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Unfortunately, children don’t come with an owners manual.

And, many of us had parents, ourselves, who fell short in many ways.

So, how do we break the cycle and become great parents?

The answer can be found in this series!

Lesson 1 (26 minutes)

* The primary role of every parent, why it’s such a difficult job and how you can become a great mom or dad!
* How to constantly grow and improve as a parent while your children grow and mature.
* How to talk to your children so that they become strong, confident adults.
* How to filter out the pain of your own childhood to become a better parent.
* The worst advice Will’s parents gave him and how to turn those suggestions around to become exceptional parents!

Lesson 2 (27 minutes)

If a parents role is, “To raise healthy, fully-functioning ADULTS,” in this lesson you’ll learn:

* How to raise emotionally healthy children that are aware of their feelings and behave appropriately.
* How to raise children that are mentally healthy and to create an environment that feels safe and secure for kids.
* The 2 things every child must have to feel loved — and how to easily give them both!
* The one question all children constantly ask themselves. And, how to answer that question so that they child feels safe, loved, secure and understood.
* How your role as a parent will shift as your children grow and how to always be ready for that next level of parenting.

Lesson 3 (25 minutes)

A parent’s role is, To Raise Healthy, Fully-Functioning Adults, and in this lesson Will expands on “healthy” to include physically and spiritually health. You’ll discover:

* How to get your children to enjoy healthy food and activities.
* 3 exercise and nutrition tips to raise children that are Fit, Firm and Flexible.
* Why diets lead to binging and unhealthy eating.
* A simple and powerful way to view Spiritual health that’s easy to share with your child.
* How to help your child develop a deep and lasting connection with the Divine.

Lesson 4 (31 minutes)

Raising a Healthy child is more than just physical health. In this module you’ll learn how to raise what Will calls a “Relationally” healthy AND Financially healthy child. You’ll learn:

Relationally Healthy
* The real purpose of relationships and how to get the most out of them
* How to model healthy relationships for your children
* How to create positive, lasting change in relationships

Financially Healthy:
* The truth about having a degree from the “right” college
* How to inspire your children to be financially responsible
* How to help your child select the career that will bring them the most joy AND could earn them the most money

Lesson 5 (30 minutes)

This lesson teaches you something that will bring peace into your home and to your life.

Seriously. You’ll learn how to eradicate complaining from your life.

Once you understand the 5 reasons people complain and how to stop, you’ll see a new way to a happier life for you and your family.

* Remember that everyone, that includes you and your kids, complain for one of five reasons remembered by the acronym GRIPE:

Get attention
Remove responsibility
Inspire envy
Excuse poor performance

Once you learn to see past the complaint to the real reason someone is complaining, you can help that person get their social needs met — which is the real reason people complain.

* And, I teach you the 5 Easy Things to Say to Turn Your Kids Complaints into Contribution. You’ll love it.

Lesson 6 (25 minutes)

In this final module, you’ll learn the keys to putting it all together with proven parenting methods found in diverse cultures around the world. Including:

* How to cultivate “out of the box” parenting that strengthens the bond between you and your child while simultaneously helping them become independent and successful adults.
* The power behind the Swahili word POLE (pronounced PO – lee) and how it can help you teach your children a model for successfully overcoming life’s challenges.
*How a small school with only 750 kids in a very small town in the middle of Iowa is applying ancient techniques from India to erase bullying, build self-esteem and win dozens of state championships against schools 20 times their size! And, how to apply these techniques with your own kids.

With this solid foundation in parenting, raising great kids is a joy!

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