Craig Sigl – Sports Hypnosis Certification Training


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Craig Sigl – Sports Hypnosis Certification Training

Craig Sigl – Sports Hypnosis Certification Training

Price: $197
Sale Page: http://sportshypnosistrainingonline.com/

Finally, an advanced-techniques ONLINE training for hypnotists to get athletes and performers to the next level.

You need ZERO athletic experience or sports knowledge in order to be a highly effective sports hypnotist after you learn the skills provided at this training.

You will know exactly what to do when a client comes to you for any kind of performance issue!

In this training, I am going to take you by the hand and show precisely what I do in my sessions with athletes, performers, and business clients. By the end of the course you will easily be able to follow my plan with cheat sheets, scripts and having actually practiced the techniques in the training. It’s all SHOCKINGLY EASY!

If you aren’t currently working with athletes you are leaving money on the table and doing a disservice to your community. Here’s why…

Maybe you are intimidated by the whole sports world…I get that. I used to be as well. I mean, let’s face it, professional and University sports teams and elite athletes have sports psychologists on staff to help them with these issues, right? The new career of sports psychology has created numerous college programs designed for this profession…that’s true. BUT YOU HAVE AN EDGE as a sports hypnotist. The funny thing is, sports psychologists are being perceived more and more in a negative light as athletes don’t want “psychology”…what they want is “mental toughness, confidence, and play to their potential.”

When you are done with this sports hypnosis training, you will be able to deliver that. Here’s what you’ll learn:

My patented 4-session structure and how to sell it to athletes and their parents
How to eliminate performance anxiety
The real truth about what causes mental blocks (it’s not what you think) and how to get rid of them
Interventions specifically designed to fix the biggest problem in sports: Not being able to perform in competition as well as in practice
My second session secret weapon technique that clears out past mistakes, screwups and losses and gives the client a tool to keep themselves clear
Tactics and techniques to remove “perfectionism”
How to drastically improve motivation in an athlete (or anyone)
How to deal with all the typical roadblocks athletes come up with when doing hypnosis
The differences in how to work with athletic Girls vs. Boys
How to teach self hypnosis in a way that is 10x more effective than traditional methods
An amazingly effective NLP technique for working with pre-teens for all issues
How to answer the questions: “What’s your success rate?” and “Have you ever worked with (sport)athletes?”  …Even if you are brand new in this field.
How to guide ANYONE to becoming FEARLESS
My secret technique to turbo-charge CONFIDENCE that anyone (even a parent) can facilitate
How to work effectively with teens and pre-teens, even the stubborn ones who think they know it all
I developed a hypnotic induction that works on 99.6% of all clients. It also doubles as a powerful focusing technique. A 10 year old could read this script and put anyone in hypnosis.

Don’t get left behind…sports and business coaching is the new hot field!
Take advantage of this new trend and be ready to help your clients overcome any form of performance anxiety from sports to the boardroom.

Anyway, let me continue…You don’t need to TARGET pro athletes. (These days, they find me) In fact, I RECOMMEND AGAINST you doing that. Instead, think of this now…in EVERY community, there are countless teen and pre-teen athletes playing sports in highly competitive leagues and tournaments. THESE KIDS AND RECREATIONAL ATHLETES ARE YOUR REAL MARKET. There are more of these kids and adults who are seeking mental game training right now than we can ever hope to reach. This pool of clients is unlimited, constantly refereshing AND THEY NEED YOUR HELP.

These sports kids have the opportunity to receive powerful LIFE SKILLS and experiences through sports…but sometimes they don’t. If their kids are having trouble, parents are desperate to find help and will pay for your expertise. That is where you come in.


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