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Hither – Fast Track Forex Course

Is your trading already pulling in profit and running like a well-oiled machine? (i.e. you have successful strategies and a flawless risk management system which allows for consistent winning trading.)

If so, please go ahead and close this page as this is NOT for you.

If your trading is NOT there yet, or if you want to start trading from scratch… what you will experience on this course is probably the most important skill you will ever learn.

Here’s a harsh reality about forex trading that no coach, ‘guru’, or anybody that’s got something to sell will ever reveal…
95% of people who TRY trading fail in the first few months because of ONE thing.
That’s NOT:
Don’t worry, it’s just a phase you’re going through that’ll pass…
Oh, just take a break from it for a bit and come back stronger…
Your just unlucky with the markets, sure, you’ll bounce back soon…
Hang in there, you’re very close to figuring it all out…
“Trading just isn’t for me, I’ve tried the stuff I’ve learnt online and it’s useless..”
“Damn, why am I taking out a loan to fund my trading account…I’m sure I will make profit soon”…
“Maybe if I find someone who’s good online and copy their trades I’ll start to make my money back”…

“I knew trading was a scam, looks like I’ll have to find another job after all…”

Nobody’s immune
to statistics.
The ones that think they are?

They’re in the 95%


Every one of them.

It’s only a matter of time for them to be out, and a fresh new influx to come and replace them.

Some people hang onto the dream for longer than others.

Others see the writing on the wall.

Keep reading.


You’ve got a chance to be in, and STAY in, the 5%.

In fact, there’s never been a more perfect time in history to learn and take your forex trading to the next level.
It comes down to the ONE reason that 95% of new traders crash and burn… but 5% make it.
… and 1% of those traders not just survive, but actually THRIVE.
It all comes down to your risk management formula and trading forex the RIGHT way.


growing up that “school and university education” was all I needed to be wealthy.

I ‘aced’ every exam only to find out…

… they were wrong.

Even further, the ‘normal’ education system gave me a career I felt trapped in.
I discovered wealth creation networking groups and the incredible skill of forex trading where I began learning the real wealth building skills, which are NEVER taught in schools.
Focusing on a single income stream is dangerous.
It’s setting you up for failure.
There’s no way around it, and nobody’s immune to it.


  • “Forex is really hard and too technical for me to understand”
  • ​“It’s too good to be true, I can’t replace my income like this”
  • ​“I don’t have the time for this, it will take me forever to learn”





  • I’m terrible with numbers and calculations, I just can’t seem to get them right
  • ​I work all day long but feel like I have almost nothing to show for it at the end of the day
  • I want to make money from home I just don’t know the best option for me
  • ​I’ve tried using systems in the past and it just isn’t my thing
  • ​I know I’m working too much right now and need to get out of my business, but have tried in the past and it just doesn’t work for me
  • ​I want to expand my investments but don’t trust giving my money to anyone else
  • ​I just don’t have the time right now, I have too many things going on


I dealt with everything you could imagine when it comes to forex trading.

I failed more than I care to admit.

I lost £200k in two days.

Starting out I thought I knew it all, I took huge risk, I got reckless.

That still haunts me.

… and is what sparked my obsession for trading.

I vowed to NEVER let my ego get in the way and that I’d correct this… once and for all.

So I did.

I started out by investing in just about everything I could get my hands on.

Books on trading systems, strategies, analysis, you name it I read it.

Then online programs.

And even some mentors.

I’ll be brutally honest.

When I set out to fix this problem in my own trading, I thought I could find someone who knew it all and let them handle it.


Dead wrong.

I tried asking “online gurus” if they had the formula to success.

To show me the best strategy.

To show me a winning system.

To manage everything.

To just, fix it.

“Just fix it, how hard is it to just FIX it already??”, was a common thought I struggled with…
I kept failing.
The books I read, the programs I invested in, the efforts trying on my own…

It just didn’t work.

After months of progress, then losses… more progress, then more losses…I had enough.

I couldn’t stand one more day doing the two steps forward, one step back, thing.

Ever felt that way?

I finally came to the conclusion that I was the only one that could fix this, for good.

That meant getting out of my own way, swallowing my pride, and fully immersing myself in it.

I used £7.8 million (money from a real estate consortium I built up over the years) in order to find and get access to arguably the best currency trader in Europe.

I spent the next 3 years undergoing INTENSE 1:1 training.

I had a MAJOR discovery, quickly.

