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A few days ago, I wrote an important, but typically unpopular, blog post called “3 Ways To Use Stats/Data To Make Better Trades“

I mention it was “typically unpopular,” because it seems as if anything other than blog posts with big, exciting titles like “How To Make $50,000 In A Day [MUST WATCH FREE VIDEO]” and “11 Steps To Becoming A Millionaire,” are routinely ignored by you readers…no different than the probable reaction to this useful, but likely unpopular blog post, since it doesn’t have the word “millionaire” or some big profit # in it…and that’s sad.

I’m not saying that those other blog posts aren’t valuable reading…they are. But, it would also be nice if you cared more about the actual not-so-sexy routines and habits that actually lead to you becoming a millionaire.

You know, the nitty gritty hard work stuff that people don’t want to do, hence why so many traders don’t just not become millionaires, but fail and lose, because they just want to buy whatever hot stock is in play with no regards to planning ahead of time, solid risk/reward and, gasp, dare I say it, probability, odds and statistics!

Investopedia defines Quantitative trading as “trading strategies based on quantitative analysis, which rely on mathematical computations and number crunching to identify trading opportunities. As quantitative trading is generally used by financial institutions and hedge funds, the transactions are usually large in size and may involve the purchase and sale of hundreds of thousands of shares and other securities. However, quantitative trading is becoming more commonly used by individual investors.”

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