[Download Now] DaBen and Orin – Illumination: Awakening Your Higher Mind


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[Download Now] DaBen and Orin – Illumination: Awakening Your Higher Mind


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Link your mind with the Universal Mind
In this course, originally taught as a live seminar, you will work with Orin, DaBen, and many beings of light to assist you in shifting your thoughts to a higher octave as you illuminate your mind and become one with the Universal Mind. You do not need to experience discord, lack, limitation, or pain in any area of your life. When you realize your oneness with the Universal Mind of truth, beauty, and perfection, you can experience unlimited abundance, joy, harmony, good health, and peace in every area of your life.

Build the rainbow bridge to your divine Self
Orin will guide you to build a bridge between your concrete, rational mind, your higher mind, and the Universal Mind, called the rainbow bridge or the Antahkarana. You build the first part of this bridge as you meet and become one with your soul. You build the next part of this bridge to your divine Self, the Self that is even higher than your soul. With this bridge, and the intention to unite the three minds, you can experience thoughts that empower you, guide you to create the life you desire, and show you the path to your unlimited good, health, loving relationships, and prosperity.

Claim your unlimited supply of all that is good
The Universe is abundant, and there is an unlimited supply of whatever you need, just waiting for you to claim it. You do not need to struggle and effort to tap into this supply. Whatever you need is already present, complete and whole, ready for you to claim as yours. The Universal Mind knows only infinite perfection. Once you release the beliefs that are creating the appearance of lack or limitation, you will be able to manifest and experience the Truth of the infinite supply of the universe, and claim it as yours.

Learn to stand steady in the light of truth and the Real; release limiting thoughts and beliefs
You will work with a quality of Divine Will called the Will to Act. This energy is radiated by a great being who shines the light of illumination on the mental plane. You can “stand” in the light of truth and the Real, and release all the distortions that have held you back from realizing your full potential of unlimited good, abundance, and harmony. You can release doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty, as well as thoughts and beliefs that may be creating disease, pain, suffering, lack, limitation, or discord in any area of your life. Once these beliefs are released, they will no longer appear.

Liberate yourself from imprisoning thoughts, release pain and suffering
This is the Will that liberates you from the prison of lower thoughts, from mass consciousness, and from illusions that have kept you from fulfilling your potential or stuck in a lower vibration, bound to pain and suffering. These kinds of thoughts and beliefs are not yours; they are energy you have taken on from the mass consciousness, cultural conditioning, your family, the media, and through your contact with others. You will learn how to recognize and release inappropriate and false beliefs that are holding you back and creating pain, suffering or disharmony in your life.

You can consciously choose what thoughts you want and release those you do not want.
You will learn how your thoughts can flow one into another without getting stuck or entangled in emotions. As you fully realize your oneness with the Universal Mind, you know that you are safe and you realize your unlimited potential for manifesting all that you deserve. You can break up denser thoughts that create a wall between yourself and the infinite good and abundance of the Universe. You can transform thoughts that limit you and keep you in a smaller world than you are capable of creating.

Realize your potential for joy, harmony, health, abundance, and prosperity
DaBen and Orin will show you ways to create new beliefs and pictures about what is possible in your life. You will explore ways to release thoughts that focus on lack, limitation, and other blockages, and change them into the thoughts and pictures you want to hold. You will play with how to more consistently create thoughts that illuminate the mind and result in more beauty, joy, harmony, and light in your life.

Explore light body states to illuminate your mind
You will explore light body states that make it possible to use your mind to contact higher realities. You can become sensitive to and recognize ideas coming from the Universal Mind, accessing all things known in the Mind of the All-That-Is. You can experience original, fresh, and creative ideas that bring greater wholeness and show you your higher purpose and next steps. You can have breakthrough thoughts about any area you focus on.

Stay on an upward spiral with illumined thoughts
You will learn light body states to assist you in living in the moment, the “now” where you can catch thoughts and prevent them from putting you on a downward spiral before they even set up and begin to affect you. You will learn how to build more consciousness so you have the ability to recognize your thoughts and change them in the moment, not letting them slip by you. With more consciousness you will be able to instantly recognize and change limiting thoughts into positive, empowering ones that assist you in creating your goals and realizing your dreams.

Open doors to higher realities
Your mind and your understanding of its potential is one of your greatest assets, for it holds keys that can open doors to higher realities. Your mind can become a vehicle through which your soul can express its wisdom and through which you can experience new realms, new states of consciousness, and a vaster range of spiritual awareness and knowledge than ever before.

Experience infallible spiritual vision
You can use your illumined Mind to know and manifest your divine nature. With an illumined Mind you can become a conscious creator, cooperating with the plans of evolution and of God/Goddess/All–That–Is. You gain pure perception and infallible spiritual vision. Your illumined Mind trusts and acts on your intuition and inner knowingness.

Know what to manifest that is in alignment with the Divine blueprint of your life
Your illumined Mind creates complete thoughts that show you answers and solutions and reveal your path and next steps. You can know what to manifest that is in alignment with your divine Self and the Divine blueprint of your life. Illumined thoughts are messengers of light, bringing light to all life.

Produce positive results in your life
With an illumined Mind, you understand the nature of the energy you are dealing with and know what actions to take to produce the highest and best results. You can think clearly, calmly, and objectively about the issues in your life, viewing them from a higher perspective. Doubt, ambiguity, and confusion can be eliminated.

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