I discovered that trading forex the RIGHT WAY comes down to these 3 steps:
STEP #1: Knowing When To Enter & Exit Trades – executing your trades with PIN-POINT precision and perfect timing
STEP #2: Trading Psychology – mastering your emotions and detaching them from your trading system
STEP #3: Risk Management – controlling your risk and predicting your outcomes
Yep, it’s just three steps.
The other 50,424,462 steps everybody else tells you that you need…
… you don’t.
Keep reading because before the end of this page your going to see why the Fast Track Forex course is EVERYTHING you need to launch and deploy my exact system for winning trading, all done right way…

… even if you aren’t sure you’re ready for it, you’ve tried something like this in the past, or don’t think you can pull this off.

If you’ve invested in a “mentor” or copied a “online guru” in the past to help you with this, but
it failed…
Or have followed a program that promised you’ll make profits, but it didn’t…

Or tried to figure this out on your own, but it’s just not working…

You’re not alone.

And guess what.

It’s not your fault, either.

While people that claim to be “experts” at forex trading may be well-intended and seem like great people, results don’t lie.

I get it.

I’ve been there.

Here’s the shift I need you to make for me.
You absolutely CAN do this, I promise you.


It took me YEARS to figure this out. But, it was worth it.

All the stress.

All the sleepless nights.

Worth it.

I promise you.

That’s why this is
you need to KEAP READING.
I’ve focused a lot on problems, so far… so lets switch gears and focus on SOLUTIONS.

I want you to take a second right now to visualise something…

Let’s look 6 months into the future.

Snap your fingers, what does your lifestyle look like, 6 months from now?

Seriously, what’s 6 months from now?

What month is that?

Is it March, May, September?

Whatever month it is, got it?
Do you have extra income going into you bank account?

Are you able to choose where you set up your ‘office’ for the day?

Are you able to spend more time with your spouse, kids, or friends?

What does that REALLY look like?

Take this seriously. It’s critical.

… let’s talk about the RESULT of you using forex trading over the next 6 months.
Picture it…

Are you growing your money faster than any bank could ever do over a period of years?

Are you paying off any debts or bills you thought would take you years to clear?

Are you finally starting to make a side income that could eventually replace your job or your business?

Have you finally found the investment you can completely control by yourself without having to worry about someone losing it?

Are you able to go on that trip or getaway with your spouse because your trading is making money and running smoothly with ONLY 1 hour of input per day?

Whatever it is, it’s going to happen… if you visualise it.

I know, I used to think it was weird.
I was humbled and became a believer when I had the key fob to my first brand new sports car (Mercedes SL63) in my hand that I had just purchased, with cash.

“Oh my god, Hither, what did you just do”, I said to myself as I sped out of the car park.

It’s going to happen for you, just follow my lead.

Quick check-in to make sure this is really hitting home with you…

I know something about you that not many fully understand.

I know that you’re the type of person that completely respects the value and need for trading forex the right way and you DON’T want all these little issues to turn into an eventual “crash and burn” situation…

… BUT you also have learned your lesson many times with being “too trusting” with a program or coach that promised the moon and back but didn’t fulfil on it… or even trusting yourself to actually set aside the time and focused effort to fix this, once and for all.

Am I right?

Know how I know that?

I’m the same.

I’ve battle the same tug-of-war.

I get you.

I understand.

Help is on the way.

Let’s fix it, and protect it.

“Oh yeah, I can just close my eyes and then magically everything I want will happen. Yeah right”

What do you think is going to happen when you’re trading forex properly and you’re really loving it?

Would you sleep better at night?

Would your spouse or family look at you differently?

Would you wake up every day in a different mood, bringing a different energy?

Let’s get it done.

I’ll put my money where my mouth is.


Let’s. Go.

Don’t stop reading.

By now, you can probably see why I have charged people £30,000+ to walk them through high level forex and mindset training (which is still a BARGAIN considering just how much income is added and how much stress is reduced, over time, if done correctly).

What other methods can use to generate income using just 1 hour per day?

You can’t do this in a job.

You can’t do this in a business.

You can’t even do this with other programs…

This is the culmination of over a decade’s worth of research, testing, fine-tuning, and perfecting.
IF this message has resonated with you, and:
You’re someone who has a job you don’t like and you want to find a way out
You’re someone in a job but you feel like you have almost nothing to show for it at the end of the day
You’re someone that understands the importance of additional income
You’re someone that’s willing to immerse yourself in forex trading, once and for all
Keep reading, this is for you.
This is NOT for you if:
You’re someone that doesn’t value investments and multiple income streams
You’re someone who won’t put the time in to learning forex trading the RIGHT WAY, once and for all
You’re someone who is already successful at forex trading and have years of track record to back it up

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