Dr. Isaiah Hankel – The Escape Plan


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Dr. Isaiah Hankel – The Escape Plan

Dr. Isaiah Hankel – The Escape Plan

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Gain more focus & confidence
–Set better goals for your life
–Make more money
–Be financially independent
–Find your purpose

The Escape Plan is built on three things–finding your purpose, joining a power network, and creating a strategic plan for your life. First, you must define the outcomes you want to achieve and the priorities you want to live by. Second, you must surround yourself with positive and likeminded people (while cutting out negative people). Third, you must map out a strategic campaign for achieving your goals. Most people see a job they want, start networking to achieve it, and then try to find meaning in what they do. Others have a great idea, start a business, work to find clients, and then try to find meaning in their work. Both of these options lead to failure. Always. The only way to reach ultimate levels of success and fulfillment is find your purpose, join a power network, and create a strategic plan for your life–in that order. The Escape Plan will show you how.


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