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A complete course taking the guesswork out of rehabbing and flipping houses. Learn from Cody Sperber, Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini from Flip or Flop Atlanta.

Perfect for any experience level

Even though the course is called “Your First Flip” the training isn’t just for beginners. The curriculum is perfect for more experienced investors and covers advanced lead generation strategies, deal analysis, optimizing your systems and how to make the most out of your time. Each lesson builds a solid foundation for success based on the decades of experience Cody, Ken and Anita have in real estate.

We give you everything you need

  • How to find profitable properties
  • Analyzing your deal for profitability
  • Acquiring the properties
  • Rehabbing without work
  • Closing deals and getting paid

Wholesaling and rehabbing

Savvy real estate investors know how to make the right profit on every property. Some properties are perfect for a quick flip. Some properties are more profitable with a little work. Becoming a Clever Investor takes the guesswork out of rehabbing and flipping houses.


Ken & Anita Fix and Flip instructors

Ken & Anita Corsini

Ken and Anita Corsini are the founders of Red Barn Homes, LLC and starts of the hit show Flip or Flop Atlanta. They have bought and sold over 800 houses in Metro Atlanta and host a popular house-flipping show on the #1 Home Network on TV.

With Ken’s sharp business sense and construction knowledge paired with Anita’s savvy real estate skills and design eye, they make a perfect team. Whether it’s a home that needs a simple cosmetic makeover, or one that needs to be completely gutted, they know how to make it happen.

Cody Sperber Ken & Anita Fix and Flip instructor

Cody Sperber

Cody Sperber is the founder and CEO of Clever Investor. Throughout his career, he has flipped over 1,000 homes. His team specializes in helping individuals close their first flip, and then take their businesses to the next level.

His #1 passion is teaching others how to break through road blocks, shorten their learning curve, and make it big in real estate. As an active real estate investor, Cody also stays on top of cutting-edge tools, techniques, and strategies to make sure what he teaches continues to be effective in today’s market.

Flip and rehab houses for profit


Build your business

Module one lays the foundation of your real estate journey. Learn the four profit centers of real estate investing to build long-term wealth and what it means to own real estate. Learn how to setup your business, build your power team and mindset to make money.

  • How to set up your business
  • Real estate documents and instruments 
  • Finding and building your power team
  • Online tools, automation and organization
  • Getting in the millionaire mindset


Finding profitable properties

Learn how to generate leads, what marketing channels to use and how to scale up. Learn how to use automation, technology and the most modern approach to dominate your market. 

  • Generate leads using proven techniques
  • Digital marketing automation and YouTube
  • 14 ways to build your cash buyers list
  • Finding deals through agents
  • Social Media REI Training


Analyzing your deal

Module three shows you how to analyze a property to know if it’s a deal or a dud. Understand the details of an inspection report and value to know whether to flip it or wholesale it.

  • Analyze and comp properties for profitability
  • Understand and use inspection reports
  • Know when to flip or rehab a property
  • How to calculate rehabs, rentals and lease options


Acquiring the property

Learn the art of negotiation. Make offers to sellers overcome objections. Know what to look for when doing a walkthrough of a property. Understand the paperwork and how to get funding.

  • Learn how to acquire a property
  • How to overcome seller objections
  • Understand Purchase and Seller agreements
  • How to fund your deals and get capital


Rehab without work

Module five lays the groundwork for rehabbing properties. Learn the fundamentals of the rehabbing process and advanced techniques to hire, source materials and make the most profit.

  • Rehabbing fundamentals and skills
  • How to hire, pay and plan for permits
  • Estimating repairs and profitability
  • Source building materials like a boss
  • Hiring your own crew and manage it
  • Real life rehab Case Study


Closing your first deal

Making money on your flip is the most exciting part. Learn how to complete your deal and important exit strategies. Become familiar with the details involved in closing a deal and creative selling strategies.

  • How to complete your deal
  • Wholesaling or rehab exit strategies
  • Understand the paperwork and terms of sale
  • How to stage your home and use professionals
  • How to find the best Realtor
  • Creative selling strategies for profit

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Salepage: https://cleverinvestor.com/real-estate-investing/rehabbing-houses/your-first-flip/
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/wYs9M

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