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EatTheBlocks - NFT MarketplaceEatTheBlocks – NFT Marketplace

In March 2020, an artist called Beeple made 69M USD by selling a collection of NFTs.

There are many other examples of artists making millions with NFTs.

But it’s only the tip of the iceberg…

There is a another part of the NFT industry making even MORE money…

The press doesn’t talk much about them, and yet…

Let me give you a clue.

During the gold rush in the 19th century, people that made the most money were not the gold diggers, but people who sold shovels.

And who sell shovels in the NFT ecosystem? NFT Marketplaces!

I am talking of the likes of Opensea, Rarible, etc…

In the first quarter of 2021, more than 2B USD of NFTs were sold on these marketplaces.

For each transaction, they charge a transaction fee, usually a couple of percent.

You do the maths.

We are talking of about 50M USD in trading fees for the first quarter alone.

And it’s growing exponentially.

In this live training, we are going to build an marketplace for NFT, so that you can be the next Opensea and become the king of the NFTs!


When is the training?

  • June 22nd, 11pm UTC+8
  • If you cannot access the live event, you will still be able to access the recording after


  • What we will be building
  • Code examples and resources
  • Project pre-requisites


  • Creating an ERC721 Token contract
  • Creating a marketplace contract
  • Testing the contract


  • Client project overview
  • Reading data from the smart contract
  • Uploading files to IPFS
  • Writing transactions to the smart contract


  • Basics of NodeJS
  • Basics of the command line
  • Ethereum
  • Solidity
  • ERC20
  • Truffle
  • Required software:
    • Code editor (ex: Visual Studio Code)
    • A terminal (for Windows users, you can use the bash emulation of gitforwindows)
    • NodeJS
    • Truffle
  • Works on Windows 8/10, recent versions of Ubuntu & MacOS

Course Curriculum

First Section
  • Recording – part 1 (44:14)
  • Recording – part 2 (38:19)

Proof Content

EatTheBlocks - NFT MarketplaceSale Page: https://pro.eattheblocks.com/p/live-training-5-nft-marketplace
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/K0Ntt

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