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Chad Mureta & Carter Thomas – App Flipping System

Price:  $497
Sale Page: www.appempire.com/appflipping.php
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Here’s what you really need to know:

ROI = profits

When you consider minimizing expense and maximizing revenue, you increase your profits substantially. In other words, for every dollar you put in, what is it worth to you?

Cashflow is the only
thing that matters.

If your company costs a lot to run, or you have to overspend on developing new Apps to grow, you’re going to have a cashflow issue.

Maximizing lifetime value of
leads is what everyone misses.

When you spend too much time developing an App, you lose the ability to focus on your prospect or customer. How will you advertise to them? What will you offer them in your future? And which Apps that you “flip” will form a network of self-referral?

Spending time ‘saving’ time.

Thinking about how to save time leads to BIGGER results. The #1 mistake I see most Appreneurs make when they’re starting out is ‘doing’ instead of ‘thinking;’ remember, this is about your lifestyle, not just an App.

With all of this said, open your mind to the possibility of becoming a successful Appreneur — what will your life be like? Who will you spend it with? And how big will you grow before you decide to kick back and enjoy?

Instead of learning about coding, consider how much easier it would be to find code that ‘works’ and then re-Apply it; you’ll save money, time, and frustration. Meanwhile, you’ll have an opportunity to focus on what really makes your App get downloads — marketing (which, in this case, is mass production of Apps.)

You’ll hear me interview Carter about how he went from developing 3 Apps in a year to 108. Eventually, his ‘App portfolio’ became more valuable than the sum of each App on its own, and it was then that Carter was able to sell his entire portfolio and begin living the life of his dreams. Of course, Carter Applied himself in a unique and powerful way, and he made it work. But most people never take action, so we did our best to solve that challenge too…

App Flipping Shows You How to Profit With Apps While Simultaneously Raising the Standard of The Industry.

I get it, completely; it sucks learning a new skill or way of doing business, falling on your face, and having no success.

Listen, I used to do things the hard way, even when I was taking shortcuts no one else was. In other words, I was developing Apps from scratch by modeling off of successful user interfaces at the top of the charts. My competition (large corporations with unlimited marketing budgets) were throwing money at downloads, while I was focused on ‘making’ money from my downloads. They wanted more users, no matter the price; I wanted more profits, no matter the number of downloads.


This is real — Carter and I are sharing the absolute best opportunity we’ve ever seen — and we’re guiding you, step-by-step, because there’s plenty of room for both of us. Think about it from the most selfish perspective possible; by creating a network of Appreneurs who all mass-produce Apps through App flipping, we are creating a stockpile of the world’s best source code we can share with one another. People who get ‘in’ on this will have a competitive advantage by design. There’s nowhere else you can do this… and even if there were, it would be hard to equal the leverage that our community already provides.

We want the process of flipping Apps to be easy, so you can flip more Apps and share what you’ve learned with us. We will rise together.


There are 3 Steps:

Invest in an ‘idea’ of a successful App by buying source code for that App.
Next, re-design it to make it better (one-up it). This is the key. You can’t throw a flipped app onto the store without making it BETTER.
Third, let your App grow in the marketplace (or sell off your company and head down to South America like Carter did)

Here’s what happens when you ‘buy’ the code instead of ‘building’ an App:

  • Cost savings: By using a “template”, you can pay as little as $100 to buy code (just like in web design) and then multiply to increase your profits with each reskin.
  • Additional profits: Re-skinning source code once provides you with a nice profit margin, but re-skinning it 10-20x allows you to win by much more. When you consider ‘App Flipping,’ think of more than one App for each source code you buy and you’ll exponentially build more profits.

The opportunity of App flipping is that it can both reduce expenses and increase revenue. Plus, when you choose ‘wisely,’ you can almost eliminate your chance of failure.


  • 1. Tinder:

    Took the web based “hot or not” concept but added the ability to chat and it completely took off.

  • 2. Framatic:

    Took regular Frame photo app but did it exclusively for Instagram; this also did very well.

  • 3. Songza:

    Took Pandora’s model but built human playlists based on mood and setting, not algorithm; recently announced 4.8 million monthly active users.

So, it really comes down to how you ‘pick’ your source code, what you do with it, and how you market it in the App Store after you re-skin it. There isn’t any complex coding, tech skills, or giant gap in knowledge of a new field to get started. All you have to do is identify a great App, buy the code, and re-design it to be better and cooler than the original App.

Besides, once you get the hang of this, here are the reasons you’ll be glad you made the time:

  • Lifestyle Business – having an App business is better than being a rockstar, in my opinion. You’re not publicly recognizable, but you get to go everywhere and do everything.
  • Time Freedom – be your own boss, and refuse to work when you don’t feel like it; play instead.
  • Growth Potential – in many ways, you’re a first-mover. The App Marketplace will never be the same once this catches on. You’ll be on the ground floor from the beginning, with worldwide reach.

