Craig Cannings – Website Content Writing Success

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Craig Cannings – Website Content Writing Success

Craig Cannings – Website Content Writing Success

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 Master a Proven and Easy-To-Implement System for Writing Great Website Content that will Captivate Your Audience, Boost Your Credibility and Attract More Quality Clients!
This Practical, Hands-On “Website Content Writing Success Lab” features a step-by-step process for writing great copy to make your website shine!

Dear Friend,

Have you ever found yourself sitting in front of a blank screen at a total loss on what to write for your website? Painful isn’t it? I have been there on numerous occasions during my 9 year tenure writing copy for websites and let me tell you…It is not a lot of fun! Now, I am happy to share that I found a remedy for this problem, but more on that later!

Did you know that over 50% of new online visitors will depart from a website in less than 8 seconds, which leaves us with the difficult task of attempting to attract the visitor’s attention and keep them engaged and on our site!

While website formatting, color, design and appealing images are critical to captivating the user’s attention, nothing attracts a new visitor more than great headlines and top-notch website copy!

Remember  “Content is ALWAYS King” when it comes to the web!

The quality of content we create for our websites can ultimately determine whether a visitor stays or goes.

Based on my extensive research, combined with my own “blood, sweat and tears” in writing copy for hundreds of web pages, here are a few of the most common challenges people face with their website content:

 Writing the RIGHT website content to attract the RIGHT Target Audience.

 Defining your tone and striking the right balance between being personable AND professional.

 Creating a compelling tagline or headline that will draw an audience to dig deeper!

 Defining the right personalized tone for our website content (no stuffy corporate speak).
 Determining the most important pages to include in our service-based websites.

 Creating a “About Me” page that is catchy, personable and a credibility booster.

 Writing my service and packages in a “results-oriented” fashion.

 Determining how to use titles, bullets and bolding effectively.
If you struggle with any of these common issues and would like to improve the way you communicate on your website, then you are definitely in the right place!

At VAClassroom, we have launched a whole bunch of innovative training programs in the past that have yielded great results and a solid return on investment for our students.

But, I have to say, this new training program we are introducing is a first of its kind here and one I don’t think you will want to miss out on…

Let me introduce our brand new, hands-on, ultra-practical…..


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