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Eviction Profits System

Hi My Name Is Chris And In This Very Short Letter I’m Going To Introduce You To…

Most motivated seller
This Seller Is UNLIKE Any Other Seller That You Will Ever Work With…They DESPERATELY Want To Sell You Their Property So That They Don’t Have To Deal With It Any Longer….

They are not behind on their payments so you don’t have to deal with short sales (and having to deal with stubborn banks)…
They Hardly (If Ever) Get Contacted By Real Estate Investors… So There Is Very Little Competition…
The property is usually in bad shape (so YOU CAN GET THESE DEALS FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR…AKA “REAL CHEAP”)…
Targeting this seller requires very little marketing money ….(so it’s perfect for those investors on a tight marketing budget)
There could be 100’s of these types of sellers in your local area each month…right now…waiting for someone to contact them….

Someone like you….

Ready to know who this is?

In just a minute I’ll reveal exactly who this motivated seller is (and how you can reach them)…first:

So Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Cris Chico…

Creator and founder of virtual wholesaling

I Have successfully flipped hundreds of properties in multiple cities across the country

I’m an expert in systems and automation for real estate investors.

I Grew Up Dirt Poor

Real Estate Was My Way Out

My Life Now

I can spend more time with my family since I work from home

I make my own schedule and hours (since I don’t have a boss anymore)

I can travel anywhere and use my laptop and cell phone to run my business

I’m in full control of my financial future

However, I’m Not A Super Investor.

I Developed And Pioneered A Method Of Getting Massive Amounts Of Leads And Deals Using: Good “Old Fashioned” Snail Mail

Mailing Tiny Little Postcards Like This One

And Sending Them To: The Tired Landlord

And these cards generate hundreds of seller leads and allow me to do multiple deals per month …

However: You Need To Spend A Good Chunk Of Marketing Money Each Month To Get These Leads…

And Unfortunately a lot of beginning investors may not have the cash to fund the type of marketing campaigns I’m doing…

And I started to ponder just how I could help other investors get started without having to spend a ton of money on marketing…

And Then One Day The Phone Rang With The Most Motivated Seller I’ve Ever Spoken With…

Now, I speak with landlords all the time… however:

This seller was extremely motivated to sell their property …more than most … He said that he needed to get rid of his property immediately… and just wanted me to “take it off his hands” as soon as possible…

I asked him specifically “why” was it that he wanted to sell that badly…

And Then He Told Me Something
That Made My Head Spin…

He said…. “I’ve just evicted my tenants and I don’t want to be a landlord any longer”

And that’s when I had my light bulb moment…

All of a sudden I had flashbacks of my best deals (the ones where I made really good money)…

And I realized that a good chunk of them were from tired landlords who were evicting their tenants or

Where they just got rid of their tenants (and the tenants left the owner with a trashed property)

Lets Think About This Type Of Seller

It’s an absentee owner (landlord) …HOWEVER: this is a special type of absentee owner…

This is an absentee owner that is evicting their tenants…

That means that they are having HUGE problems right now with their property

Normally, when you market to absentee owners you’re going to get A LOT of them that are not interested in selling….

They Are Happy With Their Property And The Income They Receive From Their Tenants….
The tenants are great and keep the property in tip top shape….

And the chance of you doing a deal with that kind of absentee owner is ZERO

But What If You Could Identify Every Single Landlord In Your Area That Is Currently Evicting Their Tenants…

That means that tenants have stopped paying rent and the absentee owner now must evict them from the property….

Most of the time the tenant has left the property fall into disrepair…and sometimes even deliberately trashed the place…

And when the owner finally gets the tenant out…they have to spend money to fix up the property, clean up the mess, and find another tenant that will “hopefully” not do this again…

What If You Contacted These Absentee Owners At This Precise Time And Offered To Take Their Problem Property Off Their Hands…

Do you think they would be more receptive to selling their property at a discount than the “regular” absentee owner?

I think so

And most importantly…

You wouldn’t have to spend a ton of money on marketing… Sending out 1,000’s of postcards and letters…instead:

You’ll only have to mail a handful of letters a week to get tremendous results…

Introducing Eviction Profits

So I’ve put together a short course called “Eviction Profits System”

Now This Is Unlike Your “Typical” Course Or System That You Get From Most Real Estate Trainers

This is a concise course that you could finish in a few hours and start implementing right away (like today or tomorrow)

You’re not going to have to watch have 15+ DVD’s and manuals that will take you months to get through…

It’s NOT Going To Require A Ton Of Money In Marketing…

You can do this in your spare time (great if you have a full time job)

You can even hire a virtual assistant to implement most of the system for you…

Here’s What The Training Includes

First, I’m including a series of videos that details step by step how you go about finding these special absentee owners….

You’ll look over my shoulder and see me do this in my local county… so you’ll know first hand what you have to do …

Now you’re not going to reach out to every single eviction owner that you find….

Some of them are going to be a waste of time…

We’re only looking for the diamonds that have the best chance of producing a deal for us…

So I’ll reveal the type that you want to avoid completely since they are not going to be deals for you….

I’m going to give you my “eviction” letter that I currently use to contact these leads…. (so you can just do exactly what I do)

Sometimes we’re able to obtain the phone number for these owners and so I’ll give you a script to call them over the phone (this is completely optional)

I’ll tell you precisely when you should mail them and how often…. (the marketing is a little different than your typical absentee owner)

Now I’ve got some good news and bad news about how this system works…

First The Bad News…

You see every county is different…

So my way of finding them in my market may be a little different than yours…

I’m going to show you how I do it in my county and you’ll have to adapt this to your current market….

I’ll include general guidelines and checklists so that you can figure out exactly how to find them in your local market….

Now For The Good News…

This is a very highly untapped seller lead because every county is different… and

Most investors will not take the time or make the effort to figure this out (or they just don’t know anything about it)

So that means that If you take the time to figure this out (with my help of course) then you’ll have all of these leads to yourself…

Remember that you don’t need a ton of these leads to do a deal

Even if you only found one a day…that’s 30 of them in a month….of these super motivated
absentee owners…..

And if you only get one of these sellers to become a deal then you’ll be jumping up and down with excitement (I’m sure you can convert more than that)

However, I Have A Bit Of A Dilemma …

I’ve been sitting on this course now for over 2 months…. Trying to figure out the price (or even if to let the cat out of the bag)

Even if you only got a small wholesale deal…say worth $2,000…with little marketing money …. Then you could recoup your investment in this rather quickly….

So even if I charged $497 or $997 for this …You could implement this in a day… And

start seeing results right away (including doing your first deal and recouping your investment in the system)

But I know that the economy is bad and if you’re watching this video then YOU doing a deal right now would definitely help your finances…

So Here’s What I Decided To Do ….

I’m going to let you have this… very inexpensively BUT I’m going to limit the total number of copies sold… (to prevent too many people from doing it)

I’m only going to have this up for sale for a few days…or limit of 100 copies ….which ever comes first.

Get download Chris Chico – Eviction Profits System at Forimc.com right now!


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