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Charles Floate – OnPage Mastery

Price:  $181
Sale Page: www.onpagemastery.com/
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In this course, you will learn everything about OnPage SEO this 2017 like tweaking your websites, content tweaking…everything in your website to be the best it can be to rank high in google.
What’s Inside The Course?
The course is split into several sections, covering everything from basic OnPage to advanced IR to evaluating common errors SEOs miss – Calling out some big names. The course comes in a mixture of video, written presentation and live forum form.

Step-by-Step Course
Episode #1 – Introduction
Episode #2 – Complete Basics of OnPage
Episode #3 – $500/Mo Site With 0 Links Case Study
Episode #4 – Common Errors (Authority Site Dissection)
Episode #5 – Carrying Out A Content Audit
Episode #6 – OnPage Auditing Done Right
Episode #7 – Basic Speed Optimization
Episode #8 – How Advanced IR Methods Work In Conjunction
Episode #9 – Conclusion
The Live Case Study (on-going)

About co-creator Daniel Cuttridge
Daniel, better known as RomesFall throughout the SEO Community, has been doing SEO for the better part of 6 years now. He, like many others started SEO on a shoe string budget and quickly realized he didn’t have the funds or connections to carry out large link building campaigns for his site. This resulted in him spending years mastering every inch of OnPage.. Which meant he could build websites that generated ROIs into the thousands of %s, per month!
Yes, this form of SEO does take longer to have a more emboldened effect and yes, it does take a considerable amount of work to carry them out.. but if you could build a $500 per month affiliate site with a budget of less than $200.. Wouldn’t you be willing to put that work in too?


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