Conversion World Conference


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Conversion World Conference

Conversion World Conference

Price:  $300
Sale Page: www.conversionworld.co/
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Attending conferences is fun. You learn a lot and you get to meet some great people and expand your network.

However, attending conferences isn’t a cheap affair. You have to pay for travel, accommodation and food. Not to mention, time off work and time to catch up with work. If you have family commitments, it can also be hard to justify the time away.

Even if you do attend conferences locally, you may not get the opportunity to see certain experts speak as they may not cover that area.

Conversion World is a conference to help you with all of that. We have gathered 20+ Conversion Rate Optimization experts in one place where everyone has easy access to – The internet. Over 3 days in April 2015, you will get a chance to listen and interact with the best in the industry and learn how to improve your business or that of your clients through CRO.


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