Einar Vollset – Productized Consulting Bootcamp

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Einar Vollset – Productized Consulting Bootcamp

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By adding productized consulting (in my case AppAftercare), I added $100,000 in yearly recurring revenue to my bottom line. And I was able to do that in 18 months – here is the MRR revenue graph for 2014:

Productized Consulting has given me the freedom to fire bad clients, spend more time with my family and do what I love (wine making, hiking and surfing incidentally).


It’s safe to say that I’m a convert to doing business this way, and I am passionate about helping others get their own productized consulting business off the ground. That’s why I’ve put together this step by step system — I want to help you launch your product so that you can:

√ Get Paid, Even on Days Off

√ Generate Predictable, Scalable Income

√ Never waste time on proposals or contracts again

√ Bring In New Customers On Autopilot

√ Let Your Business Run Without You

“Working with Einar has been truly life changing. I went from having no product to making my first sale in two months, a sale worth more than $18,000 a year. Einar’s expertise and guidance helped me move from concept to execution, creating a business that will sustain itself for the long term. Einar’s guidance is well worth the money!”

– Brandon SavageWPConcierge

“By productizing I’ve grown my revenue by 8x and couldn’t have dreamed of the opportunities that have become available to me. Aside from the newfound success, productizing my services has meant never writing another proposal again.

If you have the opportunity to pick Einar’s brain, you should absolutely take it. It may be the best business decision you make this year”

– Kurt ElsterEthercycle


The Bootcamp is an 8-week, online video course that covers the ENTIRE process of starting an profitable Productized Consulting Prouduct.

You’ll learn the exact strategies, frameworks, tactics, and examples of how to find an idea, package it so its profitable, then use systems to “scale” your business well beyond supplemental income

Here’s what you’ll learn:


Module 1: Welcome!
  • Start

    Why Productized Consulting

  • Start

    The Product Creation Process

  • Start

    What’s Expected of You & How To Get Bonuses

Module 2: Generating Ideas For Your Product
  • Start

    Who To Sell To

  • Start

    Anatomy of The Ideal Productized Consulting Product

  • Start

    What NOT To Do.

  • Start

    Product Brainstorming Techniques

  • Start

    The Mental Game, 101 Productized Consulting Ideas & Ideas FAQ

Module 3: Defining Your Product With A Sales Page
  • Start

    Your Sales Page IS Your Product.

  • Start

    My Formula: Pain Dream Solve

  • Start

    Social Proof: The Power Of Testimonials

  • Start

    Risk Reversal: Heap All The Risk Of Buying Onto Yourself

  • Start

    Call to Action – Buy Now or?

  • Start

    BONUS: Other Copywriting Formulas


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