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[Download Now] J. Bravo – Dominate Stocks


Archive: https://archive.fo/lV9ku#selection-155.11-155.26

Course Curriculum

PreviewWhat to expect in this course (2:41)
StartYou’re Going To Lose All Of Your Money [That’s Sad] (4:52)
StartIs Your Brain In The Right Place? (9:26)
StartFacebook Group! (2:39)
StartThe BIG Picture (6:31)
StartI Come From The Future (11:17)
StartDiscord Group
StartMake This a Priority! (10:24)
StartRisk Allocation (14:06)
Platforms & Indicators & The Stuf You Really Care About!
StartPaper Trading [You Won’t Lose a Thing] (8:28)
StartSetting Up Indicators On TradingView (9:28)
StartHow To Enter and Exit a Position [THIS IS IT!] (18:10)
StartHow I Trade For 2021 (17:00)
StartMACD [Important 4 Letter Word] (13:47)
StartExact Details of the MACD so You Don’t Have to Google it (6:31)
StartRSI [Really Simple Indicator] (10:00)
StartEnter and Exit a Trade [Buy & Sell] (9:21)
StartThe Perfect Setup! (13:26)
StartThe 200! Important Little White Line! (14:05)
StartHow to Enter and Exit a Trade on The 1 Day [Candle Explanation] (12:33)
StartFull Body Candle Close [What it looks like] (14:16)
StartHow to trade on the 1hr, 4hr, 1d or the 1yr? ‍♂️ (7:51)
StartAdding a Stop Loss [So You Don’t Loss] (7:29)
StartTrailing Stop Loss (8:51)
StartHeikin Ashi: Trading For Dummies (5:11)
StartSet Up Trading Alerts! (3:40)
StartHow to Find Stocks to Trade ️‍♂️ (16:17)
StartShort a Stock! [Highly Risky] (5:18)
StartShorting Stocks is Too Risky! Do This Instead (14:10)
StartMarket Order or Limit Order (7:23)
StartTaxes (27:44)
StartVolume and After Hours Trades (7:35)
StartBitcorn (14:26)
StartWebull Desktop & Trading Strategies [Coming Soon] StartThe PDT Rule ️‍♂️ Solutions [Coming Soon] StartFix This if Trades Aren’t Going Your Way (6:59)
StartETF’s When the Market
StartPaper Trading On TradingView (13:24)
Price Action
StartSupport and Resistance (14:23)
StartTrend Lines and [Channels] to Binge Watch (11:05)
StartThe Trend is Your Friend Until The End (8:41)

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