Ed Gandia – B2B Pricing Class

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Ed Gandia – B2B Pricing Class

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Hi Friend,

See if this sounds familiar.

You have a great prospect on the phone.

You’re excited.

But that excitement quickly turns to worry.

Why? Because you’re not sure what to say. Or how to get the information you need to quote the project accurately.

There’s also the pricing dilemma…

How do you determine the right fee to quote? How do you present that fee? How do you follow up without sounding desperate? And how often should you follow up if you don’t hear back?

What if they think your price is too high? And what if quote too low? How will that change their perception of your value?

Or what if they want to negotiate the fee? How do you handle that?

It’s nerve wracking! And for good reason. You’ve just spent days (or maybe weeks!) prospecting for clients. You finally get a response to, say, one of your prospecting emails.

You’ve worked hard. And now it’s your chance to land this client.

Why would you waste this opportunity by asking or saying the wrong things?

You Need a Process

The good news is that you don’t have to.

Not when you have a simple, proven process for handling that first conversation with a prospect.

If you’re a project-based freelancer who works with businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and other organizations, I’d like to show you how to handle that conversation like a pro. And how to land more of the opportunities you come across.

I’ve recently put together a home-study training program on this specific topic. It’s designed for freelancers in all creative professions who work mostly on a project basis … and who typically work with companies, businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits.

It’s called “How to Turn More Prospects Into Clients by Changing the Way You Price Your Work.”

And I’d like you to have it for nearly 50% off.

I’ll tell you more about that in a minute. But first, here’s a refreshing truth…

You DON’T Need a “Selling Gene” to Win More Deals!

Seriously, you really don’t.

You just need a better process. Because a proven process trumps inborn talent any day.

The system I’ll teach you in this training program will take the guesswork out of pricing and quoting.

And it will help you close many more opportunities at higher fees … while positioning you as a true professional in the eyes of the prospect.


I’ll teach you how to ask better questions earlier in the game. How to better determine the prospect’s need and price sensitivity. How to identify red flags sooner.

Plus, how to position yourself as the obvious choice. How to quote more confidently. And how to take much of the pain and frustration out of this whole process!

Specifically you’ll learn…

  • My “Wishbone Screening Technique” — a super-useful tool for qualifying prospects faster and more accurately.
  • The exact questions you need to ask to get the conversation moving. And how you can quickly extract key information about the client and their project.
  • How to handle prospect conversations like a pro.
  • How to address key questions and objections with grace.
  • Should you quote a ballpark figure? If so, when? And what if the prospect balks? I’ll show you how to handle these common issues effectively.
  • A simple process for determining your fees and for presenting them in a more persuasive format.
  • Should you send a quote? A contract? A proposal? I’ll explain when to use each one (and why).
  • How to follow up so that you’ll maximize your chances of getting the project. And how to know when you should back off and move on.
  • Sample follow-up scripts, voicemails and emails that get response.
  • What to do with projects that stall and die. And how to stay “top of mind” with the prospect so they call you the moment they’re ready to finally get started.
  • What do you do when a prospect wants to negotiate your fee? I’ll show you how to handle the negotiation with confidence … and how to set up the negotiation so that you BOTH win!


And much, much more!

Until now, I’ve never offered this class as a stand-alone training program.

In fact, this material is NOT available anywhere outside of my premium courses and group-coaching programs (which run anywhere from $500 to $5,000).

But I’d like to make you a special behind-the-scenes offer on this breakthrough training.

You can have it for just $77.

That’s nearly 50% off the price this class will go for if I offer it again as a stand-alone training.

You get:

  • The audio class “How to Turn More Prospects Into Clients by Changing the Way You Price Your Work”
  • And the accompanying PDF class handout

This home-study program is self paced. It’s divided into two audio lessons totaling 1 hr. and 38 min.

And if you grab it today, I’ll throw in a special bonus… It’s an audio class titled “12 Kick-Butt Strategies for Assembling Your Best Prospect List Ever.” (A real class I sell for $49.)

Creating a solid prospect list is not always easy. I’m constantly asked how to find quality prospects to go after. And where to get names, titles, emails and mailing addresses. And how to get this information without spending a fortune.

In this bonus class, you’ll learn the best low-cost (and FREE!) sources for high-quality prospect information in this class. And you’ll get a PDF that details and summarizes all 12 sources, including where to go find them.

What’s This Worth?

Seventy-seven bucks is a pretty amazing value. Especially when you consider the fact that this information could very well be the difference between losing and winning a prospect you worked so hard to get.

I mean, think about it. Even if the project in question is worth just $2,000 … if you land that opportunity as a result of putting some of these ideas into practice, you will have just paid back your investment more than 25 times over!


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