood has to offer. But for me it isn’t about big names or celebrity clients.

Since starting as a trainer over a decade ago I have always wanted to help as many people as possible and truly make a difference.

With an unpredictable schedule online personal training is the perfect platform for me fulfil my needs as a trainer looking to support you. The film training has taught me that results can be achieved, quickly and effectively by anyone with the right training and nutrition plan to follow. Actors are no different to you or I.

My adaptability, and knowledge, cuts through all of the unpredictability to deliver consistent results. No day is the same, but the results always are. This real-life approach now comes in downloadable plans that are customised to suit YOUR lifestyle, time schedule and your goals. It’s celebrity personal training results for a real-person’s schedule. A custom training plan that is Hollywood quality with an everyday price tag. Whether you are looking to build muscle fast or drop body fat, I am with you every step of the way, a-list support with accountability, from me.

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