Dan Sullivan (Strategic Coach) – Creative Destruction Series


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This product, while aimed specifically at financial advisors, seems to serve as the framework of Strategic Coach

Dan Sullivan (Strategic Coach) – Creative Destruction Series

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This product, while aimed specifically at financial advisors, seems to serve as the framework of Strategic Coach for the clients they advise in a number of different industries.  Adapt the capabilities and framework to tailor it to your specific industry.  If you’ve read “Unique Process Advisors” you’ve seen how it is possible to leverage the framework Dan uses with Financial Consultants to suit your unique business and process.

This Creative Destruction Series appears to be the only Strategic Coach offering currently lacking from TV.  If you’re familiar/experienced with Dan Sullivan & Strategic Coach, you realize the goldmine this product is.  Let’s add this to TV!

Description: For the entrepreneurial advisor! Get Dan Sullivan’s unique perspective on the natural forces of “creative destruction” that have come to bear on the financial services industry, and how to prosper as a result of the great change it brings. Enjoy the complete Creative Destruction series, or get a great start with the first four modules and save!

Synopsis: If you’re a financial advisor (and even if you’re not), you may be feeling the squeeze of industry change. There’s outside pressure from clients and customers, who have more alternatives to choose from than ever before. Inside your industry, there’s increased pressure from a growing number of compliance rules and regulations.

All of this is symptomatic of “creative destruction,” a natural force in the marketplace that has now come to bear on the financial services industry. This force eliminates old bureaucratic businesses that, in their obsession with self-interest and self-protection, have ceased to create sufficient value, and clears the way for new, more responsive organizations committed to innovation and contribution. As an entrepreneur, you have an opportunity to create a business like this, evolving faster than large organizations can, and inventing valuable new solutions that sidestep industry obstacles and create more value for your clients and customers.

For the first time, Dan Sullivan turns this powerful economic concept into an active process — one that you can use to transform your business. In each module of this subscription series, Dan expands on his bold predictions for the financial services industry and shows how you, like a rare group of profiled “Industry Transformers,” can escape destructive market forces and become more successful than ever.


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