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DNBlackbook Ultimate Domaining - $1000/Month GuaranteedDNBlackbook Ultimate Domaining – $1000/Month Guaranteed

Domain flipping is the art of buying a domain name for a low price, and then selling it for a much higher price to a qualified buyer.

You don’t have to be a seasoned domainer (somebody who’s entire business is buying/selling domains) to make money flipping domains. As a beginner, you can turn $100 into $1000 just by picking the right domains to buy and then selling them in the right places.

Flipping is a practice as old as time itself. You can flip a house, a car, a business, collectibles. Anything that can be bought cheap and then sold for a higher price is a good option for flipping.

So why flip domain names?

There are many reasons why flipping a domain name can be very profitable and lucrative for you:

  • Domain names are low maintenance, you don’t need to work on them or improve them before selling
  • If you know where to look you can get them very cheaply or even register a brand new domain to flip
  • There are so many potential buyers out there that if you have high quality domains it’s only a matter of time until someone purchases them
  • It’s very low risk (you can get started with $10, $50, or $100)

Is it easy to flip a domain?

In theory, it is very easy to buy a domain for one price and sell it for a higher price. However, you need to know what type of domain name to buy and develop a good eye for names which will sell for a good price.

Once you know how to find the domain names and figure out which ones are likely to sell, you will have no problem making $100s or $1000s every month.

How much can you make flipping a domain name?

Before we jump into the details of buying and selling domain names, let’s first look at how much you can expect to make when you sell a domain.

The market for buying and selling domains is big. Really big! In fact, over 300,000 new domains are registered every single day!

What happens is that domains get registered and used, but because you have to renew the domain name every year in order to keep it, many domain owners simply choose not to renew.

This is where you can make your money!

Domain names that have been used for a site, but have since expired, can be very lucrative. The reason for this is that they tend to have a lot of mentions online.

If you find a domain that has expired which has links to it from good quality news sites, blogs, and social media sites, these are exactly the type of domain you can flip for a profit.

Past domain name sales (and how much you could make)

The best domain names can sell for millions of dollars:

  • Hotels.com ($11m)
  • Insurance.com ($35.6m)
  • Internet.com ($18m)

While this is the absolute dream, the reality is that you won’t be selling domains for millions of dollars (and you don’t need to!)

Take a look at some of these names and see if you could find similar types of domain names to sell?

  • HikingKits.com ($205)
  • WelfareServices.com ($1,729)
  • Gamify.com ($567)
  • BargainBuys.com ($2,150)
  • Orders.io ($750)

Now, I don’t know about you, but I know I could find domain names similar to those and sell them on.

If you can find just 10 domains to buy for $100 each ($1,000 total) and you sell them for $500 each, you will have made $4,000 in PROFIT!

In real life you’ll probably be able to sell them for much more than $500.

Why should I follow your advice to learn how to flip domains?

Good question! There are many websites which aim to teach you how to flip domain names, but in my honest opinion, most of them have never flipped a decent domain in their lives.

Their approach is to buy the domain from another seller, and then flip it on another marketplace to make their money.

That’s fine, but it’s too much work for me. I don’t want to rely on other sellers to get the domain names I need. I’d rather find them myself.

You should try my technique because I know exactly what it takes to flip domains (and websites too – but that’s for another day!).

If you follow my advice properly, you will be able to make hundreds or thousands of dollars a month in profit, just from buying and selling a few domain names.

I want to start flipping domains!

Great! If you want to start by learning exactly what domain flipping is and how lucrative it can be for making money online, check out my collection of blog posts on the commonly asked questions of those new to flipping domains:

Make Money Flipping Domains

Those articles will give you the basics you need to start learning flipping, but that is just the beginning.

If you want to flip domains successfully, reading a few articles and then going off to try is probably not going to work out for you.

What you need is a guide which walks you through the process, step-by-step, using the most simple and easy to reproduce methods as possible.

This is what my Domain Flipping Guide provides for you!

Yes, you have to pay for it. The reason the guide is paid is that the techniques I use are actually not that well known and if I gave it away for free, everybody would be using them – which would ruin the method and make it harder to work.

Also, I sell it because it helps to make this website worthwhile.

The fee is low (currently $39) but it is a barrier to entry.

You won’t ever see an opportunity like this again. Hurry… This Offer Is Limited!

For A Limited Time Only!

Once the purchase is complete your domain flipping guide will be delivered instantly to your email inbox.

Most people will not buy my domain flipping guide – and that is a good thing!

Only the most serious people will spend the money to learn these techniques. If you are serious enough to spend $29 on an ebook, you will be serious enough to actually use the techniques and start flipping domains.

I cannot guarantee that everybody buying this guide will make $100k a year but I can guarantee that if you follow the method as outlined YOU WILL MAKE A PROFIT FLIPPING DOMAINS.

The methods are so simple that anybody can follow them, even if you’ve never registered a domain name before in your life!

Update: v2 of the guide is now out

I have spent the last few weeks working tirelessly to completely redesign and rewrite the entire guide. Here’s some of the updates I’ve put into v2:

  • Easier than ever to follow for beginners
  • New techniques never used by domain flippers before
  • Specific domain examples (unregistered so they are first come, first serve!)

This is the only ebook beginner domain flippers will need! I’m seriously proud of the effort that went into this and I genuinely believe that anybody who knows what a domain name is can use it to make profits.

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$1000Month Guaranteed

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