Charles Kirkland – How To Add 1,000 Leads In The Next 30 Days


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Charles Kirkland – How To Add 1,000 Leads In The Next 30 Days

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Why This Advanced Training Is Different

I keep hearing marketers talking about big money from small lists, and that’s great. But I don’t believe in scarcity, so instead let’s focus on building a big list from scratch.


I’m going to show you step-by-step how to start in virtually any niche and create a predictable lead generation system. We have used this same system to promote information products, affiliate products, coaching, local agency work, and eCommerce to just name a few.


Because it’s my goal to help you get at least 1,000 leads in the next 30 days, I am going to walk you through the exact systems I use to build my own lists. 

Exactly What You Are Going To Get


How to pick the right niche and sub niche so Facebook will approve your ads.


The only way to attract high-end coaching and consulting clients to your email list if you want them to convert into sales fast.


You think you need to be an expert in your niche, right? Wrong, I’m going to show you a simple system that will allow you to go into any niche without being the expert.


Discover my system for finding headlines that are already converting so you don’t waste a single penny testing bad headlines.


How to leave your competition eating your dust with the M4 Lead Generation System.


7 ways to verify if your niche is going to work before you spend 1 single penny in testing.


How to eliminate the frustrations of picking the wrong niche so you can get started with confidence.



3 simple ways to make your offers stand head-and-shoulders above your competition so you become the only choice.


Where to find experts who are willing to help you create your lead magnets for free and how to even get them to help promote it for you.


The ugly truth about video lead magnets and why I don’t use them.


How watching 1990’s sitcoms help me craft emails my list loves to read, so you can get more opens and clicks.


What you should never say in your lead magnet.


How I get my high-end lead magnets built for less than $30 and why my prospects think I spent a fortune on them.


7 ways to create lead magnets without you needing to be the expert in the subject matter.


Learn how to accelerate your Facebook lead generations by doing less with your ads.


My simple system for split testing ads in the shortest time frame, so you can create winning campaigns faster.


Where to find ideas for your lead magnets that are sure to be a hit.


Grab my Facebook ads checklist that I use every day to create copy that converts to cold traffic.


Say goodbye to the frustration of struggling to come up with ideas for lead magnets. When you follow my 3 step system you’ll have 12 proven ideas in less than 15 minutes.


How to eliminate time picking a great lead magnet title. I’ll show you a simple system that works every time.


5 ways to turn typical offers into the hottest idea your prospect will see all year so you can make more sales.


The inside secrets to matching lead magnets to the right groups of people for maximum profits. This is how many are failing. Getting this right can take you from a few opt-ins per day to hundreds.


The exact tools and resources I use every day to build high converting landing pages without any technical skills required.


The “flying monkey wrench” systems you must be using to make your ads, landing pages, and offers stand out in a sea of me to marketers.


Discover a simple trick I use that allows me to leverage social proof to boost my opt-in rate every time.


Why you shouldn’t blindly follow the landing pages and emails the gurus use.


The only 2 types of landing page designs I use and why they out convert all my competition.


Are your Facebook ads not working like they did 6 months ago? Follow my 3 simple tweaks to skyrocket your opt-in rates in like never before.


Why having your landing page on your own site is hurting your opt-in rates.


Why most marketers will never build a list of 1,000 leads in years and how you can have over 1,000 new leads in the next 30 days.


How to structure your landing page to get the most opt-ins possible.


How to write ad and landing pages that resonate with your prospect’s pain points so that they think you have been spying on them.


How to set up your landing page so it matches your Facebook ads.


How to create landing pages Facebook will love and what words you should never use.


Discover my simple formula for getting a 67% conversion rate with cold traffic.


Unlock the secrets for finding which images and ad copy are going to convert.


3 ways to create “instant credibility” for any new niches that has prospects crawling over broken glass to give you their name and email.


Why you need to ignore the usual guru advice when it comes to Facebook list building.


How to find which niches will give you over 100 leads per day and how to create a lead magnet that will attract the most leads at the lowest cost.


Why I ditched all the fancy tracking software and now just use the Facebook tracking pixel to handle all my tracking.


Discover how I doubled my ad click-through rate using a simple ad formula that works 99% of the time.


How to finally understand the conversion pixel and how to train Facebook to find only your perfect buyer.


My secret spy tool that I use to find high converting campaigns and a sneaky way to get the real data of my competitors so I can only model what’s working.


Learn why most of your Facebook ad success happens before you ever create your ad and why so many people who are ignoring this struggle with Facebook ads.


5 ways to create landing pages and ads that will convert even the most skeptical prospects into leads and sales.


7 secrets for quickly writing follow up emails that turn clicks into sales, even if you failed high school writing. Simply “fill in the blanks” and you can create high converting email copy.


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