Master the art of technical analysis

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Salepage: Master the art of technical analysis

Why Choose The Day Trading Lab

Everything you will need will be within this course, you will have all the resources and tools to become successful in this industry. In this course you will learn the language of the financial markets and take a step forward to achieving self sufficiency and financial freedom.

This course is not for you if you are looking to get rich quick. Trading requires a lot of time, dedication and persistence. Trading is not easy, but its not hard, its a lot of simple concepts put together in different scenarios. The pay off of being a successful trader is more than worth it. Living a financially free lifestyle with no cap on your income would be the end result of all your hard work and dedication!

What will you learn?

  1. The essentials of Forex Trading, You will have a better understanding of reading price action.
  2. Master entries and exits.
  3. The mindset of being a trader.
  4. The blueprints of treating your trading like a business.
  5. How to build a strong trading system, trade the ones provided in the course.
  6. Understanding confluences.
  7. Understanding candlestick formations.
  8. Risk management / Risk vs Reward.
  9. Steps to becoming a funded trader.
  10. Most importantly, learning never stops in the financial markets!

I have developed different modules that cover all the topics on Price Action, Fibonacci Ratios, Trading Psychology, Money Management and much more. You will have the ability to trade and communicate with myself and the community during the weekly webinars to look for future trading setups within the market. I will be there when you need to be mentored or need clarification about a specific subject covered in the course.

  • Online Course:
  • Access to online videos
  • Access to discord community
  • Ask questions at any time
  • Weekly chart breakdowns
  • Monthly webinars
  • Lifetime Mentorship

Course Curriculum

StartWelcome (4:07)
StartDISCOUNTS on Trading Softwares!
What is Forex
StartWhat is Forex?: Part 1 (3:35)
StartWhat is Forex Part:2 What is Traded
StartWhat is Forex Part: 3 Buying and Selling
StartHow to trade Forex part 1: How and why to markets move?
StartHow To Trade Forex Part 2: What is a Pip
StartHow To Trade Forex Part 3: How Do Lot Sizes work
StartHow To Trade Forex Part 4: Types Of Orders
StartHow To Trade Forex Part 5: Terminology
StartWhen Can you Trade Forex Part 1: Asian Session
StartWhen Can you Trade Forex Part 2: London Session
StartWhen Can you Trade Forex Part 3: New York Session
StartWhen Can you Trade Forex Part 4: What session should you trade? (4:56)
Getting Started | Software |
StartNavigating on MT4 (13:43)
StartHow To Use Tradingview (6:43)
StartHow To Install indicators + Template on MT4 (5:02)
Brokers | How To chose one
StartBroker List
Different Types of Analysis
StartTechnical analysis | What is it? (5:19)
StartFundamental Analysis
Different Types of Trading Styles
StartDay Trading
StartSwing Trading
Trading Money management
PreviewUnderstanding the importance of Money Management. (29:37)
PreviewRisk V.S Reward
Trading Environments
StartHow To Determine Market environment: Part 1 (3:05)
StartHow To Determine Market environment, Trending Markets, Bullish Structure Pt.1 (6:15)
PreviewHow To Determine Market environment, Trending Markets, Bullish Structure Part.2 (9:03)
StartHow To Determine Market environment, Trending Markets, Bearish Structure Pt.3 (6:30)
StartHow To Determine Market environment, Trending Markets, Bearish Structure Pt.4 (5:56)
StartHow To Determine Market environment Part 3: Consolidating Market (7:51)
Key Levels
PreviewWhat is support and Resistance? (8:06)
StartKey level setup: Monthly (13:24)
StartKey levels: Weekly (6:08)
StartSetting Up S/R Levels Daily and H4 (6:11)
The Price Action Notebook
StartCandle Sticks Part 1: Opening and closings of candles (14:53)
StartCandle Sticks Part 2: Candlestick wicks, What do they mean? Intro to momentum (15:37)
StartCandle Sticks Part 3: Momentum (11:45)
StartCandle patterns Part 2: Single Formations (8:40)
StartCandle patterns Part 2: Multiple candle formations (6:54)
StartUnderstanding Price Action Part 2: Pullbacks (10:59)
StartUnderstanding Price Action Part 3: Entry Zones (8:34)
StartPatterns Within the market Part 3: Rising and Falling Channels (4:48)
StartPatterns Within the market Part 4: Triangles (7:31)
StartIndicators Part 1: RSI ( Relative Strength Index) (8:38)
StartIndicators Part 2: Moving Averages (4:08)
StartConfluence Trading Part 1: Intro (8:14)
StartConfluence Trading Part 2: Trend Continuations (8:50)
StartConfluence Trading Part 3: Counter trending (6:56)
StartConfluence Trading Part 4: Flag Patterns (4:14)
StartConfluence Trading Part 5: Triangles (6:49)
StartConfluence Trading Part 6: Top Down Analysis (7:23)
How to turn trading into a profitable business
StartBack testing Part 1: Why it is Crucial To back test (11:05)
StartCreating a plan Part 1: Routines (11:33)
StartCreating a plan Part 2: Rules for your plan (10:23)
StartDeveloping a Strategy Part 1: The creation (5:36)
StartDeveloping a Strategy Part 2: Adding Filters (5:38)
StartDeveloping a Strategy Part 3: Trade Managment (5:51)
StartDeveloping a Strategy Part 4: Strategy development parts 1-5 (14:46)
StartDeveloping a Strategy Part 6: Counter trend trading (12:03)
StartJournal: Setting up your Trading Journal (7:16)
StartSunday Market Routine (23:21)
Strategies with an edge
StartFibonacci Part 1: Fibonacci Retracment (7:48)
StartFibonacci Part 2:Fibonacci Extension (6:07)
StartFibonacci Part 3: Strategy + Application (25:25)
PreviewDouble Top / Bottoms Part 1: The setup, Identification and Application (12:21)
StartDouble Tops Part 2: The Second chance setup (4:55)
StartGradeBook Part 1: Building a List ( Explanation ) (4:48)
StartGradebook Part 2: Application (11:52)
StartHead and Shoulders Part 1: Pattern identification (3:00)
StartHead and Shoulders Part 2: Entry Technique 1 (Right Shoulder) (7:26)
StartHead and Shoulders Part 3: Entry technique #2 Neckline breakout (3:25)
StartHead and Shoulders Part 4: Entry technique #3 Pullback and retest (6:44)
How To Trade Gold
StartIndicators (10:13)
StartFibs (6:25)
StartEntry Zones (10:12)
StartTying it all together (15:34)
StartGold Live trade (7:04)
StartLive Gold Trades (12:06)
Maintaining a live position
StartUs30 Long 7/18/19 (7:07)
StartEurUsd Short 08/14/2019 (10:52)
PreviewGBPJPY 10/14/17 (11:16)
Becoming a Funded Trader
StartWhat next? (10:11)
StartApplying for a Funded Account (17:01)
StartHelp with passing the Verification process. (18:10)
StartWebinar 01/28/20 (33:52)

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