Deborah King – Medical Intuition

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Deborah King – Medical Intuition

Come along with Deborah King on an on-demand 7-journey experience that will supercharge your paranormal abilities so you can become a medical intuitive, reading yourself and others. Raise your vibration and connect deeply with your expanded intuitive abilities, learn basic anatomy, and integrate accurate knowledge with spiritual wisdom to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Deep within you have a powerful force that connects you directly to everything and everyone around you. It allows you to quickly understand what is happening so you can identify the root cause of what ails you (and others) and set forth on a true path to healing.

This force is intuition.

Ancient civilizations knew this power intimately. Those who were able to master this force were held in the highest esteem.

And for good reason. They had answers. They could see clearly what had to be done.

Are you ready to take the journey towards mastering this force so you will be able to help others and yourself?

In each journey, Deborah guides you further towards mastering your innate medical intuitive abilities, providing you with mystical tools that allow you to access the deepest parts of yourself. She trains you in scanning and reading others through volunteer demonstrations.

You’ll learn how to pay attention to the messages you receive in your own body, and how to really listen when another’s body is speaking to you.

If you’ve ever felt that something is wrong but you just can’t quite place what the issue is…if you’ve ever wanted to be able to “read” bodies… and if you want to be able to receive information regarding health on all levels…

This course is for you.

Deborah King is a New York Times bestselling author, sought-after master teacher, and a leading authority on energy healing.

A successful attorney in her 20s, Deborah’s life was radically changed with a cancer diagnosis. Unwilling to undergo invasive surgery, she turned to alternative medicine and experienced an amazing remission at the hands of a healer.

Along the way, she conquered the alcohol and drug addictions she had used to bury an abusive childhood.

Leaving the corporate arena for the field of energy medicine, she mastered ancient and modern systems, ultimately developing a powerful technique of her own to help people heal, thrive and grow.

Since its inception, the Deborah King Center has become a global phenomenon, with 550,000 followers, 10,000+ students, and empowering over 500 certified LifeForce Energy Healing® Teachers worldwide!

Everything you think you know about the potential of your intuition is about to change. Through this experiential course, you will ascend to a higher level of consciousness that allows you to identify and heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues for both yourself and for others.

It is a pathway to a life-affirming faculty and vision; you will recognize any misinformation that is being sent your way and tap into a higher knowing.

You will learn basic anatomy and physiology, so your intuitive readings will be more accurate and you’ll have a far better understanding of the integral connection between the physical body and its energy system.

Whether you are brand new to the power of your own intuition, a seasoned pro, or anywhere in between, Deborah’s teachings and techniques will shed new light on this increasingly important topic. It’s time to make your intuition a constant companion in your life and use your potent gift to improve the lives of others.

What You Will Master on This Journey

With a unique combination of history for perspective, science for reference, and experiential practices to cement your abilities, this Medical Intuition course is uniquely designed to bring forth your innate intuitive expertise so that you can transform your life and the lives of others.

Make intuitive living – and healing – a natural component of your everyday life and strengthen your physical, energetic, and spiritual immune system.

Learn to “see” inside the body – be it your own or someone else’s – and interpret the information you receive from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies within the first 12 levels of the human energy field.

This innovative online video course will help deepen your connection to your own anatomy and energy field, and allow you to do so for others.

During seven transformative, empowering journeys with Deborah, you’ll:

  • Awaken and learn how to use your intuitive gifts
  • Activate the seat of your intuition and the Higher Heart
  • Learn powerful strategies to scan bodies and give readings, identifying the causes of underlying issues from present and past lives
  • Travel through time and space to learn from intuitives and medical guides
  • Upgrade your model of your five physical senses and thinking mind
  • Discover what is blocking your natural intuitive abilities and how to clear these blockages
  • Take a tour of human anatomy and the seven levels of the human energy field to become clear on what and where healing needs to take place
  • Complete exercises, practices, and dynamic meditations to entrain your newfound knowledge and gain invaluable intuitive experience
  • Learn through real stories of incredible intuitive healings
  • Master how to read and heal yourself and others using tools such as color, light, essential oils, and more
  • Absorb historical knowledge that modern science is just now catching up with
  • Get prepared to change your life and the lives of others
  • And so much more!

Giving Medical Intuitive Readings:

It’s very possible to build a fulfilling career as a medical intuitive. The advanced teachings in this course will provide you with both the foundational knowledge and practical experience to empower you and take your readings to the next level. You will be able to more accurately analyze and understand your own physical, energetic, and spiritual ailments, as well as those of others (friends, family, clients, and even pets!).


In each journey, Deborah guides you further and further towards mastering your innate intuitive medical abilities – empowering you to identify issues and heal physically, energetically, and spiritually.

You’ll learn how to really listen when a body is speaking to you, and not to ignore the messages you are receiving.

Deepening Practices in PDF Format

Use your seven (7) beautifully-designed PDFs either as a place for your written notes and/or a quick-reference guide that you download to your tablet or mobile device.


Introduction to Medical Intuition

The first journey is your introduction to the world of medical intuition, as Deborah sets the foundation for you to go beyond the physical senses to receive intuitive medical information. In this journey, you will:

  • Discover what a medical intuitive is with Edgar Cayce – who, through his incredible intuitive abilities, went from being a businessman with a 9th grade education to becoming the “father of holistic medicine”
  • Perceive the channels through which your intuition “speaks” to you—-the “Clairs,” the upgraded model of your five physical senses and thinking mind
  • Learn how to pay attention to your individual body signals in an exercise
  • Dive into the first part of energetic anatomy. This journey: skin and bones
  • Explore the first level of the human energy field: physical
  • Meditate on the clairs


Trusting Your Intuitive Abilities

In the second journey, you learn how fear hinders your intuition and how to trust yourself in working with the emotional body. In this journey, you will:

  • Learn about buddhi, defined as “higher intelligence” by the ancient Vedic sages 5,000 years ago
  • See how civilizations and cultures throughout time relied on intuitives
  • Understand how fear keeps you from acting on the divine guidance you are receiving
  • Complete an exercise on working intuitively with ten different emotional states
  • Continue the journey of energetic anatomy – this journey: the muscles and reproductive system
  • Learn how to work intuitively on the second level of the human energy field, especially concerning your feelings about yourself
  • Engage in a guided meditation on trusting your intuitive abilities


Glandular Wisdom and Your Weight

In the third journey, you’ll learn the higher plane function of the glands and begin to achieve a level of mastery over the actual techniques and skills of guided imagery and visualization. You’ll also work with spiritual and physical energy to improve health and weight through intuitive eating. In this journey, you will:

  • See how different traditions sense energy in the body
  • Uncover the power of guided imagery, a technique used from ancient Greece to top modern-day hospitals
  • See how to utilize visualization properly (most people do it completely wrong)
  • Complete an exercise on intuitive eating to optimize weight, health, and longevity
  • Continue the journey of energetic anatomy – this journey, the digestive and endocrine systems
  • Learn the connection between the chakras and the endocrine system
  • Check in with the third level of the human energy field, the mental world
    Participate in a powerful guided meditation to sharpen your senses


The Spiritual Keys to Your Intuitive Ability

In the fourth journey, we will focus heavily on cosmic, unconditional love – as your Higher Heart is activated and you learn to bridge doubt and faith in yourself. In this journey, you will:

  • Discover how to bridge doubt and faith in yourself
  • See how assumptions and limiting beliefs hinder your intuition
  • Activate your thymus gland – the Higher Heart, home of unconditional love; where you can facilitate your spiritual growth and development and connect to the masters of the universe
  • Continue through our journey of the energetic anatomy – this journey the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Go to the fourth level of the human energy field: your connection to all that is
  • Study Carl Jung’s concepts of the collective unconscious and synchronicities
  • Meditate on cosmic love


The Spiritual Keys to Your Intuitive Ability

The fifth journey will help you uncover your path and introduce you to the guides that can help you on the journey. In this journey, you will:

  • Learn how to clear blockages by using your intentionality
  • Uncover the surprises held in your own DNA and its incredible connection to light
  • Journey through time and space in an exercise to meet the medical guide who will be your mentor in medical intuition
  • Continue the journey of energetic anatomy – this journey, the lymphatic and excretory systems
  • On the fifth level of the human energy field, align with divine will
  • Work intuitively with physical issues to understand what certain issues may “seem like” during your reading
  • Do a guided meditation to visualize your perfect health


The Colors of Energy

You are a living rainbow, and this week you plunge into colors! You will also gain a profound understanding of your connection to the planets and the cosmos and how to use this connection for intuitive healing. In this journey, you will:

  • Discover the colors of the human energy field, the aura, and leverage the power of colors for protection and healing
  • Uncover the connection of the planets to your energy system and learn which charkas are ruled by which planets
  • Activate your pituitary gland to increase your intuition
  • Continuing energetic anatomy – this journey: the nervous and sensory systems
  • The sixth level of the human energy field is the level of divine love, a very high frequency
  • Learn to work intuitively with trauma
  • Discover another source of information with a visit to the Akashic Records – the storehouse of everything you need to know, including traumas that occurred in a past life
    Be led on a guided mediation to the Akashic Records


How to Strengthen Intuition

In this final journey, you’ll activate your pineal gland to enhance your spiritual connection, and uncover even more tools and information that you can use to go forward with your renewed medical intuitive abilities. In this journey, you will:

  • Learn about essential oils and how to use them to open and balance each chakra
  • Complete an exercise to activate your pineal gland; known in Vedic cultures as the seat of intuition, to increase your inner vision
  • Continue the journey of energetic anatomy – this journey, how all the systems work together
  • On the seventh level of the human energy field, vibrate at a very high frequency, the golden grid
  • Enjoy a guided meditation on the transition from the Information Age to the Age of Intuition
  • Gain an understanding of what it takes to become an intuitive counselor and hear more about becoming a medical intuitive as a life path

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Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/unWCH

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