[Download Now] Duane and DaBen – Luminous Body: Portal to Your Consciousness II: Dynamic, Perfect Harmony Within and Without

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[Download Now] Duane and DaBen – Luminous Body: Portal to Your Consciousness II: Dynamic, Perfect Harmony Within and Without


Archive: https://archive.fo/wip/wG5Mg

Message from Duane: The luminous body state you will learn in this course is one that DaBen has been wanting and preparing us to attain for years, and is now within our reach. Because of the luminous body energy spaces that have been opened up by all of you experiencing them, DaBen can now offer you this state.

This state provides a profound, almost tangible physical experience; peace with emotional range and dimensional depth. It is peaceful and pleasurable, insightful and physically rejuvenating. I found myself wanting to play in and sustain this space for hours. I realized that experiencing this state comes from crossing a threshold of consciousness that has never before been available to humanity, one that we are now ready for as a group. The space is so compelling, so real, I can almost touch and feel it physically.

DaBen and I invite you to experience this shift into a new energy of dynamic peace and harmony, doing a dance with the Universe, being in the flow, and learning more about effortless creation. As you make these shifts into luminous consciousness you become a transmitter of this energy to everyone who is in resonance with you, including family, friends, and loved ones. DaBen will guide you to explore exciting new dimensions which open up your ability to connect to Source. These spaces are beyond the pull of earth plane energies and are incredibly peaceful and flowing.

From the spaces you will explore with DaBen you can transcend the experience of being in control/not in control in a new way. With this experience you can flow with the Universe, surrender at a higher level, stop pushing, get out of your own way, and recognize that the Universe is already trying to give you what you want. You can then experience on-going harmony with all the energies within and about you.


Imagine feeling that everything is perfect, right now in this moment.

Think of how you would feel if you had complete harmony within and without. You are at peace with yourself. You are calm, in the moment. There is a feeling that everything is perfect just as it is. There is nothing you need to change. Your heart is open. You are in a state of inner listening, aware of the divine within and all around you. Your thoughts are calm, and at times you do even not have any. You are very aware of your surroundings, and you feel in harmony with everything that is happening around you. If thoughts of others arise they are empowering, loving thoughts. Your body is relaxed. All sense of rush or deadlines has left, and you are just you, being.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Increase your ability to pick the perfect flows of energy and opportunities that express your beingness in harmony with all the energies around you.
  • Find ways to reach perfect harmony within, to resolve all of the discord within you and within your experience on the earth plane and in other places.
  • Greatly expand your consciousness by using the connections that the luminous body opens up to explore all the dimensions, spaces, and evolved luminous beings that can be reached.
  • Explore in greater depth your connections to all the energy about you, including highly evolved non-physical beings, people, animals, plants, and objects.
  • Experience holding the flows of connections and relationships you have in your life and directing them from above.
  • Have a more complete sense of the energy about you and how to work with it to experience harmony within yourself and with the energies about you.
  • Notice what is connected at various levels of consciousness, and with this, choose to be in the flow, without resistance, just being, in harmony with all the energies about you.
  • Feel a sense of oneness, love, and connection to everything around you.
  • DaBen and the highly evolved luminous beings you can experience during the course will assist you in opening to receive as much luminous energy as is possible.
  • DaBen will be sponsoring you in taking this quantum leap into a new consciousness of being in harmony within and without in your relationship to all the energies about you.

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