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Chris Lee – Blog Accelerator

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Blog Accelerator
An accelerated growth strategy for building blogs into profitable, sustainable businesses.
Module 1: Foundations
The Foundations lessons are meant to give you an overview and background on the blogging model and growth strategy you’re going to learn.
PLUS: I take you behind the scenes of my first product launch on RankXL to show you how even with minimal traffic numbers, I was able to get close to a $10,000 first launch.

Module 2: Traffic & Content
The way you approach selecting and targeting niches, creating content, and driving traffic all become a little different when you’re using this blogging model that’s centered around email + products.
I’ll show you the new way of selecting niches, and exactly how to create content that builds subscribers in your chosen niche.
Next, I’ll teach you the step-by-step traffic generation strategy that I use for every blog I start.
The traffic strategies focus on the early stages of a blog’s life, where our goal is to build traffic quickly to build our email list.

Module 3: List Building Setup
In this module, we go through basic email list setup. This is mainly for people who have never worked with an email list before, or those who have tried but haven’t really seen success.
I’ll teach you how to create high-converting opt-in incentives, maximize your engagement with new subscribers, and how to build your email list quickly.
PLUS: I’ll teach you how to use your list. What emails to send, when to send them, why you should be sending them. It’s the simplest and most effective strategy I use for nearly all of my blogs, including RankXL.

Module 4: Building And Setting Up Your First Product
We’ll go into some very deep lessons on how to build products. If you’ve never built products before, or tried but wasn’t successful, I’ll show you the exact method I use to build products quickly that maximize revenue EVEN in niches where I’m not an expert.
We’ll also learn how to create sales pages that convert, and how to set your site up for collecting payments and automating the delivery of your product so it’s all done behind the scenes.

Module 5: The Product Launch
In this module, I’ll show you how I run product launches. It’s one of the easiest, and most effective, product launch methods to use for your first product. It’s also the exact way I launch products on RankXL. You’ll get a complete step-by-step breakdown of what to do before, during, and after the product launch.
PLUS: Get all the word-for-word product launch emails I used on RankXL for my previous course that generated 6-figures in revenue.


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