Even if you’re not interested in doing this as your career. Flip a few Apps and create a new source of revenue for yourself.

If you’ve never done anything like this, or even had a business of your own before, don’t worry. Almost everything here can be outsourced, so you won’t have any staff to manage unless you want to. In fact, I’ve been helping one of my friends in San Francisco learn how to flip apps, and she’s an over-worked nurse who barely has any free time to commit; she’s using her additional income as a ‘retirement savings fund’ — really cool, and I’m grateful to be in a position to help her.In fact, I’ve helped people of all ages get started, and I’m ready to help you too. My oldest student is about 65 years old (Charles Wooley, the host from 60 minutes), and my youngest student was 10 years old when he got started. The process made equal sense to both of them.


Please take a serious look at the turnkey system we’ve designed for you below:

App Flipping, plain and simple, is the easiest and fastest way to get started as an Appreneur. We hold you by the hand, in three easy steps, and show you how to become wildly successful, as we have. Ultimately, this comes down to you and your efforts, but we’ve gone out of our way to make this as easy and affordable as possible. Buy Code, Re-Skin It, & Flip It (TM).

It’s that simple.

To Be Clear, Carter And I Didn’t Come Up With All Of This On Our Own.

We’re talking about thousands of Appreneurs, 8-figure App mastermind leaders we regularly work with, and over 50 million downloads worth of data. This information is a product of our entire network, and all of our experience, combined.

“If I were reborn a 24 year old, I would look at this area (App Marketplace) for an ‘app gap’ — a gap in the market or an opportunity to shake up the leading players.”

~Richard Branson

CAUTION: You’re Going To Have To Try.

Don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours — I respect you. You can’t just invest in this system and do nothing — it won’t work without you fully committing. You’ll have to bear down, prepare yourself, and decide App success begins now. Next week or month is too late — do not procrastinate. Do this now.

This Looks Simple, But It’s Quite Complex
— A Tested System For Success.

The App Marketplace grows so quickly that it’s more difficult to see ‘what works’ at a glance when you study the iTunes store these days. It’s even harder to be able to know how to screen quality code, re-skin it, or flip it for the highest ROI… unless you know where to begin, and which steps to take. With the right amount of effort, diligence, and ability to pick up the patterns, I fully believe this is something you can do on your own. My biggest concern is that you’ll spend a fortune teaching yourself… and ultimately quit.


We get it, 100%. Starting something new is both intimidating and expensive. We think long-term, and we know the real value in working with you isn’t you being our ‘student,’ so much as our colleague. In many ways, you can think of this as a ‘mastermind entry fee’ that comes with a crash course on how to be a badass in our group. If you can’t pass the gates, we really can’t help you anyway. We’ve laid out everything it takes — it’s on you, my friend.

Besides, if you get even half the results of our other clients, you won’t be sorry. Go ahead and choose your favorite option below — let’s get started right away:

Bonus #1:

Free source code hand-picked by Chad Mureta & Carter Thomas – $997 value

Teaching you how to flip Apps is great, but your success depends upon finding the right source code and then re-skinning it. The main challenge is finding great source code, and then verifying how good it is. This requires hiring a developer who you trust, specifically to screen the code and let you know how clean it is. Instead of going through all this trouble, we decided to simplify the process for you by creating a warehouse of source code, screened directly by us — we call it Flip Source Code. Go ahead and get your first source code, absolutely free.

Bonus #2:

Exclusive Q&A Coaching Recordings For Our VIP Network — $297 value

It’s hard to get Carter in person these days, because, frankly, he makes a lot of money flipping Apps and loves traveling and taking time off. It wasn’t long ago that Carter was in your exact position, trying to make things work, but nothing had ‘stuck‘ just yet. In these exclusive VIP coaching sessions, you have an opportunity to learn directly from the source, watch Carter apply his techniques and methodologies to App business after App business, and you’ll see how it all fits together. Again, this is completely FREE, just by choosing ‘Option 1’ below and accepting both of these bonuses.


This starts and ends with you. It’s your call used to believe in a life that didn’t have any opportunity. Then, I met Anthony Robbins, and became one of the leading examples of his successful students (he regularly asks me to speak on stage and tell my story.) I’m charged up when I think about helping you overcome limiting beliefs and take control of your life.All of your excuses are now gone.

6 Weeks From Now, You’ll Be Certain That
App Success Is Achievable, Rapidly!

So make the right move — time to take control and live the best life ever — besides, if you get anywhere near half the results of my other clients, you won’t be sorry. Choose your favorite option and click add to cart below


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