Craig Valentine – Secrets of Storytelling

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Craig Valentine – Secrets of Storytelling

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Here’s How You Can Quickly Turn Your Ideas into the Kinds of Stories that Make you a Speaker in High-Demand

Within the next 5 minutes, you can access the most comprehensive video-based storytelling system that guides you to become the speaker others can’t wait to see

How would you like to keep your audience on the edge of their seats leaning on your every word as you get paid handsomely to make them TALL (Think, Act, Laugh, and Learn)?


The good news is, once you grab hold of the right formula, you can become a master storyteller faster than you think!

But it takes so long to master storytelling, right?

Well, then let my long road led to your shortcut

Many years ago an organization in Michigan hired me to speak to a group of 300 employees. They paid me $3,500, scooped me up in a stretch limo, took me to a 5-star hotel, and wined and dined me. How did I repay them? By giving them a $150 speech.

That’s right, I failed miserably. When I finished, the woman who bragged about me and convinced the powers to hire me, would not even look me in the eyes. I have never heard from them again. However, today my rehire rate exceeds 89% and that day in Michigan is far behind me.

What Made the Difference?

Well, after many years, thousands upon thousands of dollars spent, and many severe failures, I eventually uncovered a FORMULA for creating spellbinding stories from scratch. This formula has changed my speaking destiny and can certainly do the same for you.

It could take you years and cost you a fortune (like it did for me) to figure out just the right combination that makes some stories work while others fall flat.

Or, instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with a winning story, you can adopt my special 9-STEP FORMULA (and an additional 101 storytelling secrets) inside a brand new VIDEO PROGRAM called…

In this brand new video program featuring two World Champions of Public Speaking, you’ll receive more than…

  • 15 hours of storytelling training via video
  • A 103-page Super Storytelling Guide
  • A proven 9-part Storytelling Model
  • 101 additional Storytelling Secrets
  • 6 Extra Storytelling Toolkit Interactive Handouts

The Interactive Handouts include My Story Builder, My Skeletal Story, My Story File, My Foundational Phrase File, My Character Diagram, and My Storytelling Compass)


In this video program, Craig Valentine and Darren LaCroix pull back the curtain so you can SEE exactly how to…

  • Develop top-notch stories that get you paid top-notch dollars using the 9 Cs and the 101 storytelling secrets
  • Implement my never-before-shared idea on how and where to find your best stories
  • Master the spaces and faces between the lines, which is where the story really lives
  • Uncover humor instead of making the unforgivable mistake of adding it
  • Give your audience an emotionally fulfilling experience that they won’t forget
  • Master the storytelling delivery skills that bring your audience into your story and make them feel like they were there
  • Master the combination of narration and dialogue that really breathes life into your story
  • Make your audience TALL (Think, Act, Laugh, and Learn) by being entertaining and profound
  • Use the “Bounce Method” for resuscitating your older stories and making them fresh again
  • Deliver unexpected twists and turns (visually and verbally) to keep your audience leaning in on your every word
  • Avoid the all-too-common mistakes that will put your story on life-support with your audience wanting to pull the plug
  • Develop enough stories so you won’t have to force-feed the right story to the wrong audience
  • Tug on the heartstrings of your audience members so they FEEL the experience
  • Become such a natural storyteller that all evidence of techniques disappears
  • Hook your audience in from your very first word through to your very last
  • Use personal stories to make professional points
  • Make your audience laugh even in the midst of a serious story
  • Really connect fully and deeply with your audience for the entire story and beyond
  • Deliver a story and not a report
  • BE YOURSELF and deliver your story in YOUR own natural heartfelt way
  • Give your audience “Ah Ha” instead of the “Uh Oh” moments that too many speakers have
  • Bring your characters to life so your audience relates to them and connects to your message
  • Tell captivating stories that deliver unforgettable points
  • Avoid boring your audience by knowing what to keep in and what to keep out of your stories
  • Leave a lasting impression so people will be affected long after you’ve left the stage
  • Sneak in and out of your stories so you can keep your audience guessing
  • Relive rather than retell your story so your audience members feel like they are there
  • Get re-hired time and time again

And much, much more!

Why do stories work?

Darren LaCroix said that no child being tucked into bed has ever asked, “Mom, dad, can you show me a PowerPoint?”

Instead, they want stories! Well guess what? They are you. We grew up on stories and that’s the way we make sense of life.

Can you recall any of the lessons you learned from stories when you were a child? Do you think they had an impact on your morals and maybe even your actions?

Stories rule the world and now YOU can rule the stories. When you do, a whole new world of opportunities opens for you. I bet there are stories inside of you dying to be set free. You can set them free with this Formula for storytelling success.

But wait a minute, What if I already have Craig’s original storytelling audio course?

That’s great. I hope my original course has helped you. So how is this course different? There are 5 major differences between my past course and the brand new Secrets of Storytelling Video Course.

Difference-Maker #1 – Witness the Construction

In my past audio course, you listened to my completed stories that were already polished and built. While it’s great to have those examples, there’s only one problem. You never got to see where those stories were at their beginning.

I remember watching speakers and thinking, “That’s a great story. I wonder how it was when she first told it. I wonder how that story came about. How did it grow into greatness?”

SEE the Stories Under Construction

Wouldn’t it be helpful to see where a story was when it was still just an idea? And wouldn’t it be valuable to look at that story again once it was completely polished? Well, that’s what you get in this course.

But you don’t just get one story; you get 6 different stories by 6 different speakers. That’s right, in addition to the sample stories from Craig Valentine and Darren LaCroix, you get to see 6 speakers’ stories from the very beginning and then watch those stories evolve (step by step) with the tools, formulas, and the model you too can use to develop your own superb stories.

Difference-Maker #2 – You can SEE it

Words are important in storytelling, but, make no mistake about it, storytelling is a VISUAL art. That’s another difference between my original program and this one. This time it’s on VIDEO. You can…

• SEE the spaces between the lines

• Experience what it means to really use the stage

• See how what’s NOT said often speaks louder than what IS said

• Master the character dynamic including spacing, posture, voice, tension, silence, etc.

• Perfect the often ill-pursued combination of narration and dialogue

• SEE how to use your delivery to make rather than break the story

• And much more

Remember the wisdom of Patricia Fripp who once said, “People won’t remember what you say as much as they’ll remember what they SEE when you say it.”

You can SEE more than 15 hours of video instruction in this course.

Difference-Maker #3 – The 5 Extra Tools

In addition to the 15 hours of video training, the 103-page Storytelling Guide, and the 101 extra storytelling secrets, you get an INTERACTIVE STORYTELLING TOOLKIT that includes the following 6 story-building tools

My Story File

• My Foundational Phrase File

• My Story Builder

• My Skeletal Story

• My Storytelling Compass

• My Character Diagram

Difference-Maker #4 – There Are 2 World Champions This Time

This time I am joined by World Champion Speaker, Darren LaCroix. The insights Darren has in this course are tremendous. However, Darren and I are also not alone. We are joined by speakers who have expertise in many different areas. What you learn from the combination of Darren, the active participants, and me will help you make your next story the best you’ve ever told.

Difference-Maker #5 – You get to SEE 18 more bonus stories

That’s right. In addition to the 6 stories from the 6 speakers, you also get 18 bonus stories from Darren LaCroix, Ed Tate (2000 World Champion of Public Speaking) and me. Being able to watch these extra stories and identify the tools we used will help you naturally and automatically integrate these winning tools into your stories.


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