[Download Now] DaBen and Orin – Peace: Part 1 Living Your Life Purpose

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[Download Now] DaBen and Orin – Peace: Part 1 Living Your Life Purpose


Archive: https://archive.fo/wip/n6JRO

You might find it of interest to read this article on Riding the Upward Spiral to learn how it relates to the Celebrations of Radiance audio course series.

In this course, you will have an opportunity to find, expand, and know more about your life purpose. You will explore a special light body state of awareness called the “peace of purpose” state where you are able to be aware of the energy of your life purpose in the each moment. With this awareness you can feel great peace, for you are a part of, and in harmony with, the energies around you.

As you listen, you can discover more about your life purpose through looking at your life from the perspective of your Higher Self and then your soul. You will go back to your childhood to view the messages your childhood dreams have about your life purpose. You will be guided to experience yourself at higher and higher levels, viewing why you came to earth from these higher levels of consciousness.

You will be guided to meet your soul group who will join their light with yours to give you strength and courage, revitalizing and rejuvenating you. You will receive energy from an Enlightened One who knows and loves you, to gain more clarity and insight into your higher purpose in various areas of your life. You will learn how to tap into the plan for humanity to know what steps are next for you to take. You will connect with many beings of light and receive their gifts of light and consciousness.

Orin will guide you to meet and work with aspects of your personality, called “parts” or also called subpersonalities, so you can handle more easily any challenges or places where you feel stuck. You will meet and work with your subpersonalities to gain their support in living your life purpose.

You will work with integrating and evolving your personality so that it can carry out the goals of your higher self and soul. Orin gives you a wonderful journey to play every day upon awakening to assist you in finding and living your higher purpose for the day.

DaBen leads you to explore your life purpose, goals and core values in ­various areas of your life: health, fitness, and well-being; aliveness, spiritual growth, and enlightenment; learning, wisdom, and knowingness; work, career and your contribution to earth plane; financial ­independence and ­abundance; oneness; order and harmony in your surroundings; synchronicity; and other areas you can choose.

You will explore short-term and intermediate-term goals that will assist you in determining your priorities and in knowing what actions to take moment-to-moment. You can have greater clarity about what activities you are doing that are most in alignment with your higher purpose, and be able to release any that are not in alignment. You will learn how to see and gain more detail about your life purpose in various areas of your life, then create affirmations to help you live in alignment with your life purpose.

From the clear awareness that comes from the peace of purpose state, you can make those choices that add to your spin and put you on the upward spiral, in flow with the higher will and the plan for humanity. DaBen and Orin will transmit light and higher purpose to you throughout this course as you join your energy with theirs.

The light body skills you will learn in this course form the foundation for the solidity of connection skills you will learn in the second course in this series called Higher Will–Manifesting With Ease.

This course was originally taught as a live seminar and was the result of a year of concentrated focus by Orin and DaBen. During the live event, a vortex of energy was created that still exists and is growing even stronger over time, as each person participates. This vortex of energy provides you with an established base of energy that supports the shifts being offered in this course. As you listen to these journeys, you will be joining with the group who took this course in person. Orin and DaBen tell us that in their reality there is no time, and that they are aware of every one of you as you listen. Orin and DaBen transmit to you as you work with these journeys. All the beings of light who were present at the live seminar will be with you when you listen to the journeys. The course has been digitally re-mastered for a quality listening experience.

Course contains 18 guided meditations by DaBen and Orin, talks by Duane and Sanaya. Music that accompanies DaBen’s journeys is by Michael Hammer; music that accompanies Orin’s journeys is by Thaddeus.

Note: The audio meditations on this album were made prior to digital recording, and have a higher “hiss” or static background due to the older technology. In addition, back in the days of tape it was almost impossible to remove background noises such as coughing, etc. We felt the experiences offered by Orin and DaBen were important enough to continue to make these older recordings available. The newer technology used on our more recent products is studio quality and is digitally mastered and edited.

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