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[Download Now] Emma Churchman – Grow Your Empire Course ( No Bonus)


Do you have a huge vision for the impact you want to have,
but are unsure how to make it a reality?

Are you ready to step even more fully into your Power and your Zone of Genius?

You are a badass entrepreneur.
A conscious leader and change maker.
A sacred being.
A soul with a big purpose.

You are an expert in your field, and your business is a deep personal expression of who you are at a core level. Your business is successful and you feel PROUD of what you’ve created!

You’ve kicked some ass, broken some rules, and made your own dreams happen. You’re ready for MORE. You want to grow an empire. The problem is that you feel STUCK.

You get that you are not standing in your Truth and your Power and your Genius.

You’ve built a big business and now you’re spending more time working IN the business than ON the business. Your own emotional, physical, spiritual and financial needs seem to have fallen by the wayside.

You can’t figure out how to get to that next level in your biz that doesn’t have you working MORE, stressing MORE, handling MORE.

You want the Empire. You want the 20 hour work weeks. You want massive self-care and a supportive team that gets your vision. But mainly you want to…


What’s happening for you is that your definition of success is drastically changing.

It has stopped being just about the money you can make in your business. It has become what that money can afford you, but meanwhile you can’t figure out how to:

  • Stop managing your business and lead it instead
  • Stop waiting for things to fall apart
  • Transform your to-do list into a desire list
  • Take your foot off the gas, and trust long enough to get new results
  • Shift from resenting or fearing your business to falling in love with it again

You may think you need help with strategy, but really what you need to get to the next level is managing your own mindset and embodying the leader you truly are. Here’s the thing:

Your Empire begins to grow first in you.

You have to become radically comfortable with your expertise and authority. You must embody a new way of being, because what got you this far will NOT get you to the next level!

This is about you claiming your Divinity and understanding that you are the catalyst for creating abundance. You have the power and you must claim the responsibility that comes alongside that!

You must lead with your intuition, learn how to be in right-relationship with your business, do even MORE of your purpose, get seriously comfortable with money and continually up-leveling, and you must become disciplined with your mindset, your emotions and your decisions.

This is about becoming radically good at the death and rebirth cycles that come with conscious entrepreneurism. When you are in business for yourself you are continually dying to the person you were in order to become the next version of yourself. And how you deal with that death and rebirth cycle – how you choose to move through that doorway open in front of you – will make or break your business.

But this is not what most conscious entrepreneurs focus on!

Most conscious entrepreneurs focus on taking MORE action, offering MORE products + services, and creating MORE responsibility for themselves. That doesn’t work, and the reason why is because THAT is not a sustainable business model. That might be a model that COULD get you to 7 figures, but I guarantee that by the time you get to 7 figures you will hate your business and hate yourself.

The reasons you haven’t gotten the results you desire in your business, or haven’t gotten them consistently are:

  • the hustling, proving, driving energy you used to build your business is not the energy you need to sustain it – in fact, this energy will derail your business after a certain point;
  • you’ve followed or worked with mentors who embody the divine masculine, and pooh-pooh the divine feminine – yet you are not getting same results you used to get by following their lead;
  • you’re too focused on strategy and not enough on mindset and embodiment – because mindset and embodiment don’t seem tangible enough to reach the top of your to-do list.
  • you’re not giving yourself radical permission to drop even more deeply into your purpose.

Done trying to figure all this out on your own?
Grow Your Empire is your compass.

The Grow Your Empire course affirms that you are being called to align EVEN more deeply with your purpose.

You are here to have a significant impact on transforming consciousness on this planet. You are a force to be reckoned with. You can have anything you want. You CAN and SHOULD be asking for the world. You get that the platform of your business is exactly what is going to help change the paradigm, and you’re ripe for upleveling and having a MUCH bigger impact.

As you let your intuition lead, magic and miracles begin to open for you. By claiming your personal power, you consciously create your reality in ways you’ve never done before.


Lesson 1: Welcome

Lesson 2: Failure

Lesson 3: Your Akashic Record

Lesson 4: Energetic Alignment in Business

Lesson 5: Your Empire Manifesto


Lesson 6: What is True Belonging?

Lesson 7: Universal Laws.

Lesson 8: Law of Gratitude

Lesson 9: Law of Unconditional Love

Lesson 10: Accessing Your Soul


Lesson 11: Master Your Abundance (includes eBook)

Lesson 12: Trauma and Business

Lesson 13: Rewiring Your Brain

Lesson 14: Reframing Beliefs


Lesson 15: Master Money Now:
21 Money Mindset Strategies
(includes eBook)


Lesson 16: Your Financial Bandwidth

Lesson 17: Recalibrate Your Vibration

Lesson 18: Create Financial Freedom


Lesson 19: Law of Manifestation

Lesson 20: Your Manifesting Operating System


Lesson 21: Claim Your Desire

Lesson 22: Feminine Manifesting


Lesson 23: Own Your Value

Lesson 24: Energetic Alignment

Lesson 25: Energetically Aligned Action

Lesson 26: Direct Action


Lesson 27: Consistent Manifestation

Lesson 28: Work as Play

Lesson 29: Thriving in Success

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