Dave Van Horn – Wealth Building with Defaulted 2nd Mortgages


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Dave Van Horn – Wealth Building with Defaulted 2nd Mortgages

Dave Van Horn – Wealth Building with Defaulted 2nd Mortgages

Price:  $497
Sale Page: www.pprnoteacademy.com/courses-workshops/wealth-building/
Archive:  archive.is/ZnvAw


Introduction to Note Investing

Learn the core principles of note investing.

Performing Note Course

Topics include: Performing Note Investing, Sources of Capital, The Financials of Note Investing, Managing Risk, & FAQs

Non-Performing Note Course

Topics include: Non-Performing Note Investing, Finding Notes, Note Contracts, Due Diligence, Risk Management, Borrower Management, Recapitalization, & FAQs

Extended Audio Segments

Detailed Interviews with PPR Asset Managers Covering Key Aspects of the Business

Sample Documents & Templates

The same ones PPR uses, including:

  • Accounting Template
  • Assignment of Deed of Trust
  • Billing Statement
  • List of Commonly Used Websites
  • Sample Credit Report
  • Sample Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Sample Discounted Payoff
  • Fair Debt Collection Letter
  • Homeowner Authorization Letter
  • Homeowner Options Letter
  • Sample Mortgage and Note
  • No Response Letter
  • RESPA letter
  • Sample Satisfaction of Mortgage and Deed


Additional Resources including a Case Studies audio and training on Raising Capital for Notes, plus a complete Note Investing Glossary.


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