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8 Big Ideas



8 Big Ideas


Advanced Marketing: 8 Faster-Than-A-Speeding-Bullet Ways to Dramatically Increase Sales and Profits in Any Business!


Discover the reasons and strategies that top-performing, top-earning entrepreneurs and high-visibility super-entrepreneurs like Donald Trump know and use to get so, so, so, so much more accomplished so much faster than anyone else. Delivered by Marketing Guru and Millionaire Maker Dan Kennedy, you’ll find out how to significantly increase your own speed of accomplishment without having super-human powers, having to work crazy-stupid hours or hire an army to help you. Find out:

  • The eight breakthrough strategies used by all top-earning, top-producing super entrepreneurs
  • How to speed up your pace of accomplishment to such a degree that everybody will think you’re cheating
  • Sustainable Growth and Success Secrets that will help you uncover opportunities, exploding your sales and profits
  • “Soundbites” you can use for brainstorming, coaching or staff meetings
  • How to uncover or discover “the unintentional second business opportunity” concealed within your present business

Don’t miss out on this secret: the most successful people in every category of endeavor-real estate, insurance, auto sales, restaurant ownership, entertainment, sports – they all work. It’s not about more or less or easier or harder work. It’s about doing the right work. Working on the right things. Watch this to learn the eight best breakthrough strategies that will help you triple and even quadruple your productivity.


What You’ll Learn?

Explode your sales and profits and uncover opportunities using these eight strategies sure to boost your productivity. You’ll discover:

  • How to supercharge the speed at which you get things done and pull off more than you ever thought possible
  • The Rudy Giuliani Strategy for delivering the kind of WOW! experiences to prospects and customers and clients that erase price/fee resistance and stimulate more repeat patronage and referrals
  • The most powerful breakthrough strategies Dan’s clients and Top GKIC Members repeatedly use to rev up sales and profits
  • Ideas for triggering discussions that make you and your clients more successful
  • How the super successful execute the Big 8 ideas
  • The “Iaccoca Blow Torch” Strategy – How to stimulate more repeat business and referrals
  • The differences between the majority stymied by lack of resources vs. those who continually implement good ideas at high efficacy
  • A close-up look at how highly successful entrepreneurs react and act when confronted with a “No, you can’t do that” obstacle
  • The Secret to eliminating price resistance
  • How to deal with “NO”
  • The 12-Word Million Dollar Mandate
  • The One-Word Strategy
  • How to accelerate the growth of your business
  • The Right Work Strategy
  • Andrew Carnegie’s Secret “confession”
  • Two critical questions to ask yourself each week.

Who Is It For?

For any business person who wants to:

  • Dramatically increase sales and profits in his or her business
  • Know the secrets of the super successful in or to accelerate the growth of your business
  • Receive great soundbites you can use with your coaching clients or to lead discussions with your staff
  • Find hidden money and business opportunities in your own business – Stimulate more repeat business and referrals

What You Get

Watch or listen to true-life stories of famous and not-so-famous people, funny moments, get-off-your duff motivation as well as tough-minded, pragmatic, strategic business ideas for radically increasing your business. Includes a professionally edited DVD and audio CD so you can watch at home or listen while stuck in traffic. Plus you’ll be able to quickly refer back to Dan’s most important points with a full transcription complete with Dan’s exhibits.

  • A two-audio CD set
  • A manual transcription
  • A copy of Dan’s overheads


8 Big Ideas consists of:

  • A transcription manual (25 pages)
  • A copy of Dan’s presentation (15 pages)
  • Two audio CDs (120 minutes)


Advanced Marketing

Contents 4

  • CD 1
  • CD 2
  • Presentation Materials
  • Transcript

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