Colin Theriot – Cult of Copy Vault Complete Training

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Colin Theriot – Cult of Copy Vault Complete Training

Listen, y’all. This is the OFFICIAL permanent description post for the Cult of Copy’s paid training membership site called “THE VAULT”…

But first, lemme rap at you a little.

There are a bunch of copy gurus out there. They have a whole list of asses which noobs are recommended to kiss. Boring books to read. Obsolete letters to hand copy. Events to attend. Newsletters to read. Etc.

And hey, that is all well and good if you want to be a FAN of the “industry” or whatever.

But if you want to SELL SHIT.
If you want to MAKE MONEY writing copy.
If you want to MAKE MONEY for your clients by cranking out effective copy on deadline every time.
If you want to MAKE MONEY for yourself besides client work, using your same copy knowledge and skill.

And you DON’T want to spend a single second of unnecessary time kissing old asses or learning the way some long dead guy taught it back in the 70s when you had to lick a shitload of envelopes and collect checks in the mail…

…I’m your huckleberry.

I’ve done it. I’ve made tens of millions for my clients. My students have, too. And here’s the best part. I’m lazy as shit, so the way I do EVERYTHING is guaranteed to be the fastest, simplest, YET HIGHLY EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE way of doing things.


I want people. People who are ready to get better, faster, more reliable at writing every kind of copy they could possible want to write.

Because the Cult of Copy Training Vault is now PERMANENTLY OPEN.

Let me back up. Over the course of the life of this group since I started it in 2012, I’ve done tons of peer-to-peer, no bullshit trainings on writing copy and working as a writer. These were all live webinars. Which I recorded. And people used to be able to buy them individually…

But trust me, the Vault is a WAY WAY better deal than buying any of the Cult of Copy courses one by one. Why? The Vault includes them ALL. All of them. Streaming. Watch them from anywhere. Download all the templates. Watch all the training videos.

All for one low monthly (or annual) price.

Now this is getting to salesly for me, so let me just make a list…


Includes full, proven templates and video training for quickly creating:
– Long form sales letters…
– Email sequences for promotional lists, everyday content lists, and weekly recurring launches (3 separate trainings)…
– Sales video scripts…
– Webinar promotion sequences…
– Ecommerce product descriptions…
– Stealth presale content creation…
– Simple evergreen funnels…

Also includes templates and business models for:
– simple “micro-membership” subscriptions…
– Creating your own training products like the ones I make and sell…
– Creating and running your own profitable community groups like mine…
– Selling copy critique services as well as getting set up as a high-end copywriter for high-ticket products…

There’s also a bunch of stuff I’m forgetting. Trainings on “mastery” to position yourself as a guru. Trainings on making a simple five year plan to set yourself up in this industry for life. A ton of story-based templates you can use to sell yourself or your clients.

And more. If I make new stuff, it goes in the vault, and you get it.

Get download Colin Theriot – Cult of Copy Vault Complete Training at Forimc.com right now!

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