Content Marketing Masters – Justin Brooke

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Justin Brooke – Content Marketing Masters

Content Marketing Masters – Justin Brooke

The Story of How I Got 1.7 Million Visitors Without Paying a Cent

If you know how to use WordPress, then you can do this too.


Content Marketing Masters

I’ve documented everything over the last year. I’ve created video tutorials, and case studies too.

Content Marketing Masters is more than a course, it’s a full content marketing system. You can take it for yourself, or plug in a team member.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside…

Stage I – Module 1: For new businesses with no list, no brand name in the market, and a very small budget of $10/day.

  • The most powerful way to increase your audience size. (Get hundreds of marketing qualified leads in one day. Even if no one has ever heard of you before!)
  • What’s a Keystone Content and how to research and write it for maximum market infiltration.
  • The #1 secret to build your email list FAST using nothing but your Keystone Content pieces.
  • How to distribute your Keystone Content and get your first 500 visitors while still on a budget.
  • The headline, intro, and promo formulas I used to get top industry influencers to share my content.
  • CASE STUDIES of 5 different business types who got thousands of free traffic. (With a handy swipe-file of their keystone content for your inspiration)

Stage II – Module 2: For small businesses that have been around. With a small list, a little brand recognition, and around a $100 daily budget.

  • How to make your keystone content go viral in your industry and get $100,000 worth of traffic for $100 a day. (With detailed spending plan)
  • The proven process for hiring your first content writers. (So you can grow without doing all the grunt work yourself.)
  • How to create “Viral Content Sales Funnels” and see ROI from your publishing efforts on day 1.
  • How to convert 1 out of 5 of your readers into subscribers and build your audience with our challenge. (Your first 500 loyal fans are waiting for you!)

Stage III – Module 3: For established businesses with decent sized lists, a team, and over $10,000 per month budget.

  • How to use the Ski Slope Strategy to build an unstoppable sales machine.
  • Planning your long-term content strategy. (Exactly where to click in the tools I use to get all the info you’ll need to make decisions…)
  • The 3 content types I used to get millions of clicks, hundreds of thousands of leads, and over 1,000 sales.
  • How to create each content type, then deploy them to make the most sales without spending too much on traffic.
  • How to determine which type of “Black Diamond” content will get the most sales for your business type.
  • REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: The content strategy and site structure I designed for Sumo.com. (Over 500,000 clicks per month)

Plus, you’ll get my instant delegation kit…

You don’t want to be doing all the grunt work.

I’ll show you how to rapidly replace yourself with my instant delegation kit. Use these checklists, spreadsheets, and swipes to get your team producing results for you.

Inside you’re going to get…

  • One Page Summaries for every role in your new content marketing team (with KPI’s, benchmarks, and how-tos).
  • · An exclusive “Day In The Life” video that shows you how my team works to deliver viral content on demand.
  • · ONE simple spreadsheet to plan, manage, and track ALL your content.
  • · The Content Launch Checklist I use every time I want people in my industry to talk about us. (With step-by-step instructions for every item, so you can outsource it).
  • · Every template we give our writers so they can research and write viral content.
  • · Exclusive access to my LIVE file of successful keystone content swipes. (The best articles I’ve ever written or seen are all here!)
  • · Our Content Scaling Action Plan that sums up how to dominate your industry with content. (It has all the step-by-step action items of our entire scaling strategy!)
  • · My top tools for content research, writing, editing, upgrades, and promotions. Plus info on what exactly I use them for, and how.
  • And more…

Inside This Course You’ll Learn:

  • You’ll love how fast and easy it is to start creating viral content when you follow simple PROVEN formulas.
  • An Over The Shoulder Look At How I Plan My Content Campaigns To Convert Readers Into Customers
  • How To Craft Your Content Strategy Based On Research & Proven Converters So You have An Increased Chance At Profitable ROI From The Start

Proof Content

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