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Eric Cheung - Fixed Income Markets Certification - Bundle1Eric Cheung – Fixed Income Markets Certification – Bundle

10 Courses
22h 32m
15,127 Students

A globally recognized certification program to prepare trainees with the skills they need to succeed as a Fixed Income Trader on either the Buy Side or Sell Side

  • Earn a verified certification

    Shareable on LinkedIn and in resumes

  • Finish in 1 month

    Recommended pace 6 hours/week

  • Globally Recognized

    The same rigorous training program used by salespeople and traders at top global investment banks

Major Skills Covered
  • Bond Math
  • Yield Curves
  • Money Markets
  • Government Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds

About this Certification Program

While other Fixed Income courses add formulas and complexity to hide the lack of real-world experience, Wall Street Prep’s Fixed Income Markets Certification was created by former sales and trading professionals focused on what interns, new hires and early career analysts need to know on the job.

Designed following extensive discussion with hiring managers at major investment banks, we built our Fixed Income program around practical requirements like Bloomberg, with Excel exercises to demystify how Bloomberg calculates Yield and Duration on a bond.

  • 9+ Hours of Video Instruction. Acquire expertise taught from an insider’s perspective. Master how to use the Bloomberg terminal to analyze bonds, yields and cashflows.
  • A Comprehensive Program.Designed with input from the largest global investment banks on what Fixed Income salespeople and traders need to know.
  • Meaningful, Shareable Certification. Graduates will receive a blockchain-verified, shareable certification that can easily be added to LinkedIn and resumes.

Top Jobs the FIMC Will Prepare You For

Position 1st Year Salary + Bonus * Credit Trader $135-160,000 Rates Trader $135-160,000 Fixed Income Salesperson $135-160,000 Fixed Income Structurer $135-160,000 Fixed Income Quant $175-200,000 Fixed Income Portfolio Manager $105-130,000 Debt Capital Markets Analyst $135-160,000 Corporate Treasury $100-125,000* glassdoor.com estimates.


The average starting salary + bonus for Fixed Income Markets Sales & Trading Analysts. See our Sales & Training Salary Guide for more details of the career and pay progression. Data on average starting salaries is based on glassdoor.com U.S. estimates.

What You’ll Learn

  • Master the Bloomberg Bond DES screen
  • Learn how bond traders and investors measure returns
  • Decode the pricing and trading conventions of bonds
  • Learn how to chart, graph and analyze bonds and yield curves on Bloomberg
  • Use the Bloomberg Bond Calculators for Discounts and Yields
  • Discover the Central Bank tools that move markets
  • Calculate cashflows, yields and duration of actual bonds
  • Demystify the difference between G, T I and Z spreads
  • Understand the pricing and valuation process of new issue corporate bond

The FIMC© is the same program used to train new hires at Wall Street’s largest investment banks.

WSP trains investment professionals and traders at the world’s largest sell-side investment banks and buy-side asset managers.

Our employees are telling us this is the best virtual learning experience they have ever had.

— Associate Director, Learning & Development
Global Investment Bank

Includes 7 core courses + 3 electives


13 Lessons

1h 2m

Intro to Financial Markets

This course sets the foundations of the Fixed Income Markets, providing an overview of how Investors provide capital to Issuers through the Buy Side Investors and the Sell Side Investment Banks. We discuss the main Fixed Income Investors and how they are different have different objectives and risk tolerances. We introduce different Fixed Income In …

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19 Lessons

1h 42m

Intro to Bonds & Fixed Income Trading

We begin with an overview of how Bonds are Traded: Over the Counter and at an Investment Bank. We discuss the different desks are broker out by asset class and how bonds are quoted. We then proceed with an overview of Bonds, demystifying a Bloomberg DES screen and walking through the key features of a bonds. We discuss the concept of Coupons versus …

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19 Lessons

1h 58m

Economics & Role of Central Bank

Changes in Supply and Demand drive changes in Prices and Yields. We begin by taking a look at a Treasuries are auction and how shifting demand moves prices. Afterwards, we expand to a macro view and look at the tools of the Fed the can shift the overall market. We begin by analyzing the indications and data that drive Fed actions. Starting in the f …

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10 Lessons

0h 57m

Money Markets

Money Markets form a basis for the bond markets and the derivatives markets. We begin with an overview of money market investments and investors. We use Money Markets to calculate the returns of actual fixed income investments in both Excel and Bloomberg. We conclude by discussion LIBOR, the Eurodollar market, and the transition to SOFR.

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10 Lessons

1h 4m

Government Bonds

Building on the concepts in the Money Markets course, we analyze Bond Math and Bond Returns using Government Bonds. We start off by building the cashflows of two Government Bonds and valuing those bonds by discounting the cashflows using strips. We then converted our discount value to a price by adjusting for accrued interest and demystifying treas …

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22 Lessons

2h 16m

Corporate Bonds

In this course, we examine Corporate Bonds and how they are priced, valued and traded. We begin by discussing credit spreads and discussing the key credit spread (T, G, I and Z). We then discuss trading conventions and mechanics, from cashflow, price calculations, trade execution process and calculating DV01s. Next, we work through the New Issue Pr …

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30 Lessons

2h 25m

Mortgage Backed Securities

Agency Mortgage Backed Securities are the second largest asset class in Fixed Income. In this course, we provide an overview of how the Mortgage Market and how Mortgages are securitized. Prepayments in mortgages add complexity to how we value mortgages. We cover the CPR and PSA prepayment models and their impacts on Weighted Average Life, Yields an …

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96 Lessons

8h 41m

ElectiveCrash Course in Bonds and Debt

This course will teach you all about bonds. First, we’ll take a look at the role of bonds in financing governments, corporations, households and financial institutions around the world. Next, we’ll dive into bond math. You’ll learn the various calculations and concepts required to accurately analyze the large variety of fixed income products. We’ll start slow, but will quickly …

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19 Lessons

1h 9m

ElectiveDebt Capital Markets Primer

Corporate finance bankers interact regularly with their product partners in debt capital markets, yet many have a limited understanding of the key drivers behind DCM business. This webinar begins by introducing you to the key DCM business lines, including Loan Syndication, Debt Origination, Liability Management and Risk Management. Next, it examines the ways DCM bankers interac …

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29 Lessons

1h 19m

ElectiveDebt Capital Markets: How to Survive Day 1

Designed for incoming and prospective DCM/Capital Markets analysts and interns with no prior DCM experience, this course will provide an insider’s prospective of what you”ll be doing on the job. We’ll focus on industry knowledge not taught in school and demystify industry jargon. We start with the basics: what DCM actually does, what a DCM desk looks like and how to use the tu

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