Dawn Crystal – Upgrade Your Energetic Biofield

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Do You Feel Unable to Amplify Your Resonance for MORE SELF-LOVE, ENERGY, and FREEDOM?

Are You Finally Ready to Tackle Your Emotional and Physical Issues and Confront Your Pain*, Anxiety, and Sleep Struggles?

Learn How to Upgrade Your Energetic Biofield with ANGELIC SOUNDS to Reboot Your Vitality, and Reach Your OPTIMAL STATE of WELLNESS!

Sound Energy Voice Healing with Dawn Crystal will:

  • Receive whole-body “tunings” — from feet to crown — to slow down your brain waves and shift every cell in your body.
  • Receive practices to shift the electromagnetic energy in your biofield to address pain, anxiety, sleep and digestive issues, and much more….
  • Amplify your resonance for self-love, more energy, a greater sense of freedom and more playfulness, lightness, and vitality.